Silverstone Arena track laid (Pictures)

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The new Arena track

Tarmac for the new Arena sequence at Silverstone, which will be used for the 2010 British Grand Prix, had been laid.

Pictures released by the circuit today also show the revised run-off areas at Brooklands and Woodcote corners towards the end of the lap.

Managing Director of Silverstone Circuits Richard Phillips said work was progressing according to schedule:

Work on the circuit and venue is on schedule. The team has been working around the clock, through some pretty terrible weather conditions, to make sure the circuit is ready on time. The track works at Brooklands and Woodcote are now complete, including the new run-off area for the fast entry into Pits Straight, while the major new development – the new section of circuit from Abbey, up to the Arena Complex and round to the National Straight – is also coming along nicely.
Richard Phillips

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44 comments on “Silverstone Arena track laid (Pictures)”

  1. I still think the new area isn’t an improvement.

    1. Blame Bernie. This was designed for bikes of course.

      They can always go back to the old circuit in 2011 if it doesn’t work out.

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        9th March 2010, 11:04

        Maybe the fact that it was designed for bikes will be a hidden blessing – I don’t think Hermann Tilke designed this one. And if he did, he had bikes in mind. Not Formula 1.

        1. no, it was designed by the company formerly known as HOK Sport.

          I seem to remember from the plans that the corners between Abbey and the new flip-flop looked to be more swoopy and high-speed than that….

          1. I thought that too, but after looking again it seems to me the camera angle & zoom combination is making it look tighter than it actually is.

      2. I thought they were moving to the new pit complex that’s being built between Club and Abbey if it’s ready for 2011. That has its pit exit on the new section between Abbey and the arena, meaning I guess they wouldn’t be able to use the old circuit.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          9th March 2010, 11:11

          The old circuit is kind of dead. Bridge was great, once, but now it’s like Eau Rouge – the drivers can take it flat out. There’s no challenge.

          1. Amen.

            Bridge isn’t the corner it once was. The fact that Copse, Maggotts and Becketts are still there is all that matters.

          2. In F1, maybe. It’s still great in other series…

          3. The other series can still race it if they want, it’s still there I think.

  2. Ned Flanders
    9th March 2010, 10:29

    Looks great, I can’t wait to see F1 cars racing on it. Though I’m still not sure why they felt the need to extend the circuit quite so drastically. It was already quite long, and it’s not as though there will be any new passing spots on the new section.

    1. How about down the long straight into luffield. There might even be drafting possibilities into the new complex.

      Originally, as i’m sure you saw, it was just going to be two long straights with tight corners at the end, Bahrain style overtaking philosophy applied. I think the opportunity on the end of the second straight is probably a clearer overtaking spot than anywhere else on the circuit, the section before it has potential for spreading the cars out though. Bit like Abu Dhabi, which I still find hilarious, the longest straight in F1 is reduced to a catch up point for the next straight because of the dog leg before the corner into it.

  3. Still not totally convinced by the changes, i’m hoping silverstone can convince me though, i’m just not sure dropping bridge corner and the gre

  4. *great viewing spots at the complex is a good idea (sorry my pc went funny and submitted the comment before i finished)

  5. Noooooooo, did anyone see the run off area beside the main straight. These granstands are going to be way back from the track now

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      9th March 2010, 11:07

      Kevin, the idea is that the changes will be made for 2010, but there’s more on the way for 2011: the pits and main straight will be re-located to the straight after Club Corner. People sitting in the grandstands along the current main straight may be further back this year, but next year they’ll be able to see most of the circuit.

      1. Ok, forgot that, yeah makes sense now. I hope they do get the new complex in place for next yaer

      2. I’m not entirely certain that they’ll be knocking the current pit garages down to clear the way for a better view. The National and International circuits would be pitless if they did that.

    2. *grandstands

  6. It looks like such a mess! I’m running a half-marathon around the circuit this Sunday (when you’ll all be watching Bahrain no doubt) so I hope the tarmac dries in time!

    1. I’m also running the Half-Marathon on Sunday Daniel – my thoughts are the same. I just hope we’re not dodging JCBs!

    2. Why in earth would anyone run a half marathon anyway, never mind it being on the same day as the first race!

      You must be mad?

  7. I’m happy there’s a change and this looks good. Bridge was ok but the only bits I really love is Copse, Maggotts/Beckkets and the rest of it was just dreary frankly. The saving grace of the race is the fans and probably the fact that it’s in Britain so there’s a chance of a wet race.

  8. I wonder why the new arena bends need to be so sharp…The fast right-left after Club straight looks great, but the complex is very slow…too slow to me.
    New Brooklands approach looks really interesting, instead! That should be an overtaking spot.

  9. Talking about tracks…
    Looked at some pictures of korean Jeonnam tracks. They look quite late to me…

    1. Really? I haven’t read much about Korea track lately. Mind Abu Dhabi managed to pull it off in time

      1. Just have a look at Formula 1 news on this page…
        To me they are quite late, even if I like the track.

        1. Which page? Linky ?

          1. I think those pics are from October 13th, apparently they are very confident of finishing on time.

  10. The Genuine Jim
    9th March 2010, 12:18

    Bernie won’t be happy with those new hospitality buildings. They’re not amphibious landing-craft-shaped and covered in spangly lights. Also, there’s no big lake, a shopping mall or a theme park next to the track. Bad move silverstone – Bernie (and everyone) knows the last thing people want to do at a grand prix is watch a race.

    1. Too true, Jim, to true. If only FiA would get with the program and put a 100kph speed limit on the track, then all those unsightly runoff areas could be used for those more important things, like parks and extra VIP suites for Bernie’s guests.

      Whatever is FiA thinking about, trying to run Formula 1 as though it’s still about racing.

  11. The map on the official F1 site seems to match the pics in that the new section appears twistier than the diagrams published previously.

  12. That new hairpin is “toight as a toiger” quote an Austin Powers film!!

  13. The two swooping corners look nice for bikes, I’m pretty sure they we easily flat in F1 cars (much like the fast bends before the bus stop at Spa).

    I still think the Bridge – Priory combination was a nice challenge and subsequently getting your braking point right for Brooklands was tricky. With the new layout, you come in to Brooklands from the National Circuit making it a much shorter and faster corner. One positive point is that we’ve lost a chicane (Abbey), and that’s always good news.

    For F1s, it doesn’t look massively better or worse than before. We’ll have to wait and see.

    For bikes, it’s a huge improvement over the silly Woodcote chicane they had before. And Bridge was never an option for a rider without a death wish. That said, it’s no where near as good as what Donington was, for riders and most of all for spectators.

  14. J.A. Summers
    9th March 2010, 18:38

    Is the new circuit shorter or longer than the old one?

    1. Roughly 0.5k longer

  15. I always thought that the final complex was the interesting feature of Silverstone. At least there’s still the bend into the pit straight.

    I still don’t quite get why they signed a (17-year?) deal with Donnington on the basis that Silverstone wasn’t up to task, but then instantly forgot about the entire notion and went scrambling back to Silverstone as if nothing had happened as soon as Donny was delayed by one year. My only guess is that it slapped Silverstone in the face enough to improve, and they became the luckiest track in the world when FOM got a reason to rip the Donny contract up. Maybe I need to be enlightened.

    Not to come across as Silverstone-hating by the way; just an honest opinion followed by an observation.

    1. I always thought that the final complex was the interesting feature of Silverstone. At least there’s still the bend into the pit straight.

      I think corners like Copse, Becketts and Stowe have got a lot more going for them than Luffield and Brooklands. I’d say the only places you’ll find a more exciting ribbon or tarmac than the first sector at Silverstone are Spa and Suzuka.

  16. Marc Connell
    9th March 2010, 20:35

    heavy cars on new tarmac = HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE.

    1. The Grand Prix isn’t tomorrow, you know, it’s four months off…

  17. its very very grippy, its a bit bumpy in some places mind you!

  18. I’m conflicted about this. For one it looks like a mickey mouse addition to the track that will not enhance racing, but then again it will be good for fans to have a good look at F1 cars in action…

  19. hi, i am looking to buy a sunday ticket for F1 silverstone but i want a great view, i am considering the platinum (covered)- woodcote A or B/Arena B. any suggestions please?

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