Rosberg hungry for success with Mercedes

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In the round-up: Nico Rosberg says he’s “pushing hard” to score his first F1 win.


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Rosberg committed, wants winning car (Autosport)

“I am a racing driver – and above all I would like to win races. I wouldn’t say I am impatient for it, but I hope that it will come soon – and that is why I am pushing hard at the moment. As always.”

Adrian has designs on more glory (The Sun)

“I have two drawing boards – one at home and one at the factory. I sometimes wake up at 3am with a stupid idea. I used to get up and sketch it. I now think if it is good enough to be sketching at 3am in the morning, it is good enough to remember in the morning so I go back to sleep.”

Vijay Mallya: "Things are going in the right direction" (Force India)

“I still say Montreal was points thrown away, but I guess in those conditions one just has to accept that’s racing. It’s a lot tougher this year, a lot more competitive than it was last year, so we’ve got to be on top of our game.”

Canada F1 race video

Official highlights video from FOM.

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Comment of the day

Can anyone help Laura with this question on the Hungarian Grand Prix? Post your answer here.

I’m thinking to to surprise my boyfriend with F1 tickets for the Hungaroring. Can anyone suggest which seats give the best/most exciting view of the race? Many thanks.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Avegaille!

On this day in F1

Giancarlo Baghetti became the first and, so far, only* driver to win his first world championship race on this day 50 years ago.

He pipped the Porsches of Dan Gurney and Jo Bonnier in the French Grand Prix at Reims.

Read more about his remarkable win here:

Here’s some footage of the race:

*Apart from Giuseppe Farina, who won the first ever world championship race.

Image © Mercedes

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30 comments on “Rosberg hungry for success with Mercedes”

  1. Although Di Resta has impressed me this year overall I have found Force India to be somewhat disappointing. They seem to have just stagnated in the midfield dropping behind Sauber and Torro Rosso this year.

    Rosberg has really impressed me. I always thought he was a good driver but he really has been fast and consistent. A Mercedes capable of winning races would be great to see. Then again a Ferrari or a Mclaren capable of winning races regularly would be great too. If Webber does decide to leave F1, which I’m not sure he will, Rosberg seems like he would be a good partner for Vettel.

    On another note Laura is officially an awesome girlfriend.

    1. tbh I’d much rather see Ferrari and Mclaren having an epic championship scrap than red bull. Red bull has no history in F1, seeing a drinks company F1 teams dominsate a season isn’t very attractive to me. well done to them though.

      1. Red bull has no history in F1

        I believe that they ‘re in the process of creating it…

        1. yeah In 10 years time I won’t mind seeing them challenge for championships. just now I’d rather not! it’s a process of course, I understand :)

          1. Sush Meerkat
            2nd July 2011, 8:17

            Sato, poor old Red Bull, they should be applauded for their achievements, you sounded a bit like Kanye West there “sorry Red Bull but Imma let you finish!, Ferrari had the greatest F1 history of all time, OF ALL TIME!”

            They might not have the F1 history but neither did Project 4, and look at what happened to that little outfit after a short space of time.

            Personally I love the little teams, HRT, Team Lotus and Virgin, don’t listen to mean old man Sato, we love you!

    2. Force India are becoming Mercedes Toro Rosso.

      1. LOL, would be fun if they had a race win for Hulk (for the parallel of having his first races in a different team) next year then, before he ends up at Mercedes!

    3. Agree on all accounts!

    4. I feel FI are more of a mid season team. If you look at their past years, they hardly ever started great, then did OK, solidly or great mid season, before slumping back a bit.
      This year looks like its about the same.

      That might be due to the tracks, or maybe they don’t have the best car, then learn (from others or just setup) and improve a bit and stop development late season.

  2. looooooooooool
    Ice-swearing-T appears at the start of the race edit

  3. I need to find a Laura like GF.

    1. I think we all do! Imagine having your girlfriend pestering you to watch F1… Heaven. :)

    2. my gf got me tickets to last year Montreal GP… insisted I pay this year

    3. Likewise, preferably short and with a good taste in music too :)

  4. I’m thinking to to surprise my boyfriend with F1 tickets for the Hungaroring. Can anyone suggest which seats give the best/most exciting view of the race? Many thanks.

    The couch?

    1. Was thinking the same, but couldn’t stoop to that level.

    2. Yeh, no offence and everything but classic Hungarian races are few and far between.

      Unless you live in that region, in which case, at Turn 1 is the most obvious choice, or at the back of the straight so you can see through binoculars the cars darting downwards and sideways as they go through Turn 1.

      1. The nice thing about the Hungaroring is, you can see a large deal of it from a lot of places around the circuit. I agree Turn 1 is a good choise.

  5. Thank you for the greeting Keith!

    1. Sush Meerkat
      2nd July 2011, 8:20


      I got you a tiger lamborghini hybrid, so you can be ecological and [i]awesome[/i]

    2. A bit late, but happy birthday to you!

  6. If this season goes with no victory for Mercedes – and it’s hardly to think it will happen – then I see Mercedes GP team without Nico next year. Maybe he’ll go to Ferrari to replace Felipe. Nico deserves a decent car.

    1. I agree that he deserves a race-winning car, but I’d hate to see him at Ferrari!

    2. Such a shame for Mercedes. They’re going back to their BAR levels of competitiveness. :(

    3. If Mercedes goes without a victory this season or they finish behind Renault in the constructors (doubtful, but stranger things have happened), then I see a 2012 without Mercedes GP.

      At the very least, I think they will be under the gun in 2012. It’s tough to see Mercedes willing to keep running a team that does not win.

      1. However, they also supply engines to Mac and Force India, so their involvement goes beyond Merc GP. I think they are ‘just’ a chassis away from doing better in F1, but the top 3 teams are hard to beat…such is the challenge of F1, and it is just as much about the journey…ie.I don’t see Merc as the giving-up type.

        I think NR would be a blast to watch in a top level car, and while I sure appreciate how he has dealt with having MS as a teammate, as in, very well, I also think NR has everything to prove in terms of his ability to handle pressure when it is at it’s greatest. We haven’t seen him under those circumstances but I think it would be great to see and he deserves the chance in a win-capable car to battle for wins and a WDC.

  7. Interesting choice of Grand Prix from the 60’s. Those Ferrari Dino 156 were 1500cc V6’s. All they would need is a turbo . . .

    1. It does make you wonder how relevant the 80’s turbo engines are for the 2014 engines. Would this be a benefit for Ferrari and Renault because they raced turbos for 10 years or so in the eighties. Although probably not that much, since now we got turbos for fuel economy, back then they were for raw power.

      1. It’s not impossible that they could bring out the old engine, give it a slight overbore. a smaller turbocharger and the latest EFI and win the championship in 2014 while everybody else is ironing out the problems of their new engines.

        Reality check, nowadays they can run every race of the season over and over again on the bench, so the new engines should be reliable from day one.

        1. But it would be fun if they did start with the plans from that time, or even run one of them for Bernie to see its not that bad for sound!

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