Clos: “unbelievable” to make F1 debut at home

2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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Dani Clos drove in an F1 practice session for the first time at the Circuit de Catalunya today.

The Spanish driver made his first appearance on home ground for HRT.

“I’m happy to have got into the car for the first time today, albeit for a short first encounter. The feeling I had when I left the pits and saw the Spanish crowd, whilst driving for a Spanish team alongside Pedro, was unbelievable.

“It was my first time in the new car and I wasn’t 100% comfortable since the car is built for Narain, so I had to adapt. We were able to carry out some aerodynamic work and try out some different things on the car so I’m pleased to have completed my job for the team.”

Pictures: Dani Clos’ F1 debut in Spain

2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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  1. I guess it must feel like a dream come true. At least he gets a bit of value for money today

    1. Definitely. Happy for him!

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