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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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No prizes for guessing the main topic of discussion on social media on the Saturday of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. It was, of course, whether or not Nico Rosberg had deliberately tried to bring the yellow flags out to win the race.

Meanwhile one particularly famous fan got to meet the man who runs the sport – but not his favourite driver.

Here are the Twitter highlights of an eventful day in Monte-Carlo.

Third practice

Daniel Ricciardo split the Mercedes cars in the final practice session. But he wouldn’t be able to mount a proper challenge come qualifying.


Rosberg’s investigation

After qualifying, talk was dominated by Rosberg’s Mirabeau mistake. The stewards later ruled he did not go off deliberately in order to ensure himself pole position.


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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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28 comments on “2014 Monaco Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets”

  1. Lots of negative comments towards Nico – which I agree with. Although it easily looked like Rosberg manufactured a lock up and reversed to the edge of the slip road, I’m glad he didn’t get a penalty because if Hamilton overtakes him tomorrow, that’ll be even more damaging.

    1. German driver in a German car prevents British teammate from attempting a pole lap?
      there’s one for the conspiracy theorists!!

      1. hello i said the same;;; yesterday { jfk ]seams we are on the same wavelength,, do you remember ronaldo winking when got d becham [ sent off ], now we see ; rosberg wink craftily to his manager, [ he knows exactly what he did ] and it worked ;;, but as we all know lewis has never any support, from the powers that be;;; even if they are brits ;d hill or other EX drivers , lets just hope he copes and gets on with, with his great GIFT…….

  2. That’s a pretty hollow triumph but Rosberg seems to celebrating it like its a world title.

    Some say Hamiltons reaction was childisch, but Rosbergs celebrations were a bit out of place.

    1. Maybe he was hungrier for that pole position.

      1. he should have gone for a donut then

    2. If I got pole at Monaco I’d celebrate regardless of whether it was a hollow pole or not.

      1. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
        24th May 2014, 23:05

        A pole position is a pole position. If he didn’t cheat (which I don’t believe he did) then he can celebrate all he wants.

      2. GB (@bgp001ruled)
        26th May 2014, 4:38

        exactly! specially in monaco, where pole almost means winning! i dont think he did it on pourpuse, but still his reversing was strange!

    3. He’ll need to take a moment to cool off; when you’re on a hot lap and anything screws it up, I’m sure any of the drivers would be a little frustrated.

      We’ll see how the race goes; if Hamilton doesn’t cool off, we may see the Mercs tangle in a first corner incident or other careless kamikaze move. I think it’ll be a matter of who is quicker to the first corner off the start and then team orders coming into play. I suppose it’ll come down to how quickly the Mercs can build the gap, since that’s the logic Mercedes management is using to decide if the drivers can battle or not.

      It’s great drama for all the spectators (hunger this and upbringing that and Schumacher this and Rascasse that) but if I were Mercedes management, I’d be very anxious about tomorrow and have a thorough meeting with both drivers.

    4. @paeschli considering pole at Monaco is like 60% of a win (or more), it’s a very much needed relief for Rosberg’s title aspirations…

    5. Steve Cocker
      25th May 2014, 10:05

      Rosberg’s over celebration on gaining pole, when he knew of the controversy speaks volumes, he obviously considered he should celebrate but went a little overboard, guilty?

  3. Oh god, I thought that F1Fanatic was the one place on the interweb that I would be safe from having to see photographs of Justin Bieber. No more, please, no more!

    1. @ferrox-glideh Sorry! You know I wouldn’t have recognised him if I saw him down the shops. But I liked the incongruity of him in a selfie with Bernie Ecclestone. Won’t be making a habit of it, promise.

      1. I hope Bernie doesn’t make a habit of getting in pictures with Bieber neither..

        1. maybe shared mugshots @npf1!

      2. @keithcollantine
        I for one hope he doesn’t end up doing the podium interviews after the race…

        1. @xjr15jaaag Oh no ! not even in my worst nightmare .

      3. No excuses please or we’re going to tell you up to stewards for some investigation ;)

    2. Bieber looks high as a kite!

    3. Ecclestone complained so much about the noise and then hangs out with Bieber, irony?

      1. A good one :)

      2. @hunocsi Haha classic!

      3. quote of the day!

  4. Sutil’s bow tie – one word: classy. Looks like a total knob (of butter, that is)…

  5. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    24th May 2014, 22:55

    That photo of the drivers in suits looks like a kinder prom!!! They look so tiny!

  6. My respect for Alonso has grown tenfold. Fernando is an UnBelieber.

  7. @keithcollantine, sorry that bieber pic sure didn’t go well with me. He’s not a good example to be in sports like F1. Not at all, sorry for the rant.

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