David Coulthard’s final F1 race special Red Bull paint scheme in pictures

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All the F1 drivers (well, nearly) turned out to see Coulthard's one-off car

David Coulthard will race in a special livery to celebrate his final F1 Grand Prix at Interlagos this weekend as was tipped here by Becken yesterday.

Here is a collection of photographs of the one-off paint scheme his Red Bull will sport.

Only Coulthard’s Red Bull will carry the special colour scheme. Ordinarily the F1 rules require cars to appear in very similar paint schemes, but after obtaining the approval of all the teams Coulthard was granted a dispensation.

The paint scheme is also to raise money for the Red Bull-backed Wings for Life charity. Last year both Red Bulls raced at Silverstone in a livery composed of thousands of photographs of the team’s fans, also to support Wings for Life.

Coulthard said:

I dedicate my last race to the vision of making paraplegia curable.

David Coulthard’s last F1 race

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30 comments on “David Coulthard’s final F1 race special Red Bull paint scheme in pictures”

  1. Thats very gracious of everyone – proves that goodwill still exists in F1.

    All the best DC – get yerself on the podium will be cheering you on

  2. I’d love for the ‘one-team, one-livery’ rule to be dropped in F1. I was looking forward to the two BAR designs in 1999 before the FIA slammed the hammer down.

    I love a new livery, this one seems pretty slick.

  3. That is soo great for DC, he is a true gentleman of formula 1 and will be greatly missed. He deserves to have a big celebration in his final race and I wish him all the best for the future.

  4. shame nelson couldnt be bothered

  5. Perhaps Nelson was looking for a drive somewhere else!

  6. Thank god there are still thoughtful people in F1. Thanks for the memories coulthard.

  7. Good luck D.C. and thanks!

    Keith,thanks for the pics…..do you have a larger pic of all the drivers together,I love that shot.

  8. Wesley – yep, just added one.

  9. I like the new paint job! they should use it all the time!

  10. It’s a nice looking car.

    Good of Coulthard to continue to promote Wings For Life & in such a high profile way at his last GP, shows he’s still one of the good guys.

    Good of the teams to agree to it too, nice to see some cooperation from them.

    Wouldn’t want it to be permanent, I think the Red Bulls are some of the best looking cars on the grid, it’s a good one off though.

  11. Terry Fabulous
    30th October 2008, 22:32

    No Nelson Piquet Jnr
    No Jarno Trulli and
    No Sebastien or Sebastian.

    And how big is Sutil compared to little Nick and Felipe!

  12. Thanks for that Keith!

    @ Terry Fab….the the two Sebs showed late,they are in the pics on Red Bulls site.

  13. Who’s standing next to Alonso btw :-?

  14. It’s entirely fitting and typical of DC that he uses his last race to help others.

    I know there is prolly some stupid FIA rule about it, but it would be nice if DC could join in on the podium celebrations for his last race – providing he doesn’t make the podium on merit of course.

  15. Tood Good – I can’t enlarge the pic, but I’m pretty sure that is De La Rosa next to Alonso

  16. Pink P – There was pun intended in that question, given the entire PDLR Alonso testing stories around Data fed by Stepney :P

    Biggest Help the Scot can provide to his fellow drivers is not to get tangled up in his last race. Of course If I was in his place, the very prospect of facing Louise G would dissuade me from taking rash choices on track. In his defence I can say , DC has been innocent victim in all the crashes this year, All the drivers were on secret mission for Louise Goodman :ROFL:

    So much for joke – Best wishes to DC!!!!

  17. Lets just hope the car doesn’t end in the wall or in the kitty litter. All the best David, its been emotional.

  18. keepF1technical
    31st October 2008, 7:12

    also lets hope Rubens isn’t in his last race (and at home) because he too would deserve this kind of treatment.

  19. miss you DC!

  20. Yeah, DC will be the sportsman to the end – expect a typically nausiating report from Louise Goodman on ITV!
    It’s a real shame the teams are not allowed more variations of their colours throughout the year. If they are happy with ‘one offs’, why can’t they agree to the next step?

  21. I wonder if they have spare parts in the correct livery for that car. I mean it would look a right dogs dinner if for some reason they had to replace the nose or engine cover and all they had was one in the regular livery.

    Good luck David, we’ll wish you (unless of course you ARE on BBC next year!!)

  22. Adrian, that’d be a sight!

    Would be a pity if DC crashes out of his last race. Is his BBC move confirmed yet?

  23. I’d love for the ‘one-team, one-livery’ rule to be dropped in F1. I was looking forward to the two BAR designs in 1999 before the FIA slammed the hammer down.

    I love a new livery, this one seems pretty slick.

    Er… So does Webber use the same livery, or are the FIA going to penalise Red Bull if Webber doesn’t use this livery too?
    FIA – Spoil the party? Surely not?
    Hold on I know. They’ll do nothing, but if they can DQ Webber or DC from the final race results to help Massa win the championship they will do. :D

  24. I think it says in the article Chalky, Red Bull got permission from the FIA and other teams to run the two different liveries on the two Red Bull’s this weekend. Webber will be in the usual blue, DC in the white. That’s the ways I sees it anyhoo.

  25. Why is the livery not extended to the front wing? It dosen’t mesh with the rest of the color scheme.

    I would really love if Rubens and DC make to the podium in an eventful rainy race.. and both can retire gracefully..

    Schumi finishing 4th and out-of-podium was perhaps for his apt for his chequered career..And the 2 good blokes DC & RB deserve a podium.. Wishful thinking.. I know

  26. I’d just like to join the main body of thought and wish DC a long and happy retirement and thanks for some good memories – it was nice too see a fellow scot carrying on the flag from JS and JC.

  27. michael counsell
    1st November 2008, 10:57

    Hopefully Coulthard does not retire and goes ito another form of motor racing. He’s talked about NASCAR but Peugoet and Audi (maybe Aston Martin and Acura) will probably be after him for Le Mans / LMES / ALMS

  28. The new paint looks good.
    Hope Minichamps do a model,
    with Coulthard retiring what will Brundle do hes his manager isn’t he?

  29. Go on DC get on that podium!! We think you should re-consider and stay racing for at least next season – you need a better package around you though.

  30. Special Red Bull paint scheme in pictures is very useful. I like this picture design.

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