Sergio Perez drives Sauber in front of fans in Mexico

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Sergio Perez entertained over 150,000 fans in his home city of Guadalajara with a demonstration run in his Sauber.

Perez said: “This was one of the best days of my life.

“It was a great, great experience. I have never experienced something like this before with so many people cheering me.

“I’m proud to be Mexican, and I’m proud to receive all this support. It is a big boost for me ahead of the new season."

The Mexican drove a 2010-spec Sauber C29 in the team’s current livery.

The car also featured some extra sponsors’ logos on the car specially for this event.

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29 comments on “Sergio Perez drives Sauber in front of fans in Mexico”

  1. every single time I see this livery the words ‘fridge magnets’ pop in my mind, accompanied by an image of a 12-gauge shotgun equipped with Claro, Telmex and Telcel pellets

    1. Agreeed. I love Kamui, respect Sauber, but holy moly, why do they have to make their engineering artisty so butt-ugly

    2. Pretty much.

    3. There are a couple of new logos on there as well aren’t there? I didn’t spot the NEC logo at the launch.

      1. Seems there were some one off logos there. I wonder, weather some of these companies are into that Sauber exlusive club scheme.

        Anyone got a clue whos logo it is on the sidepods?

      2. All this logos make me feel happy for them! The bad times are over! Just one year ago it looked difficult that Peter Sauber was going to be able to keep the team together without selling or closing it!

  2. I do love how there seems to a a point and shoot type camera, masking taped onto the side of the engine cover.

    1. It’s a go pro HD camcorder. You see them mounted to cars all the time. Usually not with tape though.

  3. teams should be obligated to do this from time to time. When Red Bull (and DC) came to Argentina, the crowd was ENORMOUS!. Everyone loves the sound of an F1 engine going almost flat out on the streets. The buldings create some sort of “sound surround” too, it’s amaizing!

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      26th February 2011, 23:59

      Absolutely agee.
      Any team, any sponsor, any city.
      It’s within the power of any sponsor to electrify the inhabitants with the scream of F1 car that covers your office locale at roughly five times the speed of a delivery truck, and to reap the appropriate corporate kudos. And you just know that the city authorities will oblige for something as spectacular as that.
      Just do it.

    2. Definitely! It is good to see that more and more teams seem to realize this, what better way to give your sponsors coverage close to their preferred audience.

  4. I forgot about this guy.

    1. Haha, to be honest, same here. I do tend to have a blind spot for most rookies when they enter F1, I forget what they look like half the time!

      1. I do that too, I thought… wait, is he driving for Virgin?

  5. Sauber is a team that won’t struggle about money in the future all they need is to put everything in the right place.

  6. What’s with the Darth Vader with bug antennae on the sidepod?

    1. mmmm…are you talking about the pit babe?

    2. Got me wondering as well. No clue, maybe some Mexicans to tip us off?

      1. Oh, that is a logo from a Cement company “Apasco”, Related to one of the biggest companies in the World: “CEMEX”

        1. As a matter of fact APASCO logo showed in the car is a mexican subsidiary of HOLCIM which is a swiss construction material company

        2. Thanks Mac v2 and Checo!

  7. would you rather see a race in bahrain, or a race in downtown mexico city? i know which i would pick.

  8. argentina and mexico have a big history in f1. Both deserve a gp more than many other countries. I hope in the future they come back into the regular season schedule.

    1. From the crowd in his home town, I think the USGP can look forward to a big busload of Mexican fans.

      Having one in Mexico and Argentina should be really on the books. Maybe in the GP pooling idea Prisoner Monkeys proposed. One year have Mexico, then Argentina, possibly one could give Interlagos a year off to improve facilities. It would have to be somewhere in the fall for these GPs.

  9. have you guy ever notice, team with a bad financial situation always have tons of small sponsor decal on their car, for example, minardi, midland, prost, forti etc etc.

  10. i was there. took some shorts vids and pics. ill post them tomorrow

    1. shh shhh.

      post them!

  11. Infinitum? Does Sauber also has changed engines?

  12. Instead of all those burnouts i would have gone flat out down the straight, show the speed! did he ever get out of first gear! The Car was just screaming on the limiter for the whole demonstation, would have loved to have seen a simulated race start up to around 150mph, beaut. Ah no wait i forget, safety. Sack that just bomb it man!

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