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2011 F1 season review

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Kimi Raikkonen, NASCAR truck, Charlotte Superspeedway, 2011

F1 Fanatic’s growing community continued to produce terrific content for the site in 2011.

Here is a collection of some of the articles produced by F1 Fanatics this year.

Taking F1 photographs

Jamey Price shared some great advice on how to take pictures at F1 race weekends:

How to take great pictures at F1 races: Part 1
How to take great pictures at F1 races: Part 2
Ben tries Jamey’s F1 photo tips at Silverstone

F1 history

Cari Jones relived some great – and not-so-great – moments in F1 history.

40 years today: Mario Andretti’s first F1 win
25 years ago today: Senna beats Mansell by 0.01s
On this day in 1981: F1’s fiasco at Zolder
60 years ago today: Ferrari’s first F1 win
"He was on it from the word go" – Schumacher’s debut remembered

F1 drivers go NASCAR racing

Two contributors spied F1 drivers sampling America’s most popular form of motor racing:

Kimi Raikkonen’s NASCAR Trucks debut up close
Watching Lewis Hamilton’s maiden NASCAR run

Beyond F1

These F1 Fanatics shared their love of other forms of motor racing:

Why you should watch?? World Rally Championship
Why you should watch… Nurburgring 24 Hours

F1 technology

John Beamer gave his view on developments in F1 car design:

F1 technology in 2011 part 1: Tyres and DRS
F1 technology in 2011 part 2: Diffusers and more

Mid-season technical review part 1
Mid-season technical review part 2

From the stands

Crowd, Monza, 2011

As ever we had lots of contributions from readers who went to races and other F1 venues of interest:

Steven’s 51 F1 race visits in 25 years
Adam watches an F1 race for the first time at Silverstone
Kevin explores Brooklands: the world’s first racing circuit
Great city, not so great track – Steven on Valencia
Tom Hitchings’ view of the Hungarian Grand Prix
Watching at the Paddock Club, Parabolica and podium at Monza
In the Paddock Club and in the stands at Spa
Damon meets the F1 Fanatics in Melbourne
‘Exploded F1 car’ model at Mercedes-Benz World
Kevin explores Brooklands: the world’s first racing circuit

Top tens

Two great top tens contributed by readers:

Top ten?? Curious F1 coincidences
Ten reasons why you don’t want to be an F1 driver

Rate the Race and Driver of the Weekend

A special mention for Ewa Zaborska and Dan Thomas who reviewed your verdict on every race of the year and your picks for Driver of the Weekend at every race.

You can find all their articles from throughout the year here:

Contribute an article of your own

Want to get involved in writing for F1 Fanatic? Find out how here:

2011 F1 season review

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  1. W00t, made it on the top guest article list (“Why you should watch the N24”) \o/

    Thx for your great work this year Keith :)

    1. Thanks for the contribution @gerdoner!

  2. I especially liked @ned-flanders WRC article. Pretty much my 2nd favourite form of motorsport. We’ve also had some good discussion on the forum. I really should get over there and fire it up!

    Thanks to all guest contributors!

  3. I really like seeing how these guest contributions give even more great content and variation to the site. Thanks to all of you. The post race reviews of our votes and impressions by @lilla-my and @iamdanthomas really added to the season, I hope you will be able (and willing) to do them for the complete season next year.

    And I would love it if John Beamer could give us an end of season tech roundup-preview of what to expect (although scarbsF1 did a great job with that one as well on his blog) before the car launches start.

  4. Guest articles really add to the feel of the site! I’d like to do one some day.

  5. Cheers guys for all the guest articles. They help make the website stay fresh and keep the community healthy. One day i’ll even get around to writing one…!

  6. Kimi Raikkonen’s return is good for Formula 1 : http://www.wallpapersf1.com/Kimi-Raikkonen?wallpaper=608 I hope it will soon performing at the wheel of the Lotus for the past few years this team is not COMPETITIV.

  7. Thanks kaith for all guest articles they made the site superb,but we need some international race news and results i;am requesting you for some articles from the V8 SUPERCAR RACES, we want to follow the likes of triple 8 Holden drivers, or the ford performance teams, and there are some amazing drivers like whincup, craig lowndes, Todd kelly, james courtney, mark witerbottom, garth tender; shane van gisbergen will davidson etc those are drivers who drive on the limit and very professionals we need some of that stuff xx.

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