Rain likely to hit German GP weekend

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There is a good chance rain could fall during the German Grand Prix weekend, most likely in the two days leading up to the race.

This could cause problems for teams hoping to test new components during the practice session, such as McLaren who are planning to test a revised version of their exhaust-blown diffuser.

Weather radars show a large band of rain is expected to pass through the area on Friday and Saturday, giving rise to the possibility of a wet qualifying session.

Race day is likely to be dry, but with air temperatures expected to hit a high of just 22C – lower than we have seen at this race in the past – teams may face problems managing their tyres.

They will have to use the super-soft and hard tyres this weekend, and the latter could prove difficult to get up to temperature whole the former may be prone to graining.

It all points towards a challenging weekend for the teams and a race that may prove difficult to predict.

German Grand Prix weather radars

  • Weather Online – Detailed graphic of the last 24 hours’ rainfall showing how the rain is moving
  • Metrociel – shows the expected rainfall for the next few days

Hockenheimring location

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    27 comments on “Rain likely to hit German GP weekend”

    1. *while the latter may be prone to graining.

      Good news I say anyway. Tyre struggles and wet weather. A good combo to an epic weekend. This race could be candidate for “race of the season”.

      1. I think it should be…

        “…and the latter could prove difficult to get up to temperature while the former…”

      2. miguelF1O (@)
        22nd July 2010, 4:30

        about the temp i bet 32ºc sunday

      3. Fixed the latter/former mix-up, thanks.

    2. I always enjoy races at Hockenheim, but I think this year’s race could be something special with the tyre situation. I hope we could be on for a repeat of the Canadian GP craziness

      1. I hope so, because if it doesn’t I’m blaming you for jinxing it!

    3. Bring on the uncertainty! Between the weather and the tires this could be a classic in the making.

    4. I live about 30 miles from the Hockenheimring and the weather has been quite stable lately. Occasionally it rains a littlebit in the afternoon, but usually that rain is coming after 5pm. However, it will get a bit colder towards the weekend (now its usually about 34°C) and forecasts in fact say it could be more rainy.

      How about a Schumacher win in changing conditions, just like in the old days? :-D I’d seriously laugh my ass off if just for once he could pull a trick or two out of his sleeve and finaly silence those who constantly nag (even here in Germany people are bashing him to a degree that its not funny anymore).

      1. Keep the faith Bananarama ;-), wonders shall never end …. eh?

        I think you should be more realistic and consider or accept the odds are against him.

    5. If it rains then things will be fun, but I hope we have a rain free Sunday but the qualifying session can be wet.

      1. It looks like heavy rain for qualifying/Practice 3, maybe a bit for the practices on Friday and none for the race.

    6. Fingers crossed for a decent Merc upgrade!

    7. Button’s been pretty good at pulling race wins out of changing conditions this year, this might be the chance he needs to leapfrog Hamilton (who’s no slouch himself)…

      1. LoLz KNF, I think JB has used most of his luck already and LH is hardly to be dethroned once in the lead.

        He wants to extend the lead to be in his comfort zone methinks :-)

        1. LH has lost 1 World Championship (almost lost the second one too) while in the lead. Stop the shamelessly arrogant predictions.

    8. Cant watch the race this weekend but hopefully its good cause I can watch it on the iplayer

    9. East Londoner
      22nd July 2010, 8:14

      Looking like it’s going to be a great grand prix weekend!

    10. i miss the old Hockenheim.. blasting through the forest and slowing down for each of those vicious chicanes… that google maps image hasn’t been updated and shows the old circuit in its full glory before Tilke ruined it.

      I know it lends more to spectators and is generally safer now.. but that’s not the point. anyone remember this circuit on the old F1 games? F1 ’97 on the Playstation, always remember those chicanes and how difficult it was to slow down perfectly in time for each one

      1. The second one at the Ostcurve always got me…The third one was simple enough to cut straight across if one so wished though!

      2. I have the same exact feelings. Boy did i love running in that track in video games.
        Now it’s just boring in terms of feeeling.

    11. Robert McKay
      22nd July 2010, 9:41

      I don’t think, in a dry race, the tyre compounds will prove that interesting. I’m personally hoping for rain on race day.

    12. “…a race that may prove difficult to predict.”

      Ahhh, music to my ears!

    13. C’mon we should know by now that if rain is predicted it means it’s not gonna happen.

    14. Wet saturday\Dry Sunday must favour Mclaren – they can add plenty of wing knowing they will not be sitting ducks on the straights come sunday if it is dry (f duct). Uncertain conditions no good for the EBD though…

    15. Well I was just on the Ofiicial F1 website and on there they predict Dry weekend… Yesterday still they predicted rain for Fri and Sat. But now they predict dry weekend.

    16. Joe Saward warns, that we will see only limited runnin on Friday as the rain is currently pooring down at Hockenheim

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