Schumacher, Alonso, Kubica: Who will take Massa’s place at Valencia?

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Thankfully the prognosis for Felipe Massa seems to be getting better with every passing day. Though hope continues to grow he may be able to return to racing in the future, it looks increasingly unlikely he will be able to do so in Valencia next month.

It leaves Ferrari in the same place they were in with Michael Schumacher ten years ago, hunting for a replacement for an injured driver.

The internet has been buzzing with rumours that Schumacher himself could be drafted in to take Massa’s place. Fernando Alonso, who could be without a drive for his home race after Renault’s suspension, has also been linked to the number three car. Who will end up in the seat?

Update: Official: Michael Schumacher to return for Ferrari in the European Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher

The man himself has not said whether he would drive for the team or not – and there have been mixed messages from those close to him.

His spokesperson Sabine Kehm indicated he might return to his old team:

The whole thing will be considered by Ferrari. If they approach Michael, then he will consider it. But there is no reason for him to step into their discussion. Usually, I would say he’s not interested because he’s fine with his life and he doesn’t miss anything but now the situation is so different – it’s very hypothetical.
Sabine Kehm

Luca Colajanni added:

We have said before that it is possible that Michael Schumacher could return to help us out… We have two test drivers at Ferrari (Luca Badoer and Marc Gene) at the moment and Michael is an advisor. We have not spoken to him, but it is possible that this might happen. But we will have to wait and see what happens. It is something for (Ferrari team principal) Stefano Domenicali to consider over the coming weeks.
Luca Colajanni

But manager Willi Weber has consistently denied the rumours.

Whoever sits in the car at the next race in Valencia, it will not be Michael Schumacher. I am not 100 per cent sure; I am 200 per cent sure. The pressure on him would be huge. He would be expected to win, but he has not driven this car. When Michael was racing he would get as close to perfection as possible. In this case, it would not be perfection; it would be a gamble – and that’s not Michael’s style.
Willi Weber

Managers, however, are paid to get the most money for their clients – and they do not do that by willingly offering them up.

There are more practical reasons why Schumacher might not take up the drive. He hurt his neck in a bike crash in February. And questions remain about his willingness to partner top-level drivers like Kimi Raikkonen.

Fernando Alonso

With Renault banned from the Valencia race, and Fernando Alonso having been linked to a future Ferrari drive for some time, it’s not surprising that some people have put two and two together and begun to wonder if Alonso might appear in Ferrari overalls soon.

In reality there would be significant contractual obligations to overcome. He is employed by Renault and has various personal sponsorships. Whether he could make the leap to Ferrari depends on whether Renault’s suspension from the Valencia race might be sufficient to activate any break clauses Alonso might be able to take advantage of.

On the other hand you have to question how desirable it might be for Ferrari to have Alonso in for just one race before a likely return to Renault, and then have to find another replacement.

Added to that, with Renault planning to appeal their suspension it is not even certain Alonso will be available.

Robert Kubica

In a similar vein to Alonso, the news BMW are withdrawing from F1 has prompted speculation Robert Kubica could be drafted into the Ferrari.

Valentino Rossi

Perhaps the most ‘out-there’ suggestion of the lot. But Rossi has tested for the team and has shown an interest in competing in four-wheeled motor sports, mainly rallying. His gigantic popularity would create masive interest in the race.

And there isn’t a Moto GP race on that weekend…

Read more: Valentino Rossi tests an F1 Ferrari

David Coulthard

If any of the first three names on this list were to end up in the car it would be a remarkable development. Could Ferrari go for a similarly experienced but less high-profile choice?

It’s worth remembering who the team chose in 1999. Mika Salo had lost his F1 seat before the start of the year but had a decent amount of experience. Looking for a similar driver this year they could hardly do better than pick David Coulthard.

One of the most experienced F1 drivers ever, Coulthard drove with Ferrari engines in 2006. He has contractural obligations to Red Bull and the BBC, but they might be persuaded to reach a compromise. Dietrich Mateschitz’s company still uses Ferrari power in their Toro Rosso cars.

Luca Badoer

Badoer has been a Ferrari tester for aeons. But he didn’t get the call-up last time Ferrari needed to replace an injured driver, so why should he this time, now his last F1 race is almost a decade ago?

Marc Gene

Of the two Ferrari testers, Gene is probably the more likely to appear at Valencia. He has more recent experience as a racing driver than Badoer, having last raced in 2005, and has appeared as a substitute on two separate occasions.

Added to that, he is Spanish, which is likely to go down well with the crowd, particularly if they are having to make do without Alonso.

Counting against Gene are doubts over his race craft: he was dropped by Williams during his last appearance as a substitute in favour of Antonio Pizzonia.

Vitantonio Liuzzi

Liuzzi perhaps fits the Salo mould even better – he has far fewer F1 starts to his name than Coulthard does, but is still young and has been tipped to return to Formula 1 in the future.

He would be the first Italian driver to race a Ferrari since Nicola Larini in 1994, which would inevitably attract a lot of media attention.

Liuzzi’s employment by an active F1 team – even one as lowly as Force India – may count against him. Particularly as they enjoy close technical co-operation with rivals McLaren.

Anthony Davidson

Like Liuzzi, race-fit and recently unemployed, Davidson has only made the occasional appearance in sports car races this year.

Anyone else?

Ferrari tested three young Italian drivers in the off-season: Edoardo Piscopo, Salvatore Cicatelli and Mirko Bortolotti. Although F2 racer Birtolotti impressed it would be highly unusual for Ferrari to elevate a complete rookie to the team at short notice. It has been decades since a driver made their F1 debut in a Ferrari.

Who do you think would be the best choice for Ferrari? Who is most likely to turn up in red at Valencia? Have your say below.

Update: Official: Michael Schumacher to return for Ferrari in the European Grand Prix

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104 comments on “Schumacher, Alonso, Kubica: Who will take Massa’s place at Valencia?”

  1. What about Sébastien Bourdais? Of all the names you could mention, he has the most recent (racing) experience. And he’s without a job, too. If it’s only for, say, 2 or 3 races, he’d be my pick. If it’s for the rest of the season, Ferrari might look elsewhere.

    1. Also, he was driving a Ferrari engine and has the same manager as Massa (Nicolas Todt).

      One should not count out Piquet Jnr either if he is fired. Massa might lobby for him getting the job.

      I know everyone wants something fresh, but if Schumacher doesn’t want it and the team don’t go for Gené, it makes way more sense to go for the guys there were racing till the other day than go for other team TDs.

      1. That massa would push for piquet to take his seat is a good point, the pair are compatriots and friends – and piquet isnt fast enough to steal massa’s seat as might kubica.

        A move to the prancing horse to cover massa then in a testing situation next year might restart Piquet jrs career as it did massa’s

        1. Piquet!!

          Can somebody get me a damp cloth, my sides have just split.


  2. I know it would be destabilizing…but to me Michael Schumacher option would be the best. I think he could give a great help in set-up of the car, even if it would not be a pleasure for Kimi or Felipe himself if he won the race…
    Alonso and Kubica options don’t seem fair to me, as they are currently running for other teams.
    The other drivers…I don’t think they would be fast enough.

    1. I totally agree with you…Schumi is the best guy to replace massa…

  3. Anyone but Kubica please.

    Would love Alonso to get the drive then he can replace Kimi next year. If its just a stand in though I’d like Luizzi

    1. I agree. Kubica in a Ferrari just doesn’t work at all, especially compared to, say, Alonso.

      A Schumacher return would generate interest the likes of which many a season has never seen, especially this one.

      1. Just on the contrary!
        Kubica is perfect for Ferrari. He speaks perfect Italian, and has plenty of Italian fans, who want him in Ferrari.
        Plus, he looks like one of Ferrari’s ex-drivers – Alain Prost.

    2. Padre Maldinio
      29th July 2009, 23:54

      Tommy – this seem to be already Kubicophobia in your case :))
      I see your negative opinion in EVERY topic where KUB is mentioned. Probably you dont have to read article to give opinion :))
      IMHO K UB is the best possible choice for Ferrari. Young but experienced, talented and skilled. He spend half of his life in Italy , he speaks this language fluently. Fingers crossed for him.

  4. Casino Square
    29th July 2009, 15:14

    You forgot to mention Zsolt Baumgartner. Sources tell me he is the current frontrunner for the drive. I understand that Yuji Ide and Sakon Yammamoto are also under consideration

    1. What about Marcus Winkelhock!

    2. and Riccardo Rosset

    3. HWNSNBM! Yes Zsolt all the way – fantastic idea :) Also I wonder if Nigel Mansell’s been on the phone to Maranello yet?

      More serious answers; Sebastien Bourdais would be worth a try. What about Giorgio Pantano, current GP2 champion?

    4. Ide? from the half dozen races i saw in 06, ferrari would be better of with just one car on the grid…

      1. Giovanni Lavaggi?

        1. Johnny Carwash? hahahaha yeah right :)

  5. How many of those have a superlicense? I am a bit fuzzy on the requirements for one of those.

    1. Well Michael Schumacher doesn’t have current super license from what I’ve read.

    2. Good point

  6. The only one you forgot to mention was ‘Our Nige’!!

    Sebastien Bourdais has just left F1, tho probably not on their wish list.

    Giorgio Pantano was GP2 champ and it could be argued he deserves a chance at F1 again.

    Bruno Senna, i mean Keith come on, you missed him on your list to.

    1. Hahaha! Nigel M.?!?

      He couldn’t fit an F1 car already in 1995.
      Remember the McLaren fiasco? :)))

  7. It seems that Alonso said that he is not interested in driving for Ferrari at Valencia, because he doesn’t want to replace any injured driver. Maybe he changes his mind, but I don’t think so.
    Gene won 24 Hors of Le Mans some weeks ago.

  8. Hey how about Piquet, after his recent comments about Flavio he may be looking for a ride!

  9. Paul Sainsbury
    29th July 2009, 15:26

    I would love to see Schumacher make a return, just for the possibility of seeing some wheel to wheel action between him and Hamilton. I bet they would both love to have that chance too.

    1. My choice and my reasons too. Who would be the greatest, would Hamilton shine? Or would Shumi show us how it should be done?

      1. Yes, but the McLaren and the Ferrari aren’t really on an equal form this season so any comparison wouldn’t be valid.

        And that I think might be the biggest reason for schumi not making an appearance assuming he’s physically fit enough to, he would risk damage to his reputation if he came back and didn’t do very well…

  10. I hope for Anthony

    1. I think his name is just wishful thinking from Brits. No chance at all he’ll go there

  11. I really like this similar article I found on
    It sarcastically rates Niki Lauda as having a 1% chance over Jacques Villeneuve to replace Massa. I think Villeneuve is past it too for a top drive, but I also think Schumacher is past it too. I don’t think he is fit enough to just jump back into racing again, with a recent neck injury. He would put his and other competitors lives at risk. Frankly he has nothing to prove to get back into a F1 car. I probably think it would be Marc Gene, as he is a Ferrari test driver. Do they not have something in there contract that states they will replace a injured driver? Alonso would be a long shot, I don’t think Flavio would allow it unless he’s given a massive payoff.

  12. Who was the last driver to debut at Ferrari?

  13. I reckon it’ll be Mark Gene.

    Would like to see Bourdais, but I doubt he’ll get picked.
    Also, DC would be interesting too.

  14. A safe bet would be DC, but I would love to see Kubica in the car. Or Alonso, but that won’t happen because I feel Renault will compete in Valencia (after being find with 1 Million or so)

  15. schumacher making a return would be insanely awesome publicity for the sport, but never going to happen. if contract allows it, i’d go with alonso. but realistically i think Gene will be their first choice. i can’t see a team like ferrari employing a driver with no f1 racing experience like senna or rossi.

  16. I was never a big Schumacher fan but I would love to see him back for one race at least. Other than that Rossi would be grat to see in F1, a much needed good character and I seem to remember him setting very fast times in the test he did. On that note does that mean he will have a superlicenese, do you need one just to test?

  17. It will be Gene. Even Alonso, who has experience with KERS, would be hard pressed to sort out, in one day of testing/set up, the regular mass of buttons and knobs in a new car, much less the operation of the Ferrari KERS system. And this is aside from the experience needed with a chassis to set it up and understand its tire wear, and so on. Then there are the IP issues related to letting a temporary driver behind the veil. In sum, its totally unforseeable that anyone but Gene would be able to drive in Valencia

    After that is another story, though. With a strict testing ban, Ferrari should be keen on getting ALO in the car before year end, especially if they are going to be testing 2010 bits, which I would expect them to turn to fully now that their fastest driver will be recuperating for the next few races.

  18. I dont really like the idea of Schumacher OR Alonso (or any other current driver) pinch hitting at Ferrari. I think it should go to Marc Gene on principle. Why even have a test/reserve driver (much less two) if they cant do any testing, and they arent actually on reserve to step in for an injured driver? Just seems like a farce. Plus Gene has recent racing experience in LeMans, so I think it would be a good fit, and the right thing to do.

    1. I would think Gene is favourite for the seat.

  19. A Coulthard/BBC/Ferrari weekend would be simply amazing. This, please, Stefano!

  20. What about Fisichella… he ticks many boxes.

    -He would be VERY up for it I’m sure. And won’t demand much $$$.
    -Tons of experience, including with top line teams
    -Italian, so popular move with the fans at Monza and will be able to communicate well with his Italian mechanics
    -Probably eminently possible to buy him out of his Force India contract, or at least get him on loan
    -Force India can replace him with Liuzzi easily
    -(with all due respect to Fisi) unlikely to pose a massive threat to Kimi, or indeed to Massa; if they put someone too good in that seat, e.g. Alonso, it might smack of a kick in the teeth for Massa. At the same time Fisi is a perfectly capable driver and will not embarass himself either.

    1. Since Massa is very likely to make a comeback, at the latest for next year, Fisi would be burning his bridges with Force India. Though, he /did/ say even when driving for Renault that he would love to end up in Ferrari, so who knows?

      Doubt we’ll get to find out, though.

      1. Dont Force India still owe Ferrari some money for last year’s engines as well? Dont know how true it is, just something I heard :)

      2. Yeah but I’ve a feeling Fisi would happily burn his bridges with FI for the chance of a few races in a Ferrari; I know which I’d prefer!

        Do we know how likely Fisi would be to stay at FI in 2010 anyway? If he thinks he might be edged out in favour of Liuzzi next year that would make it even more tempting…

  21. It would be awesome to see Schumacher back in the driving seat!!! I don’t think it will happen though.

    I am a Hamilton and McLaren fan, but I think if Schumacher stepped back into the ring for a race or two, he would certainly show everyone how it’s done. There is no greater driver in my opinion.

  22. Bearing in mind, Schumacher hasn’t driven this Ferrari or any F1 car in anger for almost 3 years now, and he’s 41 and not race fit. His spokeswoman also mentioned something about a neck injury.

    It would be interesting if Montoya was to make a shock return :P But I think its gonna be either Gene or DC

  23. And now,, from left field,,,
    Takuma Sato!

    (Schumi is a great choice, but I get the feeling he doesn’t want to go.
    The runoff’s on Ralph yesterday was hysterical (but not too horrible an idea).
    Bourdais has Ferrari engine knowledge.
    The Villenueve suggestions seem ridiculous.
    My favorite driver to date is Badoer and I wish he’d get the spot (for all his hard work) but I can’t see that happening.)

    So somebody call Takuma!!!

    1. And now,, from left field,,,
      Takuma Sato!

      I’m sure he’d be very happy :)

      1. Yes, and baseball is huge in Japan! :)

  24. It’s not like Ferrari to do something gimmicky or designed to attract popular support (so no Rossi, Schumi, and the like).

    Sensitivity to Massa alone will be good reason to do something understated and serious. The move will have to pay long-term dividends, and more importantly not mess-up potentially long-term relationships. They don’t want a reputation for “poaching” other drivers at any opportunity. Plus, as someone mentioned above, any top driver with any class will reject an offer to replace an injured driver, however temporarily.

    All of the above means it will have to be someone from the Ferrari family. Either the youngsters who tested for Ferrari earlier, Marc Gene, or Badoer. With Ferrari already running Fridays with a view on testing 2010 cars, the two regular test drivers will be able to help immensely – especially with the test ban in place.

    So I think Ferrari will have these drivers as priorities:
    1. Marc Gene
    2. Luca Badoer
    3. Mirko Bortolotti

  25. I think the decision will be influenced by Massa’s expected recovery time. If we’re talking 2-3 races then a talented but wildly inexperienced youngster will become more attractive because it won’t matter quite so much if they’re rubbish.

    If its for the rest of the season I’d expect them to look at more experienced drivers.

    Where it gets really interesting is the fact that the technical regs are so different this year… DC and davidson’s experience won’t be quite as valuable as it would otherwise have been, tipping the scales towards someone who has been driving this season.

    I can’t believe that we’ll be in Valencia without Alonso, but I expect that will be resolved between Renault and the FIA. If it isn’t then Ferrari may just be tempted to try to buy him out of the rest of his contract. – I imagine the commercial ramifications of all the alonso fans turning up at valencia and needing to buy ferrari gear would bring a tear of joy to any accountant’s eye.

    For the record, I’m surprised bruno senna wasn’t on the list of considerations, particularly if its a shorter stint.

    1. I imagine the commercial ramifications of all the alonso fans turning up at valencia and needing to buy ferrari gear would bring a tear of joy to any accountant’s eye.

      LOL. That would be awesome.

      Good point about long-term vs. short-term tradeoff depending on the expected recovery time.

  26. I think Michael should be the choice and all Formula 1 — sponsors, promoters and fans — should ask him to accept that. It would be good to F1, to gain some positive headlines on this dark year.

    He is not in good shape, but the last time he stay away from a F1 car — more that 1 year — he came back and top the times at Barcelona in the end o 2007.

    He is a good test driver too, what could help Ferrari in developing the new car to 2010.

    And the most important, I think Lewis and Co are right now preparing the knives to beat him…

    1. And that’s the problem. Schumi would not like to come back to F1 only for Hamilton to beat him and boast that he’s better than Schumi – only because Schumi wasn’t perfectly fit physically and hadn’t even had the opportunity to drive the new 2009 cars, and learn how to drive them, adjust to them etc.

      Schumi won’t be willing to put a dent on his legacy.

  27. I’d love to see Sato race again. Its probably not going to happen, but it would be great to see him racing again.

  28. Marc Gene.

  29. Just a thouhgt on Massa’s recovery time. I really don’t think he’ll be allowed to race again this season.

    Think back to the most recent high profile driving realted head injury I can think of, Richard Hammond. He wasn’t allowed to drive for insurance reasons for several months, and that was road cars.

    Also, think back to Button’s big shunt at Monaco a few years ago, he had to sit out the race because there was a danger to him if he received another concussion.

    It’s not simply a case of when Massa will be well enough and fit enough to drive, so much as when it’s deemed medically safe for him to have another accident. I know that sounds morbid, but it’s a true.

  30. I think that Ferrari, for sake of next years car, will want their test drivers to be the ones that get Massas seat. We might even see both of their test drivers take turns for the rest of season.
    Although, it would be nice to see Ferrari give Top Gear a call and see if the STIG is available. I’m sure he would love the oppurtunity to beat Hammy. lol. it won’t happen though.
    Their test drivers will get the seat. It would be stupid for them to do anythin else. They need to concentrate on next years car, and that is why they will stick with their own drivers.

    1. fred Schechter
      31st July 2009, 16:27

      Doh! I totally forgot! It will be The Stig driving for Ferrari.
      Top Gear and BBC would have the best ad ever if they could get Schumi to wear the whites for the race!!!
      (I know it’ll never happen, just wishing)

  31. Jacques Villeneuve has been hanging around the Ferrari garage a lot recently. Plus all he every seems to do these days is drive random races in random championships, so a few races for Ferrari wouldn’t seem too ‘out there’.

  32. Of the drivers mentioned in the article I would be least surprised if Ferrari decided to use one of their test drivers and of the two probably Gene.

  33. Anyone else?
    maby Juan Pablo Montoya ?!?!.

    1. How has it taken so long for someone else to think of this too!

  34. Given Rubens’ issues at Brawn, his unrivalled experience in F1, and his previous work with Ferrari, what about Barrichello?

    Probably not, as to draft in a less experienced driver may mean Brawn waving goodbye to the constuctors chamiponship, but would Ross Brawn prefer a happy team if he could be rid of Rubens at no cost?

  35. Giancarlo Fisichella is the man!!!

  36. As mentioned several times, bringing in Schumacher or Rossi would draw massive attention. But I’m not sure that would be a good thing for f1, simply because of were the race is taking place. Bringing in a bigger crowd means that F1 is attracting potential, but not devoted fans. Sitting through the Valencia Grand Prix is more than likely to put them off watching again due to complete lack of racing that goes on on that track.
    More than likely they’d go for someone who can do a decent enough job in qualifying and then the race pretty much takes care of itself. Gene or Bourdais would therefore be more likely as they have experience of driving modern F1 cars. Putting an out of practice racer or rookie in a car for a street circuit would be very dangerous in my opinion.

  37. Aren’t Torro Rosso doing Ferrari’s engine testing at the moment, I don’t know just how close the two teams are but however slow Bourdais has been at Minardi Torro Rosso, he has been driving half a Ferrari quite recently.

  38. Jonathan Noble has just reported Schumacher is set to be announced as Massa’s replacement.

    1. I hope not Ralf… :D

  39. Michael Schumacher to replace Massa, confirmed on sky news.

  40. I am guessing it would be either Marc Gene or any of the 3 drivers they tested back in the year.

    This is an ideal time for Ferrari to groom a young driver from scratch. Such in-house products last longer and produce results pretty consistently. Eg: Lewis Hamilton – an in-house product of Mclaren Mercedez, Felipe Massa himself, he was nothing before he joined Ferrari in 2003.

    Ferrari should draft in youngsters whom they see as possible future champions. It does seem that Massa won’t be available for atleast 3-4 races. Give all the 3 youngsters (or any more) a decent chance, and see how they perform.

    1. But of course, Schumi is the best!!!

  41. just seen schumi is returning, wow

  42. Sergio de la Torre
    29th July 2009, 18:01

    MSC will drive the Ferrari as said in his official website


  44. although i hope Kubica gets the seat – he deserves a better car – i still think Alonso will get the seat because if Renault do get suspended, they wont really need Alonso but although BMW are quitting F1, they still need their drivers.

  45. Sky news can’t always be trusted,

    but Autosport has caught wing and is being cautious:

  46. From Schumacher’s website

    “The most important thing first: thanks God, all news concerning Felipe are positive. I wish him all the best again.

    I was meeting this afternoon with Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo and together we decided that I will prepare myself to take the place of Felipe. Though it is true that the chapter Formula 1 has been closed for me since long and completely, it is also true that for loyalty reasons to the team I cannot ignore that unfortunate situation. But as the competitor I am I also very much look forward to facing this challenge.”

  47. oh shumi got seat!!

  48. I know schumi is back……Oh oh…..He is going to show every how a F1 car has to be raced….Go schumi GO….

  49. You know, Nigel Mansell never officially retired.

  50. Crazy Horse
    29th July 2009, 18:15

    There is once again nothing as surreal as reality in these weird times. I would never have thought this possible, or even worthwhile from a professional driving standard. Then again, Armstrong did pretty well in this year’s Tour. Despite the knowledge of all the insane marketing hype to come, i actually am already excited to think about Valencia and more.

  51. This guy have balls… he will get back in Valência, a track that he do not know.

    Kimi under a huge pressure to delivery now…

  52. Welcome back Schumi!! WELCOME BACK..

  53. I’ve just read in a spanish website ( that Schumacher has announced in his website that he will be driving the Ferrari in Valencia. Seems like he is the man for the job afterall.

  54. Pedro Andrade
    29th July 2009, 18:22

    Despite this already being a possibility, and me being an anti-Schumacher for many years, I can only say:

    Holy cow! :D

    I’ve got vacations planned for the weekend of the Valencia GP, I’m wondering if I should postpone it.

  55. I think it’s a brave move and a good one, too.
    It will be exciting to see him driving the F60 with no experience in this car and especially the comparison Schumacher – Raikkonen will be interesting.
    I bet I know already who’ll drive most laps on Friday in Valencia ;-)

  56. oh My God. Schumi in action. can’t wait to see the show.

  57. Now have we got a race on!
    shame weve got to wait 4 weeks!

  58. Forza Ferrari!

    The great has come back once more… Excellent… Massa is doing fine, and is reported to recover real quick… Excellent!!!

  59. It official, its Michael Schumacher who will replace Massa. See statement on Ferrari’s website…

  60. Paige Michael-Shetley
    29th July 2009, 18:36

    This is exciting news. Great to have Schumi back.

    Does anyone think the BMW exit may have had something to do with this? F1 certainly needed a positive shot in the arm after that news.

  61. um hello??? how about Sato? he has recent racing experience and is popular(ish). he tested for torro rosso with ferrari power dont forget.

    as for schumi… mmmm imagine hamilton and schumacher going wheel to wheel… oh yeah it’s Valencia, sorry.

  62. I really hope they give the seat to Rossi. Michael won’t take it, that is for sure. Alonso and Kubica cannot. The others are simply boring.

  63. Hamilton vs Schumacher – Brilliant!

  64. Schumacher vs. Hamilton. Can’t wait for that!

  65. Realy great news. i hope realy Michael is in good form and show his amazing skill. Räikkönen show then Ferrari return to last year excellent form. So Valencia will be fantastic and exciting race.

  66. Double diffuser row, Button&Brawn seemed to be unbeatable and know struggling, Max Mosley finally leaving F1, BMW leaving F1 also, FOTA telling Sauber they will support them to stay in F1, now, Michael Schumacher strikes back!

    Maybe races are boring, but off-track… what’s next?

  67. A “Good News” story for F1 and although strange things happen in racing, no-one can continue after a three year hiatus at the level he last competed at. As a safe pair of hands, he will perform well and keep Massa’s seat warm for him. With no malice intended, I hope it will be only for a short period and will undoubtedly give F1 a much-needed comfort boost.

    Those who enjoy F1 will rejoice, irrespective of personal team preferences.

  68. Is there anything in the rules to stop Ferrari sticking a F60 spec aero package on last year’s car so that Schumi can pound around the Mugello test track to get used to the aero of the car??

  69. well… at the end, my guess was right!!!!!
    Fisichella now will drive for Ferrari!

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