Jenson Button, McLaren MP4-29, Jerez, 2014

McLaren’s MP4-29 hits the track at Jerez

2014 F1 season

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Jenson Button, McLaren MP4-29, Jerez, 2014

The McLaren MP4-29 has run for the first time on the second day of testing at Jerez.

Jenson Button took the team’s new car out on track for an installation lap shortly after the test began.

The start of the test was delayed by around a quarter of an hour while the track was sprayed with water to improve its suitability for wet weather running.

2014 F1 season

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29 comments on “McLaren’s MP4-29 hits the track at Jerez”

  1. The Blade Runner (@)
    29th January 2014, 8:52

    The car actually looks pretty awesome

    1. I think it would look stunning if it didn’t feature this “finger” end on the nose. Proportionally the car looks better than last years cars. It’s surprising how noticable the smaller width front wing is. Something more like the Red Bull interpretation for the end of the nose would really make this car stand out in terms of looks.

    2. I feel much of the initial dislike to the design was due to it being the first with a dodgy nose job.

      Now that we’ve seen all the other efforts, it’s come off looking one of better looking cars. I think this and the Merc are the two most pretty looking cars, but that may have an awful lot to do with the silver paint job.

    3. It looks a little daft. A little daft is much better than devastatingly ugly though. And besides the finger I think it’s a good-looking car. I hope their main sponsor livens the livery up though, because although I actually quite like it, it’s too close to Merc at the moment.

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        29th January 2014, 12:10

        I think if you look at the two together the differences are huge, including from a colour perspective!

        1. I’m sure you’re right, but that doesn’t mean I want 4 cars which are essentially silver to be on the grid anyway.

          1. The Blade Runner (@)
            29th January 2014, 15:05

            I hear you but we’ve got 4 almost identical “Red Bull” cars plus 2 similarly blue coloured Williams. We’ve yet to see the Marussia but previously they were red, white and black… just like the Ferrari!

          2. Exactly, even more of a reason for the other cars not to become more homogeneous. The grid really needs variety at the moment. Trust me, my problem with it is mostly aimed at the blue cars as you said, but that doesn’t mean the others should get away with it.

  2. It does. Although it would be more awesome in orange. Sure hope it races awesome too. And is awesomely reliable. Seems like over a year since we saw Jens on the podium.

  3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    29th January 2014, 9:14

    I’ve gotta say, that apart from the nose cone, the car actually looks really nice!

  4. Shame for JB that both of his days of running will be compromised now that today is dedicated to wet running after overnight rain.

    1. I don’t think that will be a big worry. This day for McLaren is going to be all about seeing if the systems work at all. At worst, they will be sorry to get less time to focus on working with wet setup, and a bit about having to sort that out of their data @panache

      1. Doubtful if ‘wet setup’ will have any meaning for them as it was for Pirelli’s benefit rather than the teams. I wouldn’t mind betting that Button will nab tomorrow to run in the dry though, as the car will have to be rung out pretty comprehensively before they risk it with a ‘rookie’. Just one bash into the barriers will put them behind enormously. Ask Lewis. Signs are good though, JB has just gone quickest of the 2 days on inters but that won’t last.

  5. The back of the McLaren will be the real focal point of attention though, with its pretty agressively shaped rear suspension to get aero effects from it

    1. Nice spot there @bascb! I believe those “covers/plates” are there to aid rear downforce since there is no longer a beam wing. Great to see so many innovations this year :)

  6. petebaldwin (@)
    29th January 2014, 10:15

    Yeah I’m really past the whole nose problem now. It’s not bothereing me even as much as the stepped noses did. It looks a bit odd but only a week after launch, I’m certainly not drawn to them as much. Give it another month and I doubt I’ll even notice. I’m never going to get used to the Caterham though because even without the finger thing on the end, it’s a horrible looking car!!!

  7. In action that McLaren looks way better than the pictures suggested.

    On the contrary, the Ferrari looks much uglier than in picture.

  8. I notice Button’s visor is from last season.

    Anyway, I like McLaren’s interim livery and it is a nice-looking car in all fairness. The nose isn’t bad because it looks more integrated into the car than others we’ve seen that look like they were just an afterthought.

    Hopefully McLaren can get their title sponsorship sorted, not that they are struggle financially, but because it could add a bit more character to whatever their livery will be.

    1. After receiving the mail shot from McLaren’s online shop I did wonder if they are actually going to bother getting another Title Sponsor and just leave the cars with their own company logos in prime place. Not sure they need to promote their road cars that much (they seem to sell themselves, all 375 P1s sold even before they went into production), but might be the way they’re going until they find the right fit company for the slot.

      1. What seems a little strange is that they are selling 2014 items already. If they get a title sponsor then these may be replaced so some people who have bought an item already will need to buy another if they want the updated one (and they aren’t cheap!).

        They could continue selling the existing items as well as selling the title sponsored-items if they do get one, but people will remain somewhat short-changed, although I quite like the 2014 range.

  9. Can someone please photochop some eyes onto that creatures nose . ?

  10. It’s saying something that this is one of the prettier cars on the grid!

  11. Can anyone identify what the black protrusions are on the front outside corner of the side pods are? Possibly cameras pointing at the back wheels??

    The front wing doesn’t look as complex as the Redbull though. Think it was six elements I counted on the RB yesterday. It will,no doubt, end up being an area of constant change as they better understand/control the airflow hitting the front tyres.

    1. They are turning vanes, direct airflow around the rear tyres.

      1. Sorry, the outside ones? Not sure. I spotted them too. Some kind of sensor perhaps, but camera good call if only for testing with the fluo paint.

        1. If I was the team I’d be putting the thermal cameras in there. The shots from the back end of last year were great. They showed exactly what was happening with the temps across the surface of the wheel. Didn’t realise how quickly they lost the heat, with only the inside edges keeping any sort of warmth.

          Let’s face it, if you can get a Go Pro for £350 that’ll do HD in slowmo, I bet they really have some nice kit to play with :)

  12. Okay, looking at thos blue tires, I actually want some of that bule in the livery, looks really good

    1. I agree, it would set it off, plus it would be something new for them, I am not a fan of making the car retro colours in a hope that it would get everyone excited about the good old days.

    2. The Blade Runner (@)
      29th January 2014, 15:09

      I agree. It’s a particularly vibrant blue and goes brilliantly with the “chrome” body.

      I think that instead of the “MP4-29” livery on the car it should say “Your Name Here!”

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