2013 United States Grand Prix championship points

2013 United States Grand Prix

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2013 United States Grand Prix

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32 comments on “2013 United States Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Lewis Hamilton has also beaten his teammate this year.

  2. Sebastian Vettel is pretty cert to win the constructor’s championship now.

    1. Sebastian Vettel Racing

    2. Hey @vettel1

      Ros has defo not out performed Ham do all the maths of retirement Ham as been better more poles, should be 1 win extra and has beat him in qually record even after Nico had 3 in a row Ham came back with 4 in a row. I think Ham should be proud went into Ros den and beat him fair and square. You guys all said Ham was looking for excuses yday, i think its the tyres and Mecs poor traction(they are front limited car) that is the problem. You can see he is frustrated on the radio with these tyre problems i think he could use his attitude in a diff way though but i understand as his engineer at time is laughable saying Lewis we need you to push when he cant go faster.

      Also ha ha yes he is certain to win its unreal i voted 10 look just cuz of history even though i was bored. Do you as a Vettel fan enjoy these races could i ask? As im a Ham fan i dont hate them but dont enjoy them as much as you may, so i just wanted know weather you just like the races to be exciting or you like see Vet keep winning. I just would love it i Web said last year halfway through he was retiring then, as just maybe their could have been that chance of Vet V Ham. Im sure Ham would of chose them over Merc but would Red bull have done it? I just wish we could see it(being a Ham fan of course) i do think Ham deserves a car that is reliable and team dont make mistakes like Mclaren did when he last had a great car, they were a ashambles last year. I just think he as deserved a chance to have a car that is the class of the field and see if he could do it, same with Alo.

      Also i liked Vet on podium he was humble and i think when he alked to crowd he loved it that their was no booing he seemed really humbled by it didn’t he?

      1. In general, Rosberg has been better: I stand by that.

        Honestly though, I must say I don’t find it that exciting: awe-inspiring absolutely, but it doesn’t trigger that primal buzz (part of the reason why I hope Red Bull aren’t dominant next year, although they very well could be). As a spectator, 2012 was much more exciting, however that is somewhat balanced by his utterly supreme driving this year – a clear step up from last @danclapp.

        1. @vettel1 what better lately or over the season? Seriously Ham has struggled alot this year yet has beat his teammate who we all no is now a really great driver.

          1. Lately, not over the season: Hamilton has indeed been better of the course of the season which the points standings reflect, but not by much I would argue.

  3. Vettel has more points than Mercedes and Ferrari by himself!! Webber is useless!!

    1. I hope you are not Marko in disguise . What a profile name!

  4. Kimi Räikkönen is also more than likely to finish 5th now, and Mercedes look fairly comfortable for second behind Infiniti Vettel Racing-Renault.

    Sauber I fear are just a bit too distant from Force India: a shame, since Hülkenberg has been great.

  5. Maldonado used to have 100% of Williams points but now Bottas has 400% more points than Maldonado totalling 80% of Williams points.

    1. Yeah, but not his fault that his team decided to tamper with his car and provide with a stupid excuse for dreadful behaviour.

      1. Yeh sure dude, a ha he thinks he deserves better for his win last year, he was awful last year after his win he scored hardly any oints in a car that was really quick. He also ran up huge bills for front wings lol.

        1. Ok, good. Sarcasm is hard to detect on paper.

  6. As a Ferrari fan, a real shame we are losing the constructors, but at least Fernando has 2nd safe now.

    1. yep, what a sad end for the f138

  7. A single driver has more points than any other team on the grid, it’s not even funny…..

  8. Credit should go toLewis who said 3rd does not bother him when 3rd was not even racing, very gracious indeed.

  9. Perez v a WC is 9-9 in qually v his teammate and 20 points behind his teammate. Their 10 years diference inn age(yes But is getting worst) and Mclaren feel its Perez that should go lol. It’s embarrasing how they justify getting rid of him hopefully Perez outqualifies him 1 more time and But keeps his run going lol. That will be embarrasing. Surely the 23 year old will be getting better still nowere near his peak yet they keep But? Who agrees onthis guys?

    1. I do…. I wonder what it is either wrong with Martín W or the true real story behind this? Politics?

  10. Grosjean has guaranteed 7th place. He can’t move up or down. Massa will end up in eight, last of the Top 4 cars.

    1. The interesting one now is Webber: can he move up to second possibly?

      1. @vettel1 he cant he can only come 3rd.

      2. He may struggle to make up the 46 point gap to Alonso in one race.

        1. Indeed, 46 points in one race would be quite something. Perhaps he will create a wormhole due to supressed rage from Multi-21 , subsequently causing fluctuations in the time-space continuum resulting in Alonso being landed with the hands of a hippopotamus in the Australian Grand Prix?

      3. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        17th November 2013, 22:47

        @vettel1 Today second place in the championship was also secured.

        1. @omarr-pepper How higher has Webber got to finish than Lewis to get third . Say Webber finishes 2nd , Lewis 4th or 5th then what ?

          1. I mean in Brazil .

  11. Ok I think I calculate right : If Webber finishes 2nd , Lewis has to finish 3rd . If he finishes 4th he will be tied with Webber ( in which case who will be classified higher ? number of race wins will be considered ? )

    1. Yes, If they finish level on Points Lewis should take third on count back as he’s won a race this year and Webber has’nt (Assuming Webber is not gonna win in Brazil)…

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