Carlin deny F1 team rumours

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Carlin racing team have denied they have submitted an entry to compete in F1 next year.

Racing director Trevor Carlin denied reports on some sites this morning claiming the team were gearing up for an F1 campaign in 2011:

While F1 may be a long-term goal for the team, we have not submitted an application for the 2011 season, nor are we in any position to do so. At the moment we are 100 per cent focused on our current programmes and continue to put all our efforts into winning championships and races in the junior categories.

Carlin currently run two cars in the World Series by Renault, six in British Formula Three and three in GP3. Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari won the British F3 championship with them in 2008, as did Red Bull reserve driver Daniel Ricciardo last year.

The FIA is expected to announce who has won the 13th place on the 2011 grid in August.

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12 comments on “Carlin deny F1 team rumours”

  1. Interesting to see, that someone has to actually deny having entered a bid for being the 13th team.

    To me it is a weakness of the bidding proces, that no list of entrants was published.

    1. I think it is simply sytemic of Bernie’s regime. Everything is very opaque. I suppose he keeps it that way so the public don’t intefer.

      1. keeping it opaque probably helps him play people off each other, in all situations.

  2. Guilherme (@the_philosopher)
    18th June 2010, 15:29

    The FIA is expected to announce who has won the 13th place on the 2011 grid in August.

    Ain’t that a little bit too late? I know that Lotus got their entry in September, but everyone knows they had a ton of money from the Malaysian government behind them, thus being able to hire experienced personnel and everything else needed, but I can’t see these new teams being funded by governments or anything like it.

    Just look at Virgin. They have a really wealthy investor an still they had a load of problems, from hydarulic to fuel pick up and parts falling off. And they got their entry in June, not in August.

    I’m worried about it, to be honest.

    1. I agree that it does seem a bit late, I would have thought it would be better for a team granted a place in F1 in August 2010 to be due to start in the 2012 season not the 2011 season.

      Unless whoever is chosen as the 13th team has some serious money behind them I fear they could face some problems to be ready in time, and next year they will probably be at the back on there own rather have other new teams around them like Lotus, Virgin and HRT did this year. If HRT hadn’t had money problems and had been able to have a full pre season I think they would have been on the pace of Virgin and Lotus from the first race.

    2. To be honest I think the problems you are referring to with Virgin are more down to the testing restrictions than the lack of planning time.

      I think those that apply for positions probably already started designing their cars, so all that would be needed after getting the go-ahead is hiring people and getting the factory running?

    3. agreed they should not be prepared. as you said lotus had a big budget but they made a mistake they left all work on moneys hand on the other hand branson knows that f1 is not only money about the money but the work so he has been more cautious on spending money both teams are too big and bureaucratic maybe true racing teams are needed instead of this new marketing teams

  3. i wish my favorite george carlin jokes were fit to repeat here :D

    1. haha, never heard of jim before. googled him, some interesting points of view, very funny.

    2. The “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Radio & TV” come to mind every time I think of FiA beaurocracy, lol.

  4. Charles Carroll
    18th June 2010, 17:12

    I think Lockheed and Sukhoi should have teams, with cars every bit as awesome as their fighters and fully armed as well.

  5. I wish that ART Grand Prix will join F1, with Mercedes engines and with Pastor Maldonado and Luca Filippi driving for them.

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