2013 Hungarian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Ten video highlights from the Hungarian Grand Prix filmed by fans during the race weekend.

Drivers greet the fans


Drivers visit the fans in the stands between first and second practice on Friday.

Practice at the chicane


A long video of cars tackling the chicane during practice.

Perez’s practice crash

Sergio Perez crashes at turn 11 in the closing moments of final practice on Saturday.

The start

The race gets underway: Romain Grosjean edges Alonso wide at turn two and Nico Rosberg makes contact with Pastor Maldonado as he recovers from an earlier tangle with Felipe Massa.

The second of these videos gives an excellent illustration of the advantage of starting on the clean (left) side of the track at the Hungaroring.

Hamilton heads for the pits

Lewis Hamilton heads into the pits at the end of lap nine, handing the lead to Sebastian Vettel, closely pursued by Grosjean.

Vettel chases Raikkonen


Vettel locks up at the chicane as he tries to pass Kimi Raikkonen at the end of the race.

Victory lap

Vettel draws alongside Hamilton as the Mercedes driver celebrates on the victory lap.

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2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    8 comments on “2013 Hungarian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

    1. I know some people like to film stuff to remind them of things after a grand prix but filming a chicane for half an hour… What is the point?

    2. Hopefully they got one on lap 19 at turn 4 when RG was pressing hard on SV and SV out broke himself and all four tyres went over the white line which one could argue he gained an advantage to aid him in defending his position. Its all a bit silly but I do feel a little for RG on that one. I am not a RG/Lotus fan however the FIA have shown yet another case of inconstancy and double standards. Especially when they only reprimanded/fined FA for clearly breaching DRS rules.

    3. A great selection of videos, thank you very much @andae23 and @KeithCollantine! That’s as close as you can get to the action without going to a GP yourself. As for the start videos, I love how you can watch what happened at the back of the field, something you rarely see on the world feed.

      1. sums it up perfectly! Thanks Andea, Keith and all the fans who provided these lovely video’s

    4. I have only ever seen a defending driver penalised for exceeding track limits when short cutting a chicane to maintain position, never for running wide.

      Martin Brundle said in his article on the race (when discussing Grojean’s overtake on Massa)
      “I’m led to believe that the teams and drivers were told that using the run-off at T4 was fundamentally okay.”

      Teams and drivers are always told at the drivers briefing which areas beyond the white lines they are allowed to use without incurring a penalty, this quite often includes the kerbs and run-off at specified corners on a particular track. If this was indeed the case at turn 4 then a wide line would be considered perfectly legitimate.

      1. I hope the penalty points system will stop these penalties… I hate these in-race penalties not to mention post race ones… I also hope that grid penalties will also disappear.. unfortunately neither will :(

    5. Someone should upload footage of the queue for a taxi out of the circuit on Sunday!

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