New rear wing and diffuser for Williams

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Istanbul, 2011

Williams will continue their efforts to get the FW33 on the pace by introducing upgrades to the rear wing and diffuser at this weekend’s race.

Technical director Sam Michael said: “Since the Turkish Grand Prix, we have been working on our new rear wings that we ran in practice at Istanbul Park and we will have them on both cars again in Barcelona.

“In addition to that we’ll have new exhaust blown diffusers to test.”

Williams are one of four teams yet to score a point in 2011, the others being Lotus, HRT and Virgin.

Michael added: “Barcelona is a circuit that demands good aero efficiency. It isn’t a track that is hard on brakes and with its long high speed corners, the aero efficiency of the cars can be the biggest performance differentiator.

“The circuit layout hasn’t been favourable for overtaking in the past – however with the tyre degradation and the moveable rear wing it will likely be different this year.”

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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    12 comments on “New rear wing and diffuser for Williams”

    1. Lets see what they bring. I hope the Williams are withing a fighting chance of Q3 qualifying and at least some points in the race.

      1. Same here, It’s really sad to see them so far back, granted they have had a bit of bad luck, but they just don’t need this sort of bad pr.

      2. Same here, I have always liked Williams and it is sad to see them almost falling into the clutches of Team Lotus. That pole in Brazil with Hulkenburg must feel so long ago for the team now…

      3. I don’t care particularly about them, but their situation is dramatic and I am awarw of the importance they have in Formula 1, therefore I hope they can improve, and fight with the midfield.

    2. I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on them then! Thing can’t get much worse for them really at the moment.

      1. Megawatt Herring
        16th May 2011, 13:35

        Don’t say that, for the love of god don’t say that!

      2. Yeah, just look what happened to Virgin with the latest (failed) upgrades at Turkey :P

    3. Tells you how far behind they are, and also how unbelievably bad maldonado is…

      1. That’s not strictly true. The whole team is under scrutiny at the moment and that feeds right into the cockpit.

        1. Exactly, you cant do well in a car that isnt handling well.

          I still think its going to work out to be a good car.

          I’m not sure I’ll quite stick by my prediction that Williams will win a race this year.

          I still wish they’d retained Hulk instead of Rubens,

    4. Pastor could find himself the forgotten man in F1 this season very quickly if he doesn’t start doing something useful. Not quite on treacherous ground yet but it cant go on for too long – though the Venezuelan governmant might disagree with me.

    5. We have to wait & see what happens,I do wonder how much of that will help if they can’t qualify in the top 10.

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