Glock taken out (Virgin race review)

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Timo GlockLucas di Grassi
Qualifying position1922
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’40.748 (-1.577)1’42.325
Race position
Pit stops03

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Timo Glock

Happy with his qualifying effort after splitting the Lotus pair.

Was running 12th when he was taken out of the race by on out-of-control Sebastien Buemi at turn three:

This was a very disappointing race, especially after having been in a strong position to achieve a good result. The restart was okay and the track was starting to improve.

We had quite good pace in the first part of the race and were clearly the quickest of the new teams. It’s just a huge shame that we couldn’t finish the race and all because of the mistake made by Buemi. It just seemed that he was all over the place.
Timo Glock

Compare Timo Glock’s form against his team mate in 2010

Lucas di Grassi

Admitted he made a mistake in qualifying and didn’t get the best out of his soft tyres, leaving him 1.5s slower than Glock.

Crashed out on lap 26 trying to overtaking Sakon Yamamoto:

We had made the correct call by switching to the Intermediate tyre very early in the race and […] I went out trying to avoid a crash with Yamamoto, who was ahead of me but much slower.
Lucas di Grassi

Compare Lucas di Grassi’s form against his team mate in 2010

Jerome d’Ambrosio

Drove in the first practice session for the third weekend in a row, in place of di Grassi as usual.

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    7 comments on “Glock taken out (Virgin race review)”

    1. What a shame for Virgin. They had a very good chance of overtaking HRT in the constructors championship.

    2. Picture of the damage done to Glock’s car:

      1. I hope Buemi gets the invoice for that.

        1. Thats a nasty dent! Button knows how that feels, just on the other side..

      2. Ouch! Really was hoping to see Glock hang in there and get a point for Virgin. Oh well.

      3. That is actually quite a lot of damage! I didn’t expect that. But who else thinks Di Grassi is just too slow? I don’t think he deserves his seat next year, if I am brutally honest.

    3. Feels bad for Glock & the whole team.

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