ITV1 qualifying no-show – again

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ITVITV will not show qualifying for the United States Grand Prix live on any of their channels. Qualifying will appear delayed on the digital channel ITV4 at 6pm on Saturday evening, repeated at 00.45am in the morning on ITV1 for the large numbers of viewers who only have analogue television.

It appears that the qualifying is not being shown live because ITV do not wish to cancel or postpone “You’ve Been Framed Kids Special” or “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” on ITV1. They could show it on ITV2 or ITV3 which are showing film and sitcom repeats, but apparently won’t. It is being shown on ITV4, but as this channel cannot come on air until 6pm, it will be delayed.

What a shocking lack of commitment to the millions of loyal Formula One fans in the United Kingdom.

Once again, complaints should be directed as follows:

  • Telephone: 0870 600 6766
  • E-mail:
  • Post: Duty Office, Gas Street, Birmingham, B1 2JT

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  • 2 comments on “ITV1 qualifying no-show – again”

    1. Great!

      Except they ARE showing it live.

    2. As I stated in response to your comments on another website, ITV have not yet said if the coverage is live or not:

      “The ITV4 listings page only described the programme as, “A chance to see the qualifying session” – if it were live, you’d expect them to advertise that fact.

      The Radio Times website, which in the past has been very reliable, says, “Qualifying action from Indianapolis which took place earlier today, presented by Steve Rider.”

      The start time of the programme does indeed coincide with the start of qualifying – but the doesn’t mean ITV might not show build-up first. They have done this before with a US Grand Prix qualifying session, although they didn’t with last weekend’s Canadian qualifying coverage.

      The ITV F1 website doesn’t seem to have their usual TV programmign information yet (which is normal – it usually sppears closer to the race) – so I hope in the meantime that it does indeed transpire that they are showing qualifying live.”

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