Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes W196s, Nurburgring, 2011

Schumacher and Rosberg drive Mercedes’ last F1 race winner

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Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg each sampled a Mercedes W196 at the Nurburgring Nordschleife during the German Grand Prix weekend.

The W196 was the last race-winning Mercedes. Juan Manuel Fangio scored victory at the wheel of one in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 1955.

After that, Mercedes withdrew from the sport, and did not return as a full constructor until last year.

See here for pictures of Schumacher and Rosberg driving the W196: 2011 German Grand Prix Thursday pictures.

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28 comments on “Schumacher and Rosberg drive Mercedes’ last F1 race winner”

  1. It’s a pity they’ve got no race winning car at the moment.

    1. They have got a race winning car, they happen to be driving it in the above video.

  2. HounslowBusGarage
    8th September 2011, 8:46

    I loathe the slo-mo walk towards the camera!
    At 3′ 28″ the W196 is on the right hand side and there’s another car coming the opposite direction away to the left. Were they on a public road?

    1. The car coming in the opposite direction is Schumacher in the other Mercedes. Looks like they had the Nordschleife’s long straight closed for filming.

  3. It must be a great perk to driving for a team like Mercedes or Ferrari with some heritage to get to drive a legendary car like the W196, even if you don’t get to drive a race winning car every weekend.

    Also, it was nice to see the W02 running at Rockingham in the video, I guess it’s nice and close to Mercedes’ headquarters. It’s a shame that the track isn’t normally used for anything more exciting, and that the road course the use for touring cars is so poor.

  4. Great to see the old thing chugging round the track, crazily uncompetitive and slow now of course. But enough about Michael already.

    ba dum tish. i thank you

    1. COTD if simply for the fact that was a good zinger

  5. Beautiful things, particularly the streamliner.

  6. Did anyone else notice Schumi messing with Nico, particularly at 1:40? Heh heh.

  7. Surely someone here can answer a question that’s bugged me for years.

    How was that streamlined bodywork version ever legal? Surely one of the most basic definitions of Formula One is that it’s an open-wheel category, which that bodywork seems to completely flaunt.

    Is it as simple as the offical rules at the time not explicitly stating “No bodywork to intersect a vertical line between the sky and a point on the tyre between 0 and pi radians” or something.

    I find it curious that no other team seemed to have taken the same approach.

    1. I don’t think that fact that the cars were legal is in doubt but I don’t know off the top of my head at what point it became illegal to run enclosed bodywork like that in Formula 1.

    2. You may find some answers here.

    3. Oh and Mercedes weren’t the only ones either, it’s just that they’re iconic; there was for example the Maserati 250F

    4. I’ve always wondered as well.

  8. I found the video playing on the cars surface a bit awkward there!

    But these cars are really legendary. Hearing Schumacher talk about the technical/engineering of the car really brings forward how he is focussed on that part of F1, really honing the engineers to give him the best possible material to race with.
    Nice to see that and compare to Nico talking about the driver aspect far more.

  9. When the Mercedes cars were actually German? Maybe that’s a hint?

  10. Love that jink by Schumi at 1:41! Would have been funny if Rosberg had ‘done a Maldonado’.

  11. I liked the mental image of modern drivers “lying prone” in the cars.

  12. Looks like Michael Schumacher still quite an icon for the Tifosi.
    byronf1:”The tifosi still love Schuie. Here he is below me in the pitlane. http://yfrog.com/kiilprgj

    MauriceHamilton:”Schumi: still popular at Monza. http://yfrog.com/nu59zij

    Alanbaldwinf1:”Chants of ‘Ole, Ole, Ole Schumi’ outside the Mercedes garage, where a lot of the fans are wearing red shirts. Almost like old times.”

    adamcooperf1:”Michael Schumacher as popular as ever, he attracted a huge mob and signed autographs for quite a while”

    sarahholtf1″I am started to get worried by the incessant chants of ‘Michael’ and ‘Schumi’ outside the Mercedes garage”.

    1. hard for them to forget the glory years… at least the tifosi appreciate having the ole boy around!

    2. Thanks for sharing the pics

    3. The overtures have started,Schumi will return to Ferrari before he is finished for at least 1 year.He is still greatly loved.

  13. The voiceover on the Mercedes video ruined it for me. Why do Mercedes’ publicity department keep using that cheesy voiceover guy? He’d be better suited to waxing lyrical about kitchen sponges on QVC at 2am…

    1. ya, I think he’s missed his calling in life!

  14. Hard to get my head around the fact that they have been in the busineess for 125 years.
    D.C. on a spying mission. My name is Coulthard, David Coulthard. Has the required accent.

  15. The Silver Arrows from this era are about the only machines of their generation that I find nice to look at.

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