F1 Fanatic round-up: 4/9/2010

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Here’s today’s round-up:


The Secret Life of Jarno Trulli (F1)

“I’m a bit afraid of flying because I feel like once they shut the door you’re a dead person, and when they open it again you’re alive.”

Comment of the day

Decisions about which drivers go where are often made by more practical considerations than how quick they are – here’s James’s take on who’ll end up partnering Robert Kubica next year:

It largely depends on money. There are rumours that Renault are interested in buying back the team from the Genii Capital Group. If this is the case, I would expect someone like Sutil, Kovalainen or Trulli to take the second seat.

If the above does not happen, then I would say that Petrov will retain his seat due to the amount of sponsership he attracts. However, I would say that Petrov has done enough to retain his seat just on merit. He’s had some solid drives this year despite making a couple of rookie mistakes, as well as a bit of bad luck. If I was Eric Boulier I would keep Petrov for next season. Consistency will help move this team forward. Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren are not changing and should benefit from this. Renault would be fools not to follow suit.

From the forum

Answer the same questions as Jarno Trulli here: The secret life of… you

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On this day in F1

Phil Hill scored his first F1 win at his 19th attempt on this day 50 years ago. He won from pole position at Monza and set fastest lap – he also set fastest lap on his first two visits to the circuit.

It was a popular win for Ferrari at their home track and Hill’s team mates Richie Ginther and Willy Mairesse filled the rest of the podium.

But although Hill would go on to win the world championship for Ferrari the following year, in the last race of 1960 he drove a Cooper, as Ferrari didn’t send a car for Hill’s home race at Sebring in America.

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25 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 4/9/2010”

  1. FIA are investigating Massa’s starting position at Spa, as he was over the line on the grid. However they won’t apply a penalty retrospectively so his position stands.

    Maybe a grid drop for Monza? I’m sure he’ll be disappointed with that at Ferrari’s home race.

    1. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention! You post stuff that’s already been posted… the day before! Numpty! :)

      1. Didn’t Webber overshoot at Bahrain? Nothing came of that either. Still the less said about Bahrain.

        1. I have read that on this site also. I suppose if they don’t penalise Webber, they can’t penalise Massa.

          1. Unless they missed Webber’s overshoot as well.

            If so, its interesting how, like at Fuji 2007, a fan-made video on YouTube can have a big impact.

            btw, I checked the video, and Legard definitely points out that Webber is over the line.

          2. Ed do you have a link to the webber video? I don’t have that race, otherwise I would upload that segment somewhere

  2. José Baudaier
    4th September 2010, 1:00

    Hey, tomorrow is my birthday :)

    1. Happy birthday for tomorrow buddy!

      I wish you the best!

    2. Sept 5th? Me too!

  3. Petrov may bring the cash, but a more reliable 2nd driver will bring home the WCC and the prize money you get with that and all the free marketing you get with winning.

  4. A “more reliable” 2nd driver won’t necessarily “bring home the WCC”

    1. No but a reliable 2nd driver of reasonable speed sure makes it easier.

    2. The teams get TV money distributed on the basis of the number of constructor points.

      So if Kubica scores 104 points and Petrov only 19, it’s obvious that Petrov is losing them a (significant) share of the TV money.

      1. This being one flaw in the Petrov brings in the moolah argument. The other being doesn’t Capri-Sun and I think another company both sponser Sutil? Maybe not as much as Petrov but certainly enough, an if he gets more points he’s more value huh?

        Petrovs money is a red herring in so many ways, a team with more points is a team with more money. The points arn’t representative argument is also rather diminished by the scale of his non scoring.

  5. ’tis true that a good second driver will win you the constructors’ title, take 2008, Mclaren provided a good enough car for Hamilton to win the title with, but Kovaleinen in an equal car, lagged behind allowing Ferrari’s equally good car to win the constructors’ because of two good drivers.

  6. James is misinformed, I believe. Petrov doesn’t attract many sponsors, actually. He works on credit now.

    1. Because fifteen million Euros from the Russian government doesn’t qualify as “many sponsors”?

      1. It’s not just that though, AvtoVAZ which owns Lada, who basically sponsor Petrov are equal partners in the Renault-Nissan alliance. So even if Renault buy back from Genii. Petrov will probably remain through boardroom politics

        1. The problem is that Russian companies deal sponsorship contracts with Renault, not Petrov himself. So, there is nothing guaranteed for Petrov.

      2. And where did you get information about “fifteen million Euros from the Russian government”? There are only talks. Putin is interested, though… Or so I heard. So, I guess, there WILL BE sponsors. But there aren’t right now.

    1. Sakon Yamamoto’s Super Aguri!!! That car is an absolute beauty with a great track record!

      I place a bid of $10.. $12 anyone?

    2. HRT’s attempts at getting money are becoming ever more ridiculous.

      1. Not sure if you are being sarcastic, but the car is being sold by a private party who purchased it a few years ago

    3. That sums up just how out of place Sakon is in F1, if an F1 car having had his name on it, is only worth $100,000…

      Todfod I’ll take your ten and raise you to $11.25…

      Is this AU? Because if it’s US then I’m out.

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