Caterham bringing front wing and bodywork updates to first race

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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Vitaly Petrov, Caterham, Barcelona, 2012

Caterham aim to bring their CT01 closer to the opposition with an aerodynamic update at the first race of the year.

Technical director Mark Smith said: “Since pre-season testing we will have a new front wing and bodywork cooling option available to us.

“The front wing is simply a logical step in aerodynamic development and has been an integral part of the aero package for a while, but will be introduced for the first time in Melbourne.

“The cooling option gives us more opportunity to optimise cooling requirements versus aerodynamic performance which is a further step forwards from the package we ran in Barcelona last week and gives us more options to work with at the first race.”

Smith added: “Whilst the cars will have a high average speed at this circuit the aero set-up will still be relatively high downforce.”

The Australian Grand Prix will also mark the first race for the team’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Smith said: “Overtaking here is difficult so KERS and DRS will be valuable tools and of course for Caterham F1 Team this will be the first opportunity to use KERS in a race environment.”

Vitaly Petrov will be starting his first race for the team. He said: “I’m really enjoying life with my new team.

“It’s still early days, but I’ve been given a great welcome by everyone and I’m starting to build a good relationship with my engineer, so i think we have a good year ahead of us, whatever happens.”

Petrov, who scored his first podium finish in Melbourne last year, hopes to capitalise on any problems for the other teams in the first race of 2012:

“Usually there are quite a few retirements in Australia, and there are a couple of areas of the track that don’t leave any room for error, so I hope we’re there at the end of the race and able to take advantage of whatever’s happened ahead.”

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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    10 comments on “Caterham bringing front wing and bodywork updates to first race”

    1. One of the things I am most looking forward to in Australia is Q1. Just to see how much progress Caterham have been able to make and if there will be any chance of them fighting in Q2 this season.

      The cooling of the car in the tests appeared the least refined part of the car, so any improvement in that area will be welcome.

      1. I think at the very least, Caterham will be able to pounce should any other team make a mistake or have a problem.

      2. Me too @silverkeg It’s one of the big questions. Even if they’re not competing in Q2 in Melbourne hopefully they can develop the car moving forward.

    2. There are so many intriguing possibilities for shake-ups this season, and Caterham is certainly one of them. I’ll be pulling for these guys!

    3. I cant wait, Heikki is stella at making positions at the start and often does capitalise on mistakes further forward, a solid driver I reckon. Petrov is no slouch off the start either, Im also looking forward to Q1 next weekend just to see the whole pekking order show through, as of now it all looks very close car wise.

    4. Haha, I just tought what would happen if Petrov managed to match his podium from last year. Not that its likely, but still …

      1. @Bascb I think the podium trophies would be delivered by flying pigs!

    5. Good news. Williams, take note!

    6. Congrats to caterham. updates before the first race is a clear sign they mean business while the other “new” teams seem to be treading water.

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