Ferrari score their 200th Grand Prix victory

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Ferrari celebrate winning their 200th Grand Prix at Shanghai | Ferrari MediaKimi Raikkonen’s victory in the Chinese Grand Prix was the 200th Grand Prix win for Ferrari.

The great Italian team is the only outfit that was present in the first ever championship Grand Prix still competing in Formula One.

Until 1988 the team was headed by founder Enzo Ferrari. But it has won more races since the death of Commendatore in August that year.

Ferrari’s 200 wins

Ferrari’s first win came in the 1951 British Grand Prix at Silverstone when Jose Froilan Gonzalez beat his country Juan Manuel Fangio, in an Alfa Romeo, by over 50 seconds. While celebrating the team’s when Enzo was also moved to feel sadness that they had beaten Alfa, who he had worked for for many years.

The following year Alberto Ascari won six of the eight Grands Prix and became Ferrari’s first world champion. He repeated the feat the following year.

The constructors’ championship was not formed until 1958, and Ferrari were runners-up that year, winning it for the first time in 1961. That year Phil Hill was champion for the team, but only after his team mate Wolfgang von Trips died along with 14 spectators during the season finale at Monza.

Ferrari’s 50th win came in 1974 and it was a pivotal victory for the team – it saw the first victory for Niki Lauda, who under Luca di Montezemolo’s stewardship would win championships for the team in 1975 and 1977. He left following a row with Enzo, who was furious at Lauda’s withdrawal from the season finale at Fuji in 1976.

Ferrari endured a winless 1986 but bounced back at the end of 1987, Gerhard Berger winning twice. His victory in Adelaide that year was the last in Enzo’s lifetime – he died in August 1988, a season dominated by McLaren. But when the teams arrived at Monza that September fortune smiled on Ferrari, both McLarens failed to finished, and Berger led home a Ferrari 1-2. It was the only race McLaren failed to win that year.

Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Hockenheim, 2004 | Ferrari MediaIt wasn’t until 1999 that Ferrari won its first championship for 16 years, taking the constructors’ title once again. The following season Michael Schumacher won the drivers’ title – the first for a Ferrari driver since Jody Scheckter in 1979. Making up for lost time, he won the next four in a row.

Schumacher’s name is write large in the annals of Ferrari history. Of their 200 wins, 72 are his – over one third.

Ferrari race winners

1 Michael Schumacher 72
2 Niki Lauda 15
3 Alberto Ascari 13
4 Rubens Barrichello 9
=5 Jacky Ickx 6
=5 Gilles Villeneuve 6
=7 Carlos Reutemann 5
=7 Alain Prost 5
=7 Gerhard Berger 5
=7 Felipe Massa 5
=7 Kimi R???ikk???nen 5
=12 John Surtees 4
=12 Clay Regazzoni 4
=12 Eddie Irvine 4
=15 Juan Manuel Fangio 3*
=15 Mike Hawthorn 3
=15 Peter Collins 3
=15 Phil Hill 3
=15 Jody Scheckter 3
=15 Ren??? Arnoux 3
=15 Michele Alboreto 3
=15 Nigel Mansell 3
=23 Jos??? Froil???n Gonz???lez 2
=23 Tony Brooks 2
=23 Wolfgang von Trips 2
=23 Didier Pironi 2
=23 Patrick Tambay 2
=28 Piero Taruffi 1
=28 Nino Farina 1
=28 Maurice Trintignant 1
=28 Luigi Musso 1*
=28 Giancarlo Baghetti 1
=28 Lorenzo Bandini 1
=28 Ludovico Scarfiotti 1
=28 Mario Andretti 1
=28 Jean Alesi 1

*Juan Manuel Fangio and Luigi Musso shared victory in the 1956 Argentinian Grand Prix.

Ferrari statistics

F1’s longest-running team have started 757 of the 784 world championship Grands Prix. That dwarfs McLaren (629) and Williams (498) the sport’s two other active long-runners.

Two hundreds wins in 757 starts gives Ferrari a 26.4% hit rate – over one in four. McLaren’s is 24.8% (156 wins) and Williams 22.6% (113 wins).

Here are the rest of Ferrari’s achievements at 200 Grands Prix wins:

Pole positions – 194
Fastest laps – 204
Races with at least one podium finisher – 440
Laps raced – 86470
Distance raced – 445401km
Races led – 355
Laps led – 12419
Distance led – 64862km
Championship points – 4735.27

Constructors’ championships – 15:
1961, 1964, 1975-7, 1979, 1982-3, 1999-2004, 2007

Drivers’ championships – 14:
Alberto Ascari 1952-3, Juan Manuel Fangio 1956, Mike Hawthorn 1958, Phil Hill 1961, John Surtees 1964, Niki Lauda 1975 & 1977, Jody Scheckter 1979, Michael Schumacher 2000-4

Photos: Ferrari Media

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  1. Does this include the ’97 victories that were all removed from Schumacher after he tried to take out Villeneuve at the last race?

  2. Good point. Those victories weren’t taken away, only his position in the championship was. So to answer your question, yes, it does include Schumacher’s wins in ’97.

  3. Wonderful achievement, Ferrari has shown to be real fighters and is a big part of F1. They have even gain some respectabilty back this year, since Kimi is driving for them. What would F1 be without Ferrari?

  4. The heart and soul of F1 is Ferrari, I love ’em. Michael Schumacher the bestest ever is sadly missed by me anyways.

  5. Here’s something interesting – using Ferrari engines, Ferrari have won 200 races. No other team using a Ferrari engine has won an F1 race.

  6. The statistics speak for themselves. They are simply impossible to be broken ever.
    Ferrari has always been the benchmark of F1. Other teams strive hard, to cross the “benchmark”.
    In fact it would not be wrong to say that F1 is “The Prancing Horse”.
    And yes “Michael Magic” would always be missed, he was synonymous with Ferrari.

  7. I’m sure Ferrari & the FIA are very happy with their achievement..

  8. I totally agree w/ yasser Tariq!! ;)

  9. intresting to note that schumacher would have become ferraris most successful driver after the 1999 monaco grand prix before hed even won a championship with them

  10. I think next year ferrari should drop massa from the ferrari team and introduce alonso so next year they might even be able to compete with mclaren. I think ferrari have been lucky this year because of how many mistakes they have made.

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