Special helmet for Schumacher’s 300th race weekend

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher 300th Grand Prix helmet design, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012

Michael Schumacher is marking his 300th appearance at an F1 race weekend with a special helmet design.

The silver helmet bears the message “300th GP Michael Schumacher”. Schumacher began his 300th Grand Prix weekend when he took part in practice today.

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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    21 comments on “Special helmet for Schumacher’s 300th race weekend”

    1. Nice one, I like the silver.

      1. Me too @kingshark, gold is usually to blingy for me, silver woks nicely here.

        1. @goofy
          While it is a bit pricey, its still a bargain compared to this outdated replica from 1994. http://www.mementoexclusives.com/Michael-Schumacher-1994-signed-BELL-replica-helmet-p/mm58.htm
          And the new one looks a lot better. So unless you have special memories from 1994, that could be seen as quite the deal : D

      2. It’s actually platinum higher than gold i guess :)

      3. Yes, but wouldn’t be awesome if Schumi returned to the old helmet now that Barrichello is out?

    2. Nick Jarvis (@)
      31st August 2012, 17:18

      bit boring if i’m honest haha, as for tomorrow, i hope it’s dry for qualifying, then for the race the first 6 or so laps are wet. would make a real race and be a true test of skill.

    3. This helmet goes a lot better with the Mercedes. The Red helmet was only chosen to differentiate himself from Barrichello whilst at Ferrari, and looked a lot better in that car than in the Silver Arrows. I still prefer Schumacher’s original 1991-2000 helmet design, but even had he used this since his comeback it would have been an improvement on the red one.

    4. That is one ugly helmet!!
      Nothing works here, those big black monster lines are just horrible, very bad design.

      1. Agree, the Monster Energy black bars are hideous.

        1. Monster is way better than Red Bull. :D

          1. To be honest both smell like urine to me.

            1. JimmyTheIllustratedBlindSolidSilverBeachStackapopolis III
              31st August 2012, 22:49

              cotd right here

          2. Rockstar beats them both…

    5. First impression: Why is a mechanic driving Michael’s Mercedes?

    6. I quite like it. Bet it will look good under some sunshine.

      1. @ajokay He probably will wear this on his last GP prior to retiring for good… may be Interlagos 2013?

    7. Platinum style for The Spa Specialist, i like it very 300 cool.

    8. I like it A LOT!

    9. It’s better than the red one.

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