2014 Belgian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado crashes, Andre Lotterer holds up Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg gets booed – here are some of your best videos from the Belgian Grand Prix.

Maldonado crashes on approach to Pouhon

Qualifying in the rain

Hamilton nearly loses control at Raidillon

Start: Hamilton reverses into place

Start: La Source in 4K video quality


Start: Punctured Bianchi slows at Eau Rouge


Start: Vettel attacks Hamilton


Hamilton held up by Lotterer on return to pits

Button has a look at Alonso at Pouhon


Rosberg booed on the podium

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2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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24 comments on “2014 Belgian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Ah, the booing again… I missed it after the race.

    Just shows how unjustified the booing was towards Vettel, really… so unfair.

  2. Formula Indonesia (@)
    26th August 2014, 12:43

    Booing is not democracy. Everyone have opinion, but booing is not the way you tell your opinion

    1. rosberg had robbed them of a good race they paid led them boo

    2. Cheering and booing are opposites. If you allow cheering then booing has a valid place. In the booers mind Rosberg deserved it, so they let their feeling be heard. What should they do? Write him a stern letter of disapproval?

      1. This.. we do have a modicum of free speech tradition. But I imagine that can be lost in cultural translation – not everyone will see things the way that we do. In certain contexts, booing may be seen as bad behaviour. In the UK, it’s more a pantomime behaviour – I was laughing at the TV when I heard it. It’s “good for the show”.

        1. I think that I would have booed if I had been there – nothing to do with Rosberg himself, but he did rob us of a great race and took some of the drama out of the Drivers’ Championship. Plus, as someone else pointed out, booing & cheering are direct opposites – if these multimillionaire drivers can take our applause and adulation, they can accept a few boos when they have robbed us of our circus.

  3. Nice videos but… whenever I go to the race I just hate all those phones and cameras in the air. I know that that’s the time we live in but its so sad.
    I guess if you don’t record it than it counts like you never been there :)

    1. @toxic Have to agree with you there. It’s ridiculous how many people need some sort of proof that they have been to a Grand Prix.

      A top tip for everyone visiting a Grand Prix: bring your camera, but don’t forget to put it down during practice sessions and do not use it during qualifying and the race. The experience of enjoying Formula 1 is way more rewarding than trying to capture it on camera.

      1. +1
        @toxic @andae23 Could not agree more.

        Even worse is when you see people filming with a tablet.. WHY? Why put yourself behind a wall and look at a poor representation of the reality? Even if you go to free sporting events, never mind if you have payed hundreds of euros, and you can download much better pictures from the pros, and download the whole race feed in top quality?

      2. @andae23 Amen, I went last year to my first race and was surprised at not only how many people have cameras, but how many have bazooka style lenses and stand all the way to the back, pretty much watching the whole race through a viewfinder.

    2. Totally. Every single concert I’ve been too, there’s hundreds of people watching their mobile phones/cameras instead of the show.

      I went to Roger Water’s The Wall tour 2 years ago, one of the most multimedia experiences I’ve had and peolpe ahead of me where just watching the camera record it.

      a) rubbish quality, b) rubbish audio, c) when the heck are you going to re-watch it? you never do.

    3. @toxic But in the case of the 4K resolution recording, that’s actually of a higher quality than we see on the TV (720p or 1080p for HD channels…. and half that for normal TV). I can’t see F1 offering that much quality until it’s near universal (read: 10 years+). I doubt many of the people on this site even have the technology to actually view it (I don’t, that’s for sure).

  4. Booing is like a bunch of cows mooing at a duck in a paddock. As soon as one cow moo’s, all the others think it’s okay to moo at the duck as well. Don’t be a cow, because Mooing is not okay. Even if the duck was clearly in the wrong pond.

    1. Haha, that was good. Booing is just a way of expressing disapproval or frustration. I don’t like Rosberg or Mercedes, and I am tired of seeing them on the podium, so I would probably boo them too if I was there.

  5. Maybe they’re saying “Boo-urns!?”

    1. but I was saying Boo-urns

  6. Thanks for the videos as this gives a totally different perspective of the grand prix.

  7. Another great selection of fans’ videos. I should have been there…

    As for the booing, I do not really get it. Last year people found the silliest excuses for booing Vettel, some said he deserved it because he was making the sport boring and some obviously thought he had made F1 too exciting by racing Webber in Malaysia. Just like Vettel, Rosberg has clearly done nothing to deserve this but I guess one will always find an excuse.

    If you really love F1 and if drivers are your heroes, how can you boo any of them? Those, who are capable of booing a driver, who has just finished an exhausting race, are no better than those, who believe that they could drive faster than Vettel in that Red Bull and have zero understanding of the sport.

    Anyway, I hope that the booing culture is at least going to make F1 get rid of the podium interviews as I have never been a fan of them.

  8. Nice work @Andae23, thoroughly enjoyed watching these :)

  9. Rosberg deserves it. Booooooooooooooo!

  10. Poor Rosberg. It must be very hard to stay motivated when every body is booooing at you!!!
    (hey! no one said its going to be easy!)

  11. Incredible how much the television coverage missed again…

  12. I was there, Rosberg has “cheated” 3 times this season and this time he denied alot of people the chance to watch the mercs race who made the effort to go to the event. as has been said previously if he is happy to take applause then he should accept the boos as well..
    Rosberg said that the fans need to learn the rules and it was only the British Fans who were booing.
    Hmmm, i think he needs to learn the rules, and the two italian fans and three German fans sitting next to me were booing as well.

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