2011 F1 testing day 10: Barcelona

2011 F1 testing

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As we head into the third day of the Barcelona test most of the teams are changing their driver line-up.

Lewis Hamilton is in at McLaren, Felipe Massa is back at Ferrari and Mark Webber takes over in the RB7.

Details on today’s test below.


The following drivers will be participating in today’s test:

TeamCarSunday 20th
Red BullRB7Mark Webber
McLarenMP4-26Lewis Hamilton
FerrariF150th ItaliaFelipe Massa
MercedesW02Nico Rosberg
RenaultR31Vitaly Petrov
WilliamsFW33Pastor Maldonado
Force IndiaVJM04Adrian Sutil
SauberC30Sergio Perez
Toro RossoSTR6Sebastien Buemi / Daniel Ricciardo
LotusT128Jarno Trulli
HRTF110Giorgio Mondini / Narain Karthikeyan
VirginMVR-02Timo Glock

Best times so far at this test

1Red BullSebastian Vettel1’23.315
2Toro RossoJaime Alguersuari1’23.5190.204
3FerrariFernando Alonso1’23.9780.663
4WilliamsRubens Barrichello1’24.0080.693
5RenaultNick Heidfeld1’24.2420.927
6SauberKamui Kobayashi1’24.2430.928
7MercedesNico Rosberg1’24.7301.415
8McLarenJenson Button1’24.9231.608
9Force IndiaPaul di Resta1’25.1941.879
10LotusHeikki Kovalainen1’26.4213.106
11VirginTimo Glock1’27.2423.927

2010 best times

These are the best times for each team from last year’s pre-season test at the Circuit de Catalunya:

DriverCarBest time
Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes MP4-251’20.472
Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault RB61’20.496
Felipe MassaFerrari F101’20.539
Nico H???lkenbergWilliams-Cosworth FW321’20.614
Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes VJM031’20.667
Nico RosbergMercedes W011’20.686
Kamui KobayashiBMW Sauber-Ferrari C291’20.911
Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari STR51’21.413
Vitaly PetrovRenault R301’22.523
Jarno TrulliLotus-Cosworth T1271’25.059
Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth VR-011’25.942


Today’s test is at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain:

Direction: Clockwise
Length: 4.655km
Fastest lap (all-time): 1’18.483 (Fernando Alonso, Renault, 2008)

Following the test live

Williams are providing live times from the test on their website here:

If you find any other good sources for live times, please post them in the comments.

You can follow live updates from F1 Fanatic and others at the Circuit de Catalunya using the Live F1 Twitter app (no Twitter account needed):

2011 F1 testing

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46 comments on “2011 F1 testing day 10: Barcelona”

  1. Umm keith you might want to change the driver for the virgin i dont think its jarno trulli

    1. Yeah.. he’s gonna be busy driving for Lotus and for Virgin on the same day :P They probably have him making the tea as well in both camps ;)

      1. … and wrenching on the cars. Pit stop: 1) pull into spot 2) jack front end up 3) jack rear 4) remove all 4 wheels 5) place new wheels 6) drop rear 7) drop front 8) check to see if nose needs to be replaced 9) move lollipop 10) get back in car 11) buckle seatbelt and go! Jarno’s gonna have a hard time making a sub 4 second pitstop.

        1. Weird, my 8 with ) turned into sunglasses…

          1. Lol, keep smiling sunshine!

  2. Wow, the best time (o far) is three seconds off Hamilton’s 2010 lap …

    1. That is pretty significant, how much time does the extra 20kg over last year add? (probably not as much as taking away the double diffuser.

      1. But hey, Lotus are only 1.4 seconds of their fastest time. And that too without Kovy getting a quick run!

  3. Go webber

  4. It must be wet because they are all lapping in the 1.40’s

    1. It is wet, they’re running on inters

  5. BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: “More bad news for McLaren. The car has an as-yet-unspecified technical problem. A hydraulics failure deprived Jenson Button of a lot of running yesterday and now it’s Lewis Hamilton’s turn to suffer lost track time through unreliability. It’s going to take at least a couple of hours to fix; the team hope to have the car running after lunch.”

    Wow, so its slow and un-reliable. I think I give up on Mclaren and F1, they just disappoint and depress me year after year!

    1. Considering that Hamilton won the 2008 championship – they still disappoint you year after year?

      1. well obviously im just being negative to accentuate the fact that getting it wrong three years in a row is unacceptable from a supposedly ‘top’ team. It realy does make me question whether they actually know what they’re doing, they come across like a bunch of amateurs!! To me it seems completely ridiculous that they could not realise this was a poor aerodynamical chassis at an early stage.With all their resources and what not!

        1. Having reliability problems doesn’t mean the chassis is poor aerodynamically.
          Yes the little running is a problem and might resold on them starting behind a few teams but that doesn’t mean it will be the fault of the initial design.
          They could be a second slower than Ferrari in the first race not because their original design was worse than Ferrari’s but because they didn’t test it well enough to get it running properly and develop it.

        2. I’m sorry but how on earth are you qualified to make a comment like that?

          Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, the devil is in the detail, tiny changes make all the difference.
          Mclaren are an unbelievably experienced team, to state ‘they come across like a bunch of amateurs’ is frankly ridiculous.
          I completed a degree in motosport engineering and gained significant experience in building single seat racers, i count myself to have a pretty good knowledge, yet i still marvel at the technical know how in these teams, before you go shooting your mouth off again i suggest you think again as to what the reply would be if you said that to an engineer who works at Mclaren.

  6. This is a pretty cool live timing tool. Shows graphically who is on track and running where”

    1. Good link thanks :)

  7. Hamilton goes quickest

    1. Seems like Hamilton is getting the mclaren 2011 challenger to work at last…he has just topped the timings from the morning sessions while on slicks..

      1. Really nothing to talk about on a drying track

      2. Look at Rosberg :(,awful slow laps. Lets hope Michael will be better tomorrow,as Nico seems not to be getting on with the new Mercedes at all.

        1. It’s just testing. Maybe he has a tank full of fuel?

          Too much emphasis on here placed on doing the fastest times. It means nothing in testing.

        2. I’m not sure either of them are.

          1. It is possible to deduce something meaningful from runs done over a distance, particularly if it is a race simulation.

          2. I meant drivers getting on with the Merc

  8. Most impressive car to me so far, in testing, has been the Torro Rosso! Very consistent fast runs.

  9. Hamilton 3rd fastest of the test. 1:23.9

    1. Yes, and the conditions are not as good as yesterday. Any rubber build up was washed away overnight with rain.

    2. Lookes like Hamilton has woken the mclaren 2011 challenger up from the worrying slumber last few days…he is soon bettering Vettels best test timey esterday at this rate …

      1. More interesting, and of more significance, is Webber’s race simulation run.

        1. why?i think we already know the redbull pace is unmatched so far …but mclaren have been in the woods until today?

          1. What fuel is Hamilton carrying onboard? What tyres does he have on?

      2. He’s only doing 5 lap runs.

        1. No, only 3 laps runs for his two 1:23 laps

          1. Which is why fast times are meaningless. It’s what you do over a number of laps that matters, and currently only Button has been doing around 15 lap runs for McLaren.

        2. by the way can anyone tell me how they arrange to test each car for each driver? do they use one car as a bench mark to test each day or does each driver use the car he will eventuaslly drive in the main races to test? what i want to know is that is for instance the car Hamilton or weber are driving today the same cars Button and Vettel used in yesterdays test?

        3. Totally agree VXR. I tend not to taken any notice of any times in less than a 10 lap run. I reckon the top three team can all do a 1:22.x anyway.
          I’m under the impression Hamilton is on the softs and not super softs.

  10. Looks like we are still not seeing much in the range of competative driving. Those few faster laps were not really fast, and the fastest lap quite a while back now.

  11. Hamilton

    66 — 1:29.325 — +5.467
    67 — 1:30.118 — +0.793
    68 — 1:28.938 — -1.18
    69 — 1:30.097 — +1.159
    70 — 1:30.591 — +0.494
    71 — 1:30.657 — +0.066
    72 — 1:31.422 — +0.765
    73 — 1:32.587 — +1.165
    74 — 1:34.494 — +1.907

    Ouch, have those tyres gone off?

    1. No surprise, he pits.

      1. That should have been an 18 lap run!

  12. Webber

    115 — 1:24.995 — -8.254
    116 — 1:28.324 — +3.329
    117 — 1:29.115 — +0.791
    118 — 1:28.402 — -0.713
    119 — 1:28.341 — -0.061
    120 — 1:28.375 — +0.034
    121 — 1:29.036 — +0.661
    122 — 1:28.564 — -0.472
    123 — 1:29.046 — +0.482

    That looks nice.

    1. how did he do 24.9 on the same run where average was 28.5?

      1. Tyre degrades heavily after first lap.

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