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As the FIA begin their inspection of the Korean International Circuit, Red Bull have revealed their simulation of what F1’s latest new venue should look like.

The simulation is a long way from the unfinished facility we saw footage of a few weeks ago. Will it all be ready on time – and how close will the reality be to the dream? Have a look at the video below.

The tarmac was laid at the circuit over the weekend and the FIA inspection is expected to finish tomorrow.

Here’s how Red Bull believe the track will look:

Compare that to the video shot at the circuit just over one month ago:

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    37 comments on “How Korea is supposed to look (Video)”

    1. You could also check out the track in the game F1 2010, the track seems nothing special.

      1. Personally I dont like the track on the game, it doesn’t flow. Shame really.

        1. I just won a race online at Korea then!

        2. I actually find the track does have a flow once you’ve run it a few times. The final sector reminds me of Montreal. Middle sector reminds me of Malaysia and Istanbul. First sector is again like Malaysia and Istanbul. All without elevation change though.

          Basically, off this map:

          Turns 18 – 4: Malaysia (Main straights of Malaysia)
          Turns 4 – 6: Istanbul (Think the final chicanes at Istanbul)
          Turns 6 – 8: Malaysia (Sweeping S of Malaysia)
          Turns 8 – 12: Istanbul (Like corners 4 – 6 of Istanbul)
          Turns 13 – 18: Just feels like Montreal, but not really a copy by any means.

        3. Yeah, me too. For me the best tracks are SUZUKA, spa, barca, turkey, canada. I hate Yas Marina, Bahrain and Silverstone ( New ). Others are Meh. I love tracks which have a nice flow and rhythm to them.

          BTW: try driving turkey in a long race with overcast clouds. BRILLIANT!

          1. EDIT: for me tracks which are built into their surroundings seem much better than tracks which are “grown” around the world. EVEN Monaco is better than Abu Dhabi. Yas Marina is THE worst circuit EVER!

            1. but this one is just weird and makes me think:
              1 It reminds me of a ridge racer track, totally soulless yet schizophrenically changing identity every quarter of a lap.
              2 How on earth will a city be sustainable in an area known for farming and little else?
              3 And even if a city was viable, how exactly would it work inside a permanent race track?

    2. Loving that Redbull video.
      Just need them to build the city part and complete everything else.

    3. they nearly crash into eachother in their own video too.. :\

      1. That front isn’t flexing nearly enough to be realistic.

    4. That video simulation looks great. If they are going to do these at all GPs next year that would be amazing.

      The harbour itself hasn’t even been dug out, so no boats there this year. And those imagined buildings are just wishfull thinking by the developer for now.

      But i would be willing to give the track a chance to prove itself.

      I got the feeling RBR used some footage imaged from the Turkey crash in it (Vettel spinning across the track), liked that.

    5. I love RBR’s opinion of Vettel’s driving!

      Apparently, he’s going to start 2nd, banzai into his team-mate at turn 1, run wide at turn 2 and have a massive spin at turn 4, whilst Webber sails serenely on towards the win!

      Maybe they’re rehearsing what Bernie’s got in the script for the next race…

      1. I think it shows they have a good sense of humor at least if they can poke fun at themselves like that.

    6. UneedAFinn2Win
      11th October 2010, 11:45

      I hate those fiddly bits in the middle, it’s what killed racing indy, abu dhabi, etc…

      lol, the cars were side by side most of the lap, that hasn’t happened since…since…ummm…

      I is sad panda now

    7. They’ll just have to race on the simulation rather than the real track, won’t they?

      1. HA! That would be funny if they set up 24 PS3s and plasmas and raced them all on F1 2010.

    8. This not very finished infrastrcuture may actually add to the surprise element in the height of the world title fight on this brand new track where all will be equal (except cars perfomance).

      1. A very good point. This would indeed be a important variable. Expect the true racers ( Vet, Ham, Kub, Alg, Kob, Hulk ) to shine. NO, this does not include any Ferrari drivers :P

        1. Thanks @John,
          but unlike you I bet ALO will deliver much better than VET.
          VET wins usually only when he starts from P1 and doesn’t need to overtake anybody and his car is comfortably the quickest. He doesn’t really compare to ALO.
          I believe Korea track suits top 3 teams approx equally well, so this could be really entertaining.

          1. I think RBR will lock out the front row again unless they screw up bad. At least half the circuit is tailor made for their car. McLaren’s only hope is gonna be to qualify close and use their superior straight line speed to overtake on the long straight in the first lap. If an RB6 can make it to the corners on the first lap it will walk away from the field.

          2. I was actually looking from the point of view of quali. No one really knows which vettel will be driving on Sunday. Vettel and Webber both really need to be in front to have any chance of winning any race. The same is not true for the other 3.

    9. Wow, this is a much more glossy version of the usual simulator previews they do before the race.

      I’m dying to hear the opinion of drivers about the track

    10. This CGI footage it’s amazing, it clearly illustrate the one and only way RBR can lose this championship.

      1. Another victory for Seb, and we will see some some of that masked hate on the race track between Mark and Seb. It would be great to see Fernando pull off a Kimi 2007 in Abu Dhabi.

    11. I dont know which is more horrible, track or that music in the second video!

      I especially like the serious preperations of drivers getting ready for a Sunday drive on an unfinished circuit.

      Still, if that many people turned up for that non-race, the grandstands will be packed full for the F1 race.

    12. Every time I see a simulation of Korea I get even more worried about how boring it will look. Until I think about how the track will be brand new and maybe produce another Montreal-style race. The layout remains too twisty, though.

    13. the high speed corners aren’t bad, actually..but the first sector is expendable

    14. The most virtual thing in this video is 5 overtaking/attempts between the Red Bull drivers and none crash.

    15. so that’s mean in the future, part of that circuit will be like a street circuit. is that so? after all the building in that city center is build and the city itself become alive in the future.

    16. Did Chandhok stall it at the end there?? Hah… Karun old boy.. he looked a little uneasy doing spins instead of doughnuts in the car.. Mind driving an HRT and a Red Bull, hardly the same thing.

    17. Have anyone notice how the blown diffuser seems to be much smaller in the video than in reality? Is Red Bull trying to trick us?

    18. The shape of the circuit resembles the one in Malaysis with turn 17 and 18 being a fast corner with 2 long straights. Red Bull may not be the fastest car here. This is just my assumption and how desperately I want it to be true. :)


      The BBC is reporting that this is the latest aerial image of the circuit – looks more like a subdivided housing estate than an F1 circuit

    20. Well, it’s certainly an ambitious project, that’s for sure.

      I just have to wonder … Abu Dhabi is run on a purpose-built island. South Korea is to be run through and around a purpose-built city. What’s Austin going to be built around?

      1. Just read that Bernie’s looking to get a Russian Grand Prix in Sochi – in 2014. Sochi hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics … if he can get the contract signed (apparently all he’s waiting on), then maybe we could have a race around the Olympic Park. After all, the Americans can build a circuit in two years, but it will take the Russians four? That’s an unusually long wait-time. I suspect Bernie wants to slip Hermann Tilke into the team that designs the Winter Games facilities.

      2. According to the organisers there is a trailer park on site – though I think they call it ‘recreational vehicle parking’.

        1. Great. Now you’ve put Duelling Banjos in my head.

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