Ecclestone’s escalator no worry for US GP

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Texas Comptroller of Public Account Susan Combs said she is not concerned by the expected annual increase in the cost of hosting the United States Grand Prix.

Bernie Ecclestone typically increases race hosting fees by seven to ten percent per year – known as his ‘escalator’ – but Combs told the Austin American Statesman that part of the cost will not be paid by the state:

If there’s any escalator, that’s the investors’ problem, not the state’s problem.
Susan Combs

Combs visited the British Grand Prix earlier this month and was impressed by the revised Silverstone circuit:

It’s huge. It’s spacious, and it’s green. This is not a concrete jungle. It is very respectful of the terrain.
Susan Combs

Meanwhile Austin News reports the ground will be broken for the new track in December this month.

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12 comments on “Ecclestone’s escalator no worry for US GP”

  1. Actually i had more of the impression, that Silverstone lost quite some green with the building activities going on.
    But they could have a look at Hockenheim forrest, or Monza and Melbourne, or better even, have a look at Spa to see a circuit respectfull of the terrain.

    I sure hope they make it worthwhile. And please Tavo give at least some peek shots of what and where your going to build the track.

    After that we can plan the Renault and Red Bull road shows to tour the US and get a Bavaria Austin City racing event together in 2011 to warm up the crowds.

    They should do that in Turkey and India as well.

    Look at the event in Poland, 140.000 people showed up. And in Moscow there were over 200.000 people. There’s an enormous market for F1, just not having to pay over 200 EUR + hotel&Travel for a weekend.

    1. It would be great if some teams would do demos in the US, but they’d have to be around races on the continent, otherwise I can’t imagine it being affordable to fly the cars over just for one demo.

  2. HounslowBusGarage
    20th July 2010, 15:45

    Susan Comb’s comments are interesting. Perhaps she has only been to ‘superspeedway’ type tracks in the US with everything packed in tightly around the stadium.
    At least I hope that’s the reason.
    I *do* hope that it’s not because she has seen the plans for the Austin track which she feels are the opposite of Silverstone – small, cramped, all concrete and disrespectful of the terrain.

    1. From everything Hellmund has hinted, I doubt it’s going to be a small cramped track. That certainly wouldn’t be very Texan, where everything is supposed to be BIG.

  3. What terrain? Silverstone is a flat as a billiards table. Do you mean the grass?

    1. There’s some pretty significant height differences actually – you just don’t notice so much because it’s open.

      Not as much as Spa, I grant you.


    They’re saying groundbreaking won’t be until December. Now while the race is likely to be in June, next to the Canadian Grand Prix, FOTA does want the schedule to be shuffled to ease the logistics of moving equipment. So either way, they’re looking at anywhere between 18 months (most likely scenario) and 21 months (if North American Races are moved to September) to complete the circuit. Hopefully Tilke will realize that unemployment in America is still around 10 percent, and will hire a lot of people willing to work.

  5. Susie, tell them you wont give them any money unless they build a really nice fast ondulating track with ups and downs.

  6. Qoute: …the ground will be broken for the new track in December this month.

    You mean this year?

  7. Suzie, dont give the money to a German fellow called Tilke. Call the sheriff and have him arrested and deported

  8. Whatever they do by breaking the ground don’t make any boring Tilke track.

  9. Bernie this is ‘monopoly’!! Put out the track construction to ‘Tender’ man!!!!

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