2009 F1 testing: February 18th (update: pictures added)

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Timo Glock testing for Toyota at Bahrain

Ferrari, Toyota and BMW head into their penultimate day of testing at Bahrain. There wasn’t much to choose between them yesterday, with the trio covered by just 0.4s. Felipe Massa takes over from Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari today.

Meanwhile back in Europe the remaining teams seem to have dropped their plans to test at Barcelona and instead use their remaining test days closer to the start of the season.

Today’s testing line-up

Ferrari – Felipe Massa
Toyota – Timo Glock
BMW – Nick Heidfeld

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Pictures from today’s test

2009 F1 testing

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10 comments on “2009 F1 testing: February 18th (update: pictures added)”

  1. Heidfeld fastest so far today, but still 0.8s off Raikkonen’s best yesterday:

    1. Nick Heidfeldm BMW 1:32.993
    2. Timo Glock, Toyota 1:33.248 +0.255
    3. Felipe Massa, Ferrari 1:33.394 +0.401

    Meanwhile McLaren are testing at Kemble.

  2. Keith, do you think McLaren are in trouble?

    1. I wouldn’t be alarmed by the fact they’re doing a secret test, if that’s what you mean. It’s not out of the ordinary for a team to do it.

    2. Well, McLaren did the same kind of test last year in Royal Mahon Flying Club in Menorca, Spain. The Motorsport Aktuel site/magazine made a test analyzing and get the conclusion that the team, despite the 2008 spec wing used at Jerez, have fastest car so far.

      I think we have no real reason to worry about so far…


    3. Becken have you got up-to-date stats on whose done the most laps?

  3. Thanks Becken Lima – is there any way of translating this?

    1. Try google translate…

      Two stops for Heidfeld today. Reliability issues haunting BMW?

  4. Press release from BMW:

    February 16th – 19th 2009

    Week two / Day three – Wednesday

    Weather conditions: sunny and fairly windy all day

    Air temperature: 19 – 22 °C, track temperature: 20 – 29 °C

    Number of drivers participating: 3 from 3 teams

    Fastest lap overall: Timo Glock (Toyota) 1:32.492 min

    Circuit length: 5.412 km

    Nick Heidfeld
    Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.09-02 / BMW 86/9
    Test kilometres today: 444 (82 laps)
    Fastest lap: 1:32.993 min

    Today’s testing schedule comprised basic development work with the BMW Sauber F1.09. Nick Heidfeld tried different set-up solutions, did a couple of practice starts and evaluated tyre options. Whereas in the morning everything went according to plan, in the afternoon the car stopped twice on the track due to mechanical problems.

    “Obviously that cost us some track time,” Heidfeld said. “But despite this I managed to run for 444 kilometres and we made good progress with the development of the car. We are still learning the car and have already identified a few areas where we can make improvements.”

  5. Apparently Ferrari had gearbox problems.

  6. Final times for today:

    1. Timo Glock, Toyota – 1:32.492, 132 laps
    2. Felipe Massa, Ferrari – 1:32.917, 105 laps
    3. Nick Heidfeld, BMW – 1:32.993, 82 laps

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