Haas alters F1 team name

2016 F1 season

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The new Formula One team due to enter the sport in 2016 will be officially known as Haas F1 Team instead of Haas Formula.

“Haas F1 Team automatically conveys our place among the pinnacle of motorsports,” said Haas Automation founder and team chairman Gene Haas.

“When you hear ‘F1’ you know exactly what it is – a global racing series that showcases the latest technology and attracts the best talent in engineering and design.

“Haas Automation has an excellent reputation in the United States and I want that reputation to grow worldwide. Connecting Haas Automation with F1 in name and in practice when the Haas F1 Team debuts in 2016 is the best way to grow our business and elevate Haas Automation to a premium, global brand.”

Haas expects to complete work on the factory which will house its team in November this year. It has also launched its official F1 team website.

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48 comments on “Haas alters F1 team name”

  1. Yeah great idea.. Haas Formula sounds like baby milk.

    1. Haha, it does doesn’t it? :D

  2. Shame, “Haas Formula” sounded a bit unique.

    1. I just read that he is also looking to start his own football team. He’s going to call them ‘Haasenal’.

      1. Yeah and as team manager they mentioned a certain Hasselhoff. :P

        1. Or should I say Haaselhoff :)

        2. How about Haasene Wenger?

      2. Clever! Thanks for the smile on that one. Keep ’em coming.

    2. @hunocsi That is almost word for word what I was going to say while reading the article!

    3. Something cannot be a “bit” unique. It’s either unique – there’s one of them – or it’s not.

      1. You guys are being Hass-Holes !

        1. They could well sue you for harHaasment

  3. “Get off your Haas Racing”

  4. having a go at their website and seeing a tab for HR enquiries…
    unfortunately, my background and experience not related with F1 somehow :(

    1. You could always lie…

  5. They should’ve called the team ‘Formula Haas’. ‘Haas F1 team’ just sounds rank.

    1. *Formula Haas Racing

  6. About time… falls into convention with the other title-sponsorless teams.. Haas Formula stuck out like a sore thumb.

    1. Surely sticking out from the crowd is a good thing…

      1. True, but what DavidnotCoulthard says below applies in this case. Haas Formula made me think of something from the 90s..

  7. Haas f1: An F1 team.

    Haas formula: Is Gene a scientist? What formula has he cme uo with?

    1. Exactly. They are not competing with Grecian Formula, men’s hair coloring product in USA.

    2. Or the might have ended up in the supermarket next to Infant Formula!

    3. An F1 team, at the Haas end of the grid.

  8. Simple trademark worries from the FIA, and quite rightly so to be honest. You don’t see ‘formula’ anywhere in F1 unless it’s F1 or Formula 1. They’ve got that badboy on lockdown.

  9. Haas is the dutch word for hare. So for dutch speakers they are already fast!
    Hare and Turtle, who is going to be the turtle in 2016…??

    1. @dutchtreat Probably still Caterham. Provided they haven’t collapsed of course..

      1. They have the colours for that.. :D

    2. Haas and Caterham!!!

  10. Why stop there: Haas family name, comes from Hase (German) which means Rabbit.
    And as they are just starting in F1 it should probably be Bunny.
    Bunny F1 – I am quite sure there will be some company with a bunny in its logo that can sponsor them ;-)

    1. Duracell!

    2. Or “haas” in Dutch, which also means “hare”. Not rabbit though, because that’s konijn or kaninchen).

      They should have called the team “Hare F1”. Speedy animals too. Unless there is a tortoise involved …

    3. Definitely Playboy !!!!

      1. Turtle Wax

  11. Would Playboy be allowed to sponsor?or be advertised?

    1. DTM has a playboy sponsored car, but that is not an FIA series.

    2. Hesketh were able to have Penthouse and Surtees had Durex as a sponsor so it probably would not be an issue.

      1. Heck Hesketh even had Rizla as a sponsor at the same time they had Penthouse so that must have been amusing.

  12. Marlboro Hass F1

  13. They should forget about mucking about with the name of the team; and instead sort out an engine deal, hire some technical staff and start designing their car!!

  14. Urgh why put ‘team’ on the end, it sounds so robotic. Haas F1 would of been better, of course it’s a team.

    I must say Haas Formula sounds great but from a marketing point of view outside of F1 it would be confusing.

  15. Good, now it’s clear. I was too ambiguous before, somebody might have mistaken them with a milk formula.

  16. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    2nd September 2014, 22:04

    Haas Formula One would’ve been better.

  17. Their rumored shopping list for drivers includes Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Hulk Hogan, an actual Bald Eagle, and Sebastian Vettel wearing a US Flag Bandana, shades, and a modified racing suit with the sleeves cut off exposing his brand new “Don’t Tread On Me” tattoo on his arm.

    1. Stereotyping is sad, especially from pale Brits with bad teeth, right?

  18. I would have gone with Haas GP for team name. Like Brawn GP.

  19. Speaking of new teams, has anyone heard anything more about Forza Rossa?

  20. you guys remember USF1? they were informed during the winter testing, that they weren’t allowed to use the “F1” in their team name! won’t happen the same thing with the Haas team?


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