Rosberg: “I need a bit of help from Lewis” to win title

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg says he needs some “help” from his team mate to win the championship this weekend.

Rosberg will be champion if he wins this weekend’s race and team mate Lewis Hamilton finished in third place or lower. However Mercedes have rarely finished behind any of their rivals this season and scored a record eleven one-two results.

Rosberg said he wasn’t feeling pressure ahead of the title decider but expects it to be “an intense weekend”.

“For sure, I wouldn’t use the word ‘pressure’ but it’s going to be intense, a great battle. I look forward to it, that’s what I’ve been working towards for a while now, for this sort of chance, this last race here.”

“Lewis is a great competitor, an opponent. It will be hopefully a great end to the season. Of course I’m here to try and win the race and then I need a bit of help from Lewis that he doesn’t finish second. That’s it so I’m hoping Lewis can come up with something.”

However Rosberg believes it is not impossible that another competitor could finish between him and Hamilton because of the difficulties of overtaking at the Yas Marina circuit.

“Of course a lot of things can happen,” he said. “It can happen as easy as a Williams, for example, having a great start and slotting between us two and this track is one of the most difficult to overtake.”

“We were looking at that this morning, the speed difference you need to have to overtake the guy in front is really very big at this track. And so that would be one opportunity, for example. There’s many scenarios so as I say I’m optimistic.”

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    38 comments on “Rosberg: “I need a bit of help from Lewis” to win title”

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      20th November 2014, 12:31

      Massa’s time to revenge for 2008 then…

    2. If Hamilton is going to win title I hope Rosberg is not on podium for Rosberg’s sake, because he is going to be upset.
      And people in Abu Dhabi will not understand why person finishing 2nd is more happier than winner.

      Also if Rosberg is winning title than its most likely that Hamilton is not on podium. Again don’t want grumpy Hamilton in 3rd place on podium.

      1. You think people who willl have gone to the race wouldn’t understand that Hamilton finishing second will have won the Championship? It’s pretty simple stuff. I think you give people far too little credit.

        I hope both end up on the podium. The drama, agony and ecstacy is something that for me adds to the entertainment.

        1. “The drama, agony and ecstacy”

          @colossal-squid I couldn’t agree more and fully expect to be mirroring those emotions myself the entire weekend!

          1. @psynrg Having gone through it in 2008, 2010 and 2012 I’m a little bit happy to be able to enjoy the fight as a relatively neutral observer!

            It’s a special feeling as a fan to watch a finale with it all on the line though, so I hope you enjoy the weekend!

      2. I think that if Rosberg wins and has Hamilton next to him in 2nd, he knows he gave it a really good fight, and did everything he could in this last race, but it just was’t to be. And its not the first time he lost out to Lewis. But if Lewis does not win, he (LH) will have a tougher job getting over that.

        Its far easier to understand why the guy coming in second, but taking away the throphy is happy, than it would have been if Rosberg had won but Hamilton had come home 4th or 5th (if we would have been spared the double points) @nin13

        1. Agreed. If Rosberg wins the race but not the title (fairly plausible) he should be proud of the fact that he did his job in this specific race and maybe cast blame on himself for other races when he wasn’t aggresive or fast enough (Bahrain and Hungary spring to mind). All in all, if Rosberg places second in the WDC,he should be proud of the fact that he’s proven he can fight with the best of them, beating Michael 3 seasons in a row and taking Lewis to the last race of the season for a title-decider.

          1. And yet proud to come second, when he has done what is reasonably expected from a dominant Mercedes, is not really that much to be proud of given that with reliability where else would you expect a Mercedes to finish this season, 1st or 2nd?

      3. So you think people that paid an ungodly amount of money to go to a track have no idea what these people in funny cars are doing?

    3. To be honest, all things being equal I think we’re in for a fairly dull race – the Mercs will line up at the front, then drive off into the distance. They might get close to each other, but they’ll probably not have any major battles – If it’s a 1-2 finish it doesn’t matter. Hamilton will be champion. If it’s not a 1-2, then something has not gone to plan, and who knows.

      But I think that Hamilton will secure the championship fairly comfortably.

      1. Hamilton might actually be safer following behind Rosberg keeping out of trouble than leading and have Rosberg attack him as in Spa

        1. And if he takes him out, don’t you think he’ll be disqualified from the race? Don’t you think the stewards will be looking out for any foul play and warn the drivers before race day?

          1. I don’t mean to suggest anything deliberate, simply that there is more risk in leading an opponent who has to get past at some point and following behind without pressure if the car performs as it is expected to do

            1. *than* following behind

            2. And so far he has not been able to get past Lewis, even when he’s on the better tyres and using an engine setting that he was not supposed to (Bahrain). So I’m not so sure that he’ll be able to do so now. Give lewis some credit, I think he’ll know to handle being in front. Furthermore, leading the race is the best place to be for him.

            3. He got the benefit of the doubt once in Spa, I don’t think (and hope) the stewards would be so lenient if it happens a second time.

        2. Absolutely, but I just don’t see Hamilton finding that a satisfying way to wrap up a championship. I think maybe if the roles were reversed, Rosberg would be absolutely happy to just drive home in second place to secure the championship, but Hamilton will want to win the championship by winning the race and beating his teammate.

          But obviously, as a fan, I’m hoping for absolute fireworks, so I’m really hoping that this great season can be capped off by a desperate scrap for the title. Something akin to Vettel being spun around and having to recover through the field last year. Or maybe some sort of mechanical gremlins in qualifying mixing up the grid. I don’t want to watch a sensible controlled drive.

    4. Have to accept Rosberg is too right about it being impossible to pass a Williams. Who can forget 2010 and neither Lewis nor Nando being able to get past the Renaults?

      So does Lewis go normal downforce for pole, or take some wing off?

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        20th November 2014, 13:04

        Neither. I’d say that if by small chance a Williams does get in the way, the Mercedes are quick enough in a straight line, and much quicker in the corners to get past the Williams.
        Barring any racing incidents or mechanical failures, it’ll be Mercedes 1-2.

      2. I think Lewis was on the podium that race, Nando and Webber got stuck.

        1. They all got stuck, but Kubica was running higher up for Lewis than Petrov was for FA/MW. Had to wait until the pitstops. Just as Lewis had to this year in Austria as @Paul mentions. Well he might get past one in a pitstop, if the traffic works out, but not two.

          The Williams boys won’t fight too hard, but they won’t lift off either.

          So IMO Nico is quite right to hope for it, and surely Lewis and Bono will be trying to make sure it doesn’t happen.

          I dunno. Think I might take the dogs for a long walk rather than risk heart failure.

      3. What you’re forgetting is, that the at least 5 drivers won races and the cars were a lot closer in performance. There’s nothing on the grid that’s anywhere close to even given the Mercs anything to worry about, even when they start from the pitlane.

      4. If that does happen, He would just need to sit on the back of the Williams until the pitstop and jump them in the pit stops. Having said that, unless a Williams is fighting for the lead, I don’t think they will want to get to caught up in the fight for the championship, afterall that just increases the risk for them.

      5. Williams with a Mercedes engine in the back don’t forget, I don’t think they will be looking to get in the way. Lewis should treat it like any other weekend, try and get pole and win the race just as he did when he won 5 in a row.

      6. A bit of a red herring in my opinion from Nico, if we look at the circuit and what we know, the Williams may be close on the 2 longer straights, but they struggle on the other sections compared to the Mercs, and there are other overtaking spots other than into chicanes of varying degrees at the end of those straights, all be it much harder. But for that to happen Lewis again needs a problem to happen for this to come into play, also for Nico too unless he forgets he could happen to him too.

      7. Worst case, the Williams is leap-frogged at the stop(s). Alonso got into his sorry situation in 2010 because he chose to put himself behind Petrov at a stop and then pass. If Hamilton is 3rd or 4th on lap 2, he only has to stay cool. Williams most likely will lose even 3rd and 4th to some bad strategy and bad pit-work anyway.

    5. A Williams getting between the Mercs could be disastrous. My mind goes back to Austria…

    6. Lewis is happier chasing than being chased. So id be happy if he follows Rosberg home without taking the risks of leading and then defending his position. Lewis should win the Chamoionship on Sunday.

    7. I’m excited about the prospect of this weekend..the rational side of my brain says that it will be a run of the mill merc 1-2 (whichever way round it ends up) The pressure on everyone in the team, drivers, technicians, pit crew, strategists et al could all play a part + Double points ramping up that pressure should be great to watch, one slow pit stop could decide the championship or drop a team below another in the constructors. Looking forward to it!

    8. RB (@frogmankouki)
      20th November 2014, 15:33

      I found a small clip from the press conference, where they addressed safe driving between Lewis and Nico. Lewis seems to be fairly concise and firm in his response. Nico seems to be worried Lewis may hit him. But the best part is Jenson’s reaction to what Nico says around 36 seconds, his reaction is priceless.

      1. Thanks for sharing that, I laughed at the reactions from Alonso and Button, they know and Rosberg’s answer was so defensive, and perhaps Karma (if such a thing) doesn’t strike him.

          1. RB (@frogmankouki)
            20th November 2014, 16:17

            You’re welcome, that is another great clip from the press conference. Alonso is lost for words.

      2. @frogmankouki Considering the two of them have only collided once this season and it was solely Nico’s fault, he comes across a completely smug git with that answer. Bit childish if you ask me. But it’s Nico who said it, not Lewis so it won’t be picked up on ;)

        1. So Lewis was clean throughout the year? No issues with the way Lewis charged from the back of the grid in Germany?

          I know that Lewis has not had an issue with Nico, but he has been ragged at times and there is no guarantee that it won’t happen. Particularly since he is in the lead of the WDC.

    9. A lot of what Nico says depends on him being in front of Lewis, behind only he knows what he will do, and compromises he may have to make. I expect Nico to try hard to get pole, Lewis knows this circuit well, and if he plays a clever game of not showing his cards, could benefit.

      The achilles heel for me, and maybe what Nico is relying upon, is Lewis will want to win the race, that apart from reliability is perhaps where all could change.

    10. I think Nico knows this is probably going to be his only chance to win the title (with an expected improvement in reliability next year I think Lewis will win comfortably, as he would have done this year if reliability were equal) and he is willing to win at whatever cost. He has proven at least once (Monaco was not an accident regardless of what the Nico fanboys say) that he is capable of underhand tactics, Spa is questionable as well.

      Nico has more chance of winning the championship by starting P2 than P1, in P1 he relies on Lewis making a mistake or some outside intervention, from P2 he can try something underhand or try and force Lewis into a serious error.

      I really hope it doesn’t come down to that but I would not be surprised to see Lewis on pole and Nico forcing him off the circuit at T1 resulting in either contact or Lewis ending up down the field and having to fight through.

      I am personally hoping for a really boring race with Lewis taking the title comfortably – he deserves it far more on the balance of performances this season in my opinion.

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        20th November 2014, 23:17


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