Mercedes simulator makes Schumacher unwell

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Force India say they will make an announcement about their driver line-up at 3pm (GMT) today. The team is expected to promote Paul di Resta to partner Adrian Sutil.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Michael Schumacher hit by illness in Mercedes simulator (BBC)

“Throughout his career, Michael from time to time has been susceptible to simulator sickness. It hasn’t adversely affected Michael’s race preparation or competitiveness with regard to his team-mate.”

South Africa to bid for F1 grand prix from 2013 (Reuters)

“South Africa is bidding to host a Formula One Grand Prix in Cape Town from 2013, which would be the country’s first in nearly 20 years.”

Toro Rosso on Twitter

“Jaime was in the factory today for his seat fitting in STR6. As you can clearly see, he is either giving it the thumbs-up, or trying out our latest invisible steering wheel, with KERS button.”

Note the Monza 2008 podium sign in the background and, on the car, signs of a heavily undercut air intake on the new STR6.

Via the Live Twitter app

Symonds: F1 overtaking research key (Autosport)

“If we are going to improve overtaking then we need to know what our target is – and if our target is to have half as much again as we have now, then sure we can work on it. If it is three times as much, we can work on it. We need a target, we need to dispel some of the myths – and we need to put some money into it to research it.”

Force India on Twitter

Force India F1 Racing Team 2011 Drivers Announcement… catch the LIVE updates on Twitter at 8.30PM IST/3PM GMT! Mark your clocks!”

Via the Live Twitter app

Shanghai International works to cure sinking feeling (Crash)

“The circuit’s head of engineering, Sun Liang, gave another explanation for the problems, citing the use of ‘complex materials’ to artificially elevate sections of the circuit, which was built on reclaimed swampland. ‘Because some parts of the circuit are on the ground while some parts are not, as time goes by it’s normal for some subsidence,” he noted, ‘What we will do is repave the asphalt on the three corners as we don’t have to repave the whole circuit at all.'”

ScarbsF1 on Twitter

“Lotus Renault GP R31, Le Figaro have released this picture apparently of the new car, note the clever mirror mounts, sidepod inlets and Helmets”

Beneath the Hype of F1 Austin: Part 1 and Part 2 (Austin Post)

“In my opinion the roads that immediately surround the F1 site are inadequate for the demands of a major racing series. I cannot cite any studies, but I have been to racing events in six countries and more than 25 locations in the US. I have driven around the site, looked at the existing roads, and I recognize that the road infrastructure is inadequate. It barely satisfies the current daily demands. Improvements are needed and the Commissioner’s Court has some demands.”

Christian Horner Fan Club

It had to happen…

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Comment of the day

What did yesterday’s look at the adjustable rear wing rules tell us? Robert McKay offers an interpretation:

It does highlight a potential flaw in the thinking. For example there were loads of ARW opportunities in Canada because there was already lots of close racing and overtaking. Canada last year was one of the races we really didn’t need ARW overtaking help. But Bahrain, where we really did need help, had the third fewest possibilities for ARW overtaking.

So on that basis the ARW is the wrong way round – doesn’t help the races you need it in and probably overdoes the races you don’t.
Robert McKay

From the forum

Lucasowen85 asks what’s going to happen to the European Grand Prix?

F1 Fanatic Google Calendar

Yesterday’s announcement by HRT that their F111 should make its first appearance in the Bahrain test means we now know when all of the new 2011 F1 cars should be revealed.

As usual you can find all these dates on the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar. Details of which drivers will be in action at each of the tests are also being added, and of course all the 2011 F1 race dates are in there too.

You can subscribe to the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar in a range of different formats to suit, many of which are supported by mobile devices.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthdays to Stealthman and Weasel Chops!

On this day in F1

And happy birthday also to Sauber’s new driver for 2011 Sergio Perez. He’s 21 today.

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45 comments on “Mercedes simulator makes Schumacher unwell”

  1. As long as Schumi doesn’t barf in the cockpit like Webber he’ll be fine. Very strange though.

  2. Here’s an idea for a circuit in Cape Town. I imagine that chicane at the top of the circuit would be like the East Terrace at the old Adelaide circuit:

    Or, alternatively, this:

    But I like the first one better.

    I should get into the circuit design game.

    1. Accounting probably isn’t the best approach to that aspiration sunshine.

      1. I’m only doing accounting because it’s a compulsory subject for my degree. I’m an English and business studies teacher, princess.

        1. Calm down internet warrior, it was all meant in good nature. Either or not really a path to circuit design.

          1. it was all meant in good nature.

            Be very careful about that. Appearances can differ from intentions. Calling someone an “internet warrior” is not something that most people would take in good nature.

          2. Well its clearly obvious from the above comments that the first comment was meant in good nature. Second comment, perhaps not as much.

            Be careful? Just curious, what are the implications for such a comment?

          3. Careful Hamish, he’ll back trace you and report you to the cyber police.

          4. Haha, my thoughts exactly

    2. Prisoner Monkeys.. that’s an odd name. Good link you’ve found, but I gotta say I like number two better. I see the S bends looking a bit like silverstone on a street circuit, with overtaking available at the end of the straight. Just my opinion anyways

      1. Good link you’ve found

        I didn’t find it. The G-Maps Pedometer lets you plot paths along city streets. You can use it to find directions, work out routes for exercise, or use it to create racing circuits. I used it for the latter purpose to make both of those.

    3. I’ve found this on the Net. This should be the official proposed circuit layout:

      It’d be exciting to see cars going through the stadium if that’s gonna happen.

    4. Would never up – too many fast corners and an interesting layout. Learn to love the constant radius 90 degrees – seek inspiration from the classic tracks like Aboo Sleepy or Sleephir and maybe you will have a future in track design.

  3. I thought it was common knowledge that Schumi suffered from this sickness. Its why he amassed such a vast amount of track time at Ferrari.

  4. Even now, two and a half years on, I can still barely comprehend that Toro Rosso won a Grand Prix! Their existence has basically been five years of lower midfield mediocrity with the exception of those glorious few months in the second half of 2008 where all of a sudden they were contenders. Extrodinary

    1. That was a unique set of circumstances though… They were using what was essentially an RB4 sporting a Ferrari engine, wet conditions, as well as a very capable driver… Not quite the same set of circumstances as Panis winning in Monaco in 96, but equally as improbable IMO.

  5. Having seen Jaime’s chin I might bet on big things for him, he’s not quite got the full Coulthard or Webber but he’s well on the way.

    Also either that Renault’s a (1/3rd?) scale wind tunnel model or someone at Enstone needs to re-read the 2011 regs sharpish :D

    Interesting to see 2 bits of 2011 though, roll on Friday!

    1. Agreed. This keeps the fiends happy.

      1. yep…. the shakes and cold sweats are getting unbearable

    2. Or they have the world’s biggest mechanic working in Enstone…

  6. Schumacher also dislikes air-conditioning. Thought you’d all like to know that. :)

    1. Ha funny you should say that. Read Sid Watkins book and you’ll get what I mean

  7. In the past Schumacher wasn’t used too much simulator, as always he relied on track testing.& those I wonder whether drivers used too much simulator, I just hope this don’t effect his preparation for the season.

    Good news for us that SA is making a bid.Things remains to see as many GP will be added to the calender Bernie may axe some classic race track as if he don’t then he may end up with 23 GP by 2013 with Russia, USA & SA wants to join.

  8. some people will feel nauseous and sick when staring or playing computer games with fast moving graphics, color and camera ; I forgot what that sickness name is..

    I guess that’s what M.schumacher problem is; especially at his age and have to staring at fast moving simulator graphics.. that dude need a real on track testing :D

    1. I sometimes get motion sickness when travelling in cars depending on the circumstances such as the driver etc. But I have also got motion sickness when I tried playing a first person shooter computer game, I think it was Quake, but it happened on all of the few occasions I tried playing the game.

  9. Next time I get motion sickness I’ll comfort myself with the fact that it happens even to Michael Schumacher!

  10. The BBC have been a bit slow with that story as one of their own commentators (Brundle I think) mentioned it back at Valencia last year.

    1. I heard it from Anthony Davidson.

      1. I think I picked it up from him as well. Seems this is one of the reasons for getting a new simulator done by Mercedes.

  11. This argument does not work:

    I cannot cite any studies, but I have been to racing events in six countries and more than 25 locations in the US.

    Ok, so dont think people will listen to you…

    1. Why doesn’t it work? Having visited races in 6 different countries including the US, that means over 30 in total.

  12. That Christian Horner fan club is freaky. Those girls come across as massive perverts. Almost as bad as Sky Sports presenters. :D

    1. McLarenFanJamm
      26th January 2011, 11:50

      that’s my comment of the day

    2. God forbid we have girls behaving the same way as men do. The Christian Horner fan club is hilarious and satirical. To claim those girls as perverts when it is apparent by the way they write, that although they like the man, that they have a solid hold on reality whilst still laughing, shows your inability to have a good laugh. That club is one of the best around. Those girls are so funny and they are global and blend together so well and tease the crap out of each other, I for one love them and think they are great.

  13. I don’t think the comment of the day is correct.

    In Bahrain there is no overtaking possible anyway. So why bother driving within 1 second of your opponent?

    The standard distance for “holding station” is about 2 to 3 seconds. That’s the distance they will hold if there is no chance of overtaking anyway.

    So obviously on tracks where overtaking is possible they will be closer more often and thus more ARW events.

    Now if the wing will allow overtaking, drivers will creep up closer to their opponents much more often.

    1. Nah, don’t agree they would get closer if they could but they can’t.
      They aren’t going to get within 1.5s and then think this isn’t going to work and not bother,(how do they know they can’t overtake without trying) they will try and then after that they might sit back when they realise its pointless.

      1. PS I totally agree with COTD.

        1. You would really start hounding another driver if you had no hope of overtaking anyway? Risking damaging your tyres, overheating your car, crashing out etc etc.

          More importantly, you think that F1 drivers would be of the same mindset?

    2. That’s an important point you highlight Patrick.

      Also, drivers were backing away because of overheating issues and the lack of knowledge of a fuel weights (using up fuel by slipstreaming).

      I do think that Keith’s analysis whilst interesting is not a true enough picture of which tracks will suit the ARW.

  14. Loving the Horner website…

    “He sounds like Jack Dee with a cold”

    important hard hitting facts, and true!

  15. I don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere and I have missed it, but when I leave a comment the box at the bottom to tick if I would like follow-ups e-mailed to me has gone.

    I realize this will be connected to the recent work done on the site but was just wondering if it was permanent or not.

  16. Good interview with ‘Senna´s authors:

  17. Rumour has it, Mercedes simulator simulates Barrichello as faster than Michael this year… Maybe the two are connected?

    1. Is Alonso faster than Massa?

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