Ricciardo: Form could dip after breakthrough year

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo says he understands he is riding a wave of form which could dip.


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Ricciardo prepared for form to dip (Autosport)

“I am riding a pretty big wave at the moment and I am sure, eventually, that will come down and then back up – but that’s normal.”

What won’t happen in sport in 2015 (The Telegraph)

“Ecclestone appointed head of FIFA. ‘It’s my natural home,’ he says.”


Comment of the day

It’s all change in Sauber’s driver line-up for 2015:

Sauber just flipped Sutil for Felipe Nasr (and Banco do Brasil) and now they’ve flipped their old third driver Van der Garde for Marciello (and a stronger bond to Ferrari, perhaps).

I couldn’t be more impressed with the way Monisha Kaltenborn has cleaned house and rebuilt the team this off-season.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Dsob and Michael Hu!

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On this day in F1

The 1965 season began on this day 50 years ago at the East London circuit in South Africa. Jim Clark began his progress towards a second championship title by leading every lap in his Lotus 33.

For only the second time in F1 history the podium was entirely occupied by world champions. sJohn Surtees, the reigning title-holder, was second ahead of Graham Hill.

And the points-scoring places were almost entirely taken by British drivers. Clark’s team mate Mike Spence was fourth and Jackie Stewart took a point for sixth on his debut. Bruce McLaren, fifth in his Cooper, precented a clean sweep.

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33 comments on “Ricciardo: Form could dip after breakthrough year”

  1. Liam McShane (@)
    1st January 2015, 10:51

    I couldn’t be more disappointed with the way Monisha Kaltenborn has ruined Sauber since taking over.

    1. Yeah, I don’t really understand this COTD. 2 awful drivers and a ‘meh’ reserve driver. Why should I be impressed?

      Hiring Frijns, Kobayashi or Vandoorne would be far more ‘impressive’ …

      1. Kobayashi has already driven for Sauber in the past, only to have been kicked out in favour of the Hulkenberg-Gutierrez line up. I would imagine that Sauber already has a fairly clear idea of Kobayashi’s potential, and one criticism of him that has been levelled is that he is not a great development driver, whereas Nasr, having been trained as Williams’s test driver, is a bit better in that regard.

        As for Frijns, whilst he has shown promise in junior series, there have been claims that he has a rather abrasive personality and is not very easy to work with. Furthermore, he is reported to have been offered, and twice rejected, offers from Red Bull for a place in their driver program, so he has genuinely had opportunities to enter the sport that he has actively spurned.

        Finally, I imagine that Vandoorne is bound pretty tightly to McLaren’s Young Driver program and McLaren do not want to let go of him. When McLaren tried to place Magnussen at another team for 2014, they were rumoured to have tried placing him at Force India because McLaren has a technical partnership with them. I can’t see them wanting to work with a team that is supplied by a major rival.
        Additionally, Sauber have a technical partnership with Ferrari – what benefit is there to them to adopt a driver from a rival development program which may jeopardise that technical partnership?

      2. Hiring Frijns, Kobayashi or Vandoorne would be far more ‘impressive’ …

        I doubt Sauber can afford to hire any of them unless those drivers bring a boat load of funding with them.

        Thats the problem Sauber have, I’m sure they would love to have a driver line-up with 2 promising drivers like Vandorrne & Frijns but sadly thats something they simply cannot afford to do.

      3. Patrick

        How would rehiring Kobayashi be far more impressive? How many chances does a driver need.

        You need to face reality. I have always believed that Kobayashi is way over rated (just look at his GP2 results) and now the F1 fraternity has come to the same conclusion.

        Marciello deserves a chance after all Kobayashi wasted his.

    2. The team needs funds & as good as drivers like Hulkenberg, Kobayashi etc.. are they don’t bring the sort of funding to the team which Sauber desperately need.

      If it wasn’t for the ‘pay’ drivers its probably Sauber as a team would be dead by now.

      I also think its a little unfair to blame Monisha Kaltenborn as I don’t believe she’s done anything that Peter Sauber would not have done considering the increasing financial strain the team has been under since BMW left.

      1. Carlos Trindade
        1st January 2015, 14:31

        It is so easy to criticize from behind a desk….. good luck for 2015, Monisha and all the Sauber team. You deserve it

    3. The Sutil saga was/is off-putting because Sauber used to stand for integrity and a handshake quality and for that, Monisha deserves criticism.
      But she is also a big part of the reason why Sauber even made it on the grid in 2010 after BMW’s exit and why they could stay afloat while digging themselves out of that financial hole.

    4. @motor_mad the team is still going, that’s her job and she’s accomplished that.

      1. Liam McShane (@)
        1st January 2015, 20:55

        Yeah, going backwards. Time will tell if they’re still around at all. I can’t blame her fully though with the stupid way the money is distributed in F1.

    5. As a Sauber fan, I think Monisha is doing a good job.
      Let me explain. Let’s start in 2012, with 2 good drivers KOB and PER, 4 podiums (Perez could have beaten ALO in Malasya….but lets discuss that in another forum).
      But….was it the drivers that lifted the car?
      I don’t think so. Sauber did have JAMES KEY in 2012. So……

      In 2013…without PER….Monisha had to take GUT in order to keep Mexican funding. Everybody thought it was awful dumping KOB….but I thing HUL did better. KOB couldn’t have scored the points HUL scored. So…despite not being a great season…2013 was good considering the resources.
      Great second part of the season.

      For 2014 Monisha still have to cope with disappointing GUT for its backing. Slim started throwing money in Force India…much more profitable (1 podium for PER in FI). So…..everybody knew GUT will be done…..If we add a crappy Ferrari Power Unit……What’s the use in paying HUL when a mediocre guy like SUT can bring money? HUL in the C33 could have scored a couple of points….sure. Not much…but 6 or 7. But Sauber needed money to survive.

      For 2015 when everybody thought Sauber will die….Brazilians came to back up Nasr.
      I rather take my chances with Nasr than GUT. In this case ERI will replace SUT as a “funder”.
      On top of that….instead of having payers as testers and reserves (VDG paid, Sirotkin paid, Silvestro paid) now we have a real promise with Marciello.

      Everything done without being helped by Bernie and being constantly screwed by the “big ones”.

      The next step is lifting desing level…to be prepared for a better PU.

      Monisha did what she needed…..she survived. I’m not saying I’m proud of Sauber 2014…but Monisha did a good job.

  2. ColdFly F1 (@)
    1st January 2015, 10:53

    Happy Birthday to the New Year as well!

  3. I think it’s very likely Ricciardo will have a more normal season in 2015. He had a very good year with a lot of deserved podiums. And even though I believe his three wins include more luck than many, for example Webber, ever had it would’ve still been three podiums to add to his total tally of podiums. I’m expecting him on the podium next season for sure but it might prove harder now that Williams are perhaps the second best team to fill in P3/4. Then there is possibly Ferrari and Mclaren to fight with. I think if Williams get a good start they could (as I think they could have done this year aswell) beat Red Bull to second.

    1. I watched some races on the past season again and i’m 100% sure that he will do it fine again.
      The guy is legit. His races on Cota and Abu Dhabi were stellar. And luck didn’t played any role on them.

      With Red Bull better prepared this time and having proper winter testings, i bet they will build a better car than Williams and again be the closest challenger to Mercedes, as Renault too will evolve their engine.

    2. What a sandbag:) He’s only trying to say that it’ll depend on the car, in a very nice and smart way. Just protecting himself. He’ll do well with what he has. RB will be strong and he’ll win races wherever he can

    1. Not sure what your question is but it’s a joke. FIFA is soccer’s version of the FIA, and known to be about as corrupt as Bernie, hence his ‘natural home’.

      1. Actually, given some of the allegations of criminal activity involving FIFA, I think that even Bernie would probably go “Hang on a minute” if he were offered the job…

        1. Not if you wave a few dollar bills in front of his face.

        2. petebaldwin (@)
          2nd January 2015, 10:31

          Criminal activity wouldn’t put Bernie off. He’d just do as he likes and bribe his way out of any trouble he gets in.

      2. I think Bernie would do a stellar job at FIFA…

  4. Congratulations to JB for finally getting married too!

    1. i never knew this congrats!

    2. I wonder if that means a baby and retirement will soon be on the way..

  5. DanRic will be fine , I’m guessing once he stops smiling behind that helmut and starts snarling he’ll be up to his old tricks, ie, passing-winning etc,

  6. That telegraph caption is nonsense. Obviously the writer does not know what he is talking about. Eight wdc contenders while entering the last race?

    1. Or it’s a joke I didn’t get?

      1. @spoutnik

        What won’t happen in sport in 2015 (The Telegraph)

        1. ah, my bad, :)

  7. Red Bull senior driver seemed always beaten by newcomer drivers, I think Ricciardo will destroy that tradition.

    1. Webber didn’t beat Coulthard in 2007.

      1. @wsrgo sure… points wise, but there was no occasion where both finished and David was in front of Mark.

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