Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Interlagos, 2012

Gutierrez targets consistency in first year of F1

2013 F1 season

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Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Interlagos, 2012Esteban Gutierrez says his aim for 2013 is to “be consistent at a good competitive level”.

Gutierrez is making his F1 debut for Sauber after finishing third in GP2 last year. He says he feels “very calm” ahead of his Grand Prix debut next month.

The team will begin testing their new C32 next week. Gutierrez says his focus is to “keep my mind clear for the tests so I can give my best feedback to the team, as it is a very important development stage in preparation for the races”.

“In the beginning the most important task is to solve all the car?s reliability issues so we can put in a lot of laps in the tests,” he added. “Then, of course, another important factor is to get to know the car in race and qualifying conditions, which mainly comes with experience during the first races.”

Gutierrez will partner Nico Hulkenberg at Sauber this year, who also drove for ART in junior categories, which Gutierrez believes will be an advantage: “Nico has a similar working mentality to mine as prior to making it to Formula One we have raced in the same teams for a similar amount of time in the lower categories.”

2013 F1 season

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  • 26 comments on “Gutierrez targets consistency in first year of F1”

    1. I’m still incredibly cautious about the Gutierrez chap, especially as partnering Hulkenberg will not be easy. However, he seems a lot more confident now compared to a few months back when I pretty much headbutted a wall when he said “I’m not sure whether I’m ready or not”.

      1. I dont think it’ll be that hard partnering Hulkenberg. Hulk has a fair bit of experience now so a) he can learn from him and b) he’s not expected to beat him. Gutierrez isn’t a slow guy so I dont expect him to get completely embarrassed by Hulk.

        1. William Brierty
          2nd February 2013, 16:07

          Yes, Gutierrez isn’t slow, but he also isn’t a) consistent, b) very spatially aware (ala Grosjean) and c) any good at looking after his tyres. He won’t make the Singapore GP before being replaced by Frijns, and I’m prepared to bet my house and all 5K of my collection of F1 memorabilia on that.

          1. You’re on. How about a kart?

          2. Just a question: how many rooms has your house. So I can go shopping for furniture ; )

            1. William Brierty
              3rd February 2013, 10:57

              Yeah actually perhaps its not such a great idea, and anyway, my house is a tent and my extensive collection of memorabilia all regards Enrique Benoldi. Still interested?

          3. I just gave this comment in another section. I am replicating because it fetes better here.
            I think that under estimating Gutierrez is poor judgement. Just like Checo, he has gone through a well thought career path and he is not here just for the wallet. Telmex not only is providing funds as advertising. They have been working with youngsters even from 10 years old. My own son just turned 15 and will take place in a f2 kart serial in Mexico. This kids will have training, psychologists, nutriologists and so on. The first place will be sponsored the next year into the dodge barber serial in the US. So make no mistake, there is a lot of homework done to get this guys ready. Ricardo and Pedro Rodriguez had the talent but not the school. Here we will see much more training. I don’t think money was an issue to McLaren when they chose Checo, and I believe they have a better eye than we do, when they had their picking. So, all I am stating is that you should give Gutierrez a chance to prove himself. I think he will settle in after the third race, but that is just my humble opinion based in all the commitment that Telmex is taking in developing their careers. By the way, people in the Telmex team, the same that have Memo Rojas winning in a third consecutive year the Daytona 24, think that even Gutierrez might have a brighter future than Checo. My two cents.

            1. William Brierty
              3rd February 2013, 12:39

              Gutierrez has a brighter future than Perez? Never have I disagreed with anyone more. It is utterly fanciful to make presumptions regarding Gutierrez’s future in F1 based on the occasional flash of speed. There are plenty of guys with in the lower formulae with speed, but you don’t see F1 teams clambering to sign a Conor Daly or a Johnny Cecotto, because, like Gutierrez, they are not complete as racing drivers. Now you may argue that Perez, who famously struggles in qualifying, is also incomplete, but ever since Pirelli brought more fragile tyres to F1, Perez has thrived with his delicate style and eye for strategy. The polar opposite is the case with Esteban. In the rock hard tyre years of Bridgestone, speed was enough for Esteban to win the GP3 title, but in the current Pirelli era Gutierrez’s aggressive and unversatile style led to few race wins and many mistakes; I think it is valid to say that he was never really in contention for the GP2 title in 2012. And of course the huge apex speeds in F1 magnify this issue tenfold. Hardly the formula for success; which is why I expect Gutierrez to be replaced before the season is out, or immediately after Telmex’s cheque clears. So whilst Gutierrez spends next year spinning and generally making a fool of himself, all the speed, intelligence and experience of Davide Valsecchi will be put to use cleaning Eric Boullier’s shoes. Thank you Telmex, what a wonderful place you have made F1.

          4. im bet you my house and 10k beacuase i dont have f1 memorabilia

            1. William Brierty
              3rd February 2013, 11:05

              Ah shame, I could give you a “Vettel finger” canvas; I have them coming out of my ears.

    2. William Brierty
      2nd February 2013, 16:00

      Think Maldonado and Grosjean are bad? Wait until to you see Gutierrez, Chilton, Bianchi, Van der Garde and Razia (all of whom won’t make the 2014 grid, in fact Gutierrez may not make the Belgian GP) on the field next year! Saying that they’re out of their depths is a gross understatement. Grands Prix may actually have a comedy factor next year; like GP2 just with an extra sprinkling of Maldonado-madness and occasional Romain-rampage! God help us…

      1. Nick Jarvis (@)
        2nd February 2013, 17:03

        first race should be very interesting, keep an eye on the back end of the grid on the first corner.

        1. I hope so, how boring would it be if everyone makes it through the first corner without even the slightest bit of contact!?

          I’m predicting Van Der GArge in 20th see’s a gap up the inside of T1 and goes for it followed by a fast starting Chilton. The gap will close and they’ll realise they’re not heroes and crash epicly with Guituierrez and Perez – who’d failed to make p3 after spinning out in p2.

          1. Then Grosjean, who see’s the carnage behind him feels like he’s missed out so swipes Maldonado in turn 2 and goes out. This brings out the rage factor in Maldonado so he spins round whacks Grosjean, manages to keep going and aims for Perez.

            Maldonado is automatically out of the race but, to the suprise of the fans, is only handed a one race ban.

      2. I completely agree with you. I hope none of these drivers cost the championship to any of the top drivers. Like grosjean with Alonso. Alonso lost his 3rd championship because of this idiot and the other lotus driver(raikonnen). In raikonnen case that was a racing accident. I just hope any of the pay drivers doesn’t kill any of their peers. There are a lot of pay drivers like maldonado, van der garge, chilton,razia,bianchi, checo perez,etc. and just to think that because of this jokes there are really good drivers on the unemployment line!Like sutil, alguesari,buemi, kobayashi, kovalainen, glock and even trulli who was fired by caterham in order to hire another pay driver such as petrov.

        1. William Brierty
          3rd February 2013, 11:02

          Well yes, but I think its a touch generous to call Buemi, Algersuari and Trulli “really good”. Also having seen Bianchi live in FR3.5, its unfair to condemn him as a “pay driver”, but yes, he’s not as good as Sutil.

        2. I got lost. I don’t see anyone sponsoring Checo into McLaren. He was simply called by Whitmarsh. I still read Vodafone, not Telmex. So yes, he started as a pay driver, but he is on his own today. Again, McLaren could call almost anyone. Did they settle for their last choice? I don’t think so. They saw potential, now they have to mature him, and I think they saw a good student with a 3 year career plan, regardless Checo thinks he must make it this year or never. If he is in the top 5 this year he will really have a chance in the next two. But again, he’s not in Telmex Payroll for all I know.

          1. William Brierty
            3rd February 2013, 21:42

            Perez is a good young driver. He is one of the ones to watch in future. Fact. However I said “future”, because the only driver not in a top team that currently deserves a drive with a top team is Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg is certain future world champion, and McLaren know that. But at the time of asking Perez had put in some recent good drives and McLaren needed the Telmex cash after Vodafone withdrew 60% of their sponsorship. However, with hindsight, and had Vodafone not withdrew so much cash, McLaren would have chosen Hulkenberg. Fact. And that is because Hulkenberg is a better driver than Perez. Fact. However for McLaren’s current scenario Perez is the best option because he brings that compromise of sponsorship and speed.

            1. Here is a link from an original ESPN document that explains that there is no cash involved from Telmex (interview with Carlos Slim Jr)for McLaren.
              So basically, it was fully decided by McLaren driver wise, not money wise. Weather it might be an opportunity for future cash. It could, but not this year. I am not stating if it was the best pick, just want to highlight it had nothing to do with sponsorship.

        3. Kovalainen, Buemi, Sutil, Trulli good drivers???…that’s crazy

    3. I find it very difficult to be optimistic about Gutierrez, based on what he showed of himself in GP2, I just don’t see how he is ready for Formula One. I really hoped he would show just how good I thought he could be in GP2 last year, but instead I found it painful to watch him half the time.

      Having said that, he does have some pace in him and I expect he may have some really solid races, but I am not going to get my hopes up.

      1. Thats why he is looking for consistency. For the best of F1 i hope he does good in his first year. Like his good moments in GP2

    4. I also have my doubts about him, but I appreciate that Sauber don’t have much of a choice and that there’s nothing wrong with taking a risk now and then.

      1. Nick Jarvis (@)
        3rd February 2013, 1:26

        what about Kovalainen? so much better… well worth missing out on sponsors and his $4m wage

        1. Why do you assume that Sauber could survive without Gutierrez and his sponsors?

    5. 144 million to by a ride….

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