Petrov crashes out (Renault race review)

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A heavy crash cost Vitaly Petrov a potential points finish.

Robert Kubica Vitaly Petrov
Qualifying position 8 20
Qualifying time comparison (Q2) 1’37.179 (-0.62) 1’37.799
Race position 5
Laps 55/55 39/55
Pit stops 1 1

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Robert Kubica

Looked set to spring a surprise in qualifying after topping the times in final practice. But he took eighth on the grid, saying he had too much oversteer.

Was passed by Michael Schumacher at the start and later by Nico Hulkenberg as he struggled for grip. But the car came to him in the later stages of the race and he finished fifth.

The first part was very tricky for me, because I had big problems warming up the tyres. I had no grip at all and couldn’t push – I was just concentrating on keeping the car on the track.

For the second half, though, I think it was very good. It was important to look after the intermediate tyres and keep them in as good shape as possible, to get the benefit in the final laps. That was when I managed to gain a lot of positions, which meant everything turned out pretty well in the end.
Robert Kubica

Compare Robert Kubica’s form against his team mate in 2010

Vitaly Petrov

Spun in Q2 leaving himself 15th, which became 20th on the grid following his penalty for the start-line crash in Suzuka.

Changed to intermediate tyres on lap 20 during the second safety car deployment, then worked his way up to seventh, passing the Sauber drivers and Timo Glock on his way.

But on lap 40 the back end of his Renault got away from him at turn 17 and he crashed heavily into the barriers:

I had stopped early for intermediate tyres on lap 20, so they were pretty worn by the time we started racing after the second Safety Car period.

I was still pushing to keep in front of the guys behind me, and I lost the car on the penultimate corner and had a big crash – but I’m okay.
Vitaly Petrov

Compare Vitaly Petrov’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    32 comments on “Petrov crashes out (Renault race review)”

    1. Renault should have pitted Petrov a second time. He would have lost track position, but at least he would have finished.

      1. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. Both Sauber drivers and Bruno Senna took on intermediates a lap before Petrov and made it to the end without a further change.

        1. According to Renault, Petrov’s tyres were pretty much bald by the time he crashed out. No doubt he’s harder on the tyres than the Saubers and Senna. It might have been wiser to keep the Russian on the wets for a little longer and then send him out on the inters later.

          1. petrov is clearly not a wet weather expert is he though!

            1. He’s an expert in crashing, though

    2. Why did Robert Kubica attempt to pull out of the pits into the path of a force india (again) while the lollipop was still down. Did anyone else notice this??

      1. UneedAFinn2Win
        25th October 2010, 11:52

        Yes, the lollipop man did an awesome job. Kubica started TWICE and the man didn’t flinch.(well, he did, but kept the lollipop down.)

        1. I swear I heard that lollipop hit the front of Kubi’s Renault.

          Lightening fast it was!

        2. Nothing against Kubica because i really like the bloke and think he’s brilliant, but he did comment saying he thought it was too dangerous to race and once again why did he pull away because the lollipop didnt move at all, unless the light on it changed colour??

      2. This. He was trying to pull away, but why? The lollipop was obviously still down.

      3. I think the lollipop guy raised the lollipop a bit, but then imediately put it back down when he saw the Force India come in. That’s why Kubica started.

        1. Yep. He hadn’t moved it completely, but wavered just enough that Kubica was ON IT! Just shows how fast his reflexes are, he can almost see into the future like a jedi!

          1. He sensed force… force india.

    3. Kubi 124 points, Pet 19 points. Renault have become the most expensive baby sitter on earth.

      1. Men – this is real problem. For last 5 races Kubica do not get any new parts for his car… why? Because Renault has to build new car for Petrov every 2 weeks .

        1. Well, the guys repairing the car are not the same guys building new parts

          Anyway, Renault did say some time ago that they abandoned development of R30 to concentrate on R31

          In my opinion, this is better, especially since the top 4 teams are straining themselves to upgrade this years’ car. Hopefully, this will mean that Renault will be able to produce a competitive car for next season.

    4. Kubica was nursing his tires in that race, thats why he passed both Williams at the end

    5. One of Kubica’s worse races this season. An undeserved fifth in my book. Petrov did quite well, but then, unsurprisingly, crashed. This time I won’t rip him apart for it, though!

      Regarding what was said in previous articles, when exactly did Kubica say that conditions were potentially dangerous and there should be no restart? Must have been after the race, because I remember asking myself during the SC period why there was no Renault or Mercedes team radio asking for conditions – I don’t remember falling asleep!

      1. The BBC commentators mentioned Kubica’s opinion of the conditions during the telecast. They must have heard something we couldn’t.

      2. Perhaps. But he did manage to conserve his tires well while most of the grid was struggling.

    6. At some point Renault must ask themselves…

      The kid brings in ‘X’ amount of dollars per year in sponsorship but damages ‘Y’ amount of dollars in equipment and ‘Z’ amount in lost constructors points,
      if Y+Z > X we need to cut him loose!

      It’s simple math really.

      1. Although he seems to be a bit of a sponsor magnet. Maybe his draw will snowball next year, bringing more and more Ruski sponsor $$.

        It depends what other options they have on the table, if they don’t have another Alonso or Hamilton in the wings, then it may be worth giving him another year. But no more than a year if he’s not up to decent points hall.

    7. I do feel for Petrov, he has got some huge potential. Doing a hell of a lot better than Piquet or Grosjean did last year. I’d hate to say but I think he will be without a drive next year for sure now, with Renault anyway.

      1. I don’t think Grosjean’s performance should be up for interpretation..but I do think Petrov is better than him and I really hope he keeps a seat for next year, even in a Lotus

    8. I know Petrov’s had his silly crashes when the track has been wet like in Spain but I generally think he’s pretty good in these sorts of conditions and I was really impressed with his comeback. He looked distraught after the crash and my heart really went out to him.

      1. Couldn’t have put it better, Steph! I was so upset watching him walk back to the pits like that… :( But I said this before somewhere; he is kind of like Kobayashi; he crashes a lot, but when he is around, you are guaranteed some action! I think he is genuinely quick to be honest.

    9. No one can say Petrov is reliant or fast or both. After nearly a full season in F1 he remains too much unreliable to be trusted. To me Renault considers him only because of his sponsors and politics.
      At least this is how it looks for him in Renault, perhaps he could do better in another team.
      He had some decent races – like in China or Hungary but how many other jobless drivers could do the same or even better?

    10. I dont think Petrov will stay with Renault, i think he will take the sponsorship to Virgin and partner Glock. As for his replacement…. apparently van der Garde has two SOLID offers from somewhere……?

      1. If Petrov isn’t re-signed though I would think Glock would be the first pick to take the seat at Renault.

    11. Petrov’s crash was a very hard one!.

      Im sad he hasn’t improved yet. But Renault could well be ahead of Mercedes by now and they are far far away.

      Imagine a driver not as fast as Kubica but consistent enought to pick up points when Kubica doesn’t. Imagine Heidfeld running 6th or something at Suzuka for example. Not up to 2nd, but somewhere close.

      Renault can’t wait long enough to see Petrov finally improve.

      1. Indeed. Also, Kubica was complaining that he had to do all the setup and car development work on his own. If he had a proper driver next to him, Kubica himself could actually even perform better.

        If Renault (Genii Capital) truly dreams of being a top team they need to switch to a two car team.

    12. Petrov is making the team’s decision over him more easy whether they will continue with him in the future.

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