No nerves for F1’s youngest ever driver pairing

2015 F1 season

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F1 Testing In Jerez - PreviewsMax Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr say they are not feeling any nerves ahead of the opening pre-season test in Jerez.

Despite Team Principal Franz Tost claiming that the team target fifth in the Constructors’ Championship this season, neither of the latest Toro Rosso drivers feel under pressure heading into their debut seasons.

“Everyone is very positive in the team, which gives you a good feeling,” says Sainz. “So at the moment, no nerves. Maybe a bit closer to Melbourne, there will be a bit more nerves, but there’s a lot of concentration and a lot of will to go out on track. At the moment, I think everyone has done a good job to get us fully prepared for the season.”

Max Verstappen – who will become the youngest driver ever to race in Formula 1 when he makes his debut in Melbourne – echoes his team mate’s views.

“Perhaps when the lights come on in Melbourne, there will be more nerves”, he says.

With the FIA introducing a raft of changes to the sport’s superlicense system in reaction to Verstappen’s rapid rise to the series, the 17-year-old says he’s just happy to be competing in F1.

“Of course, it’s not been many years for me – I’m only 17 – but I’ve always wanted to be a Formula 1 driver and now I have the chance to see the car standing there, I can’t wait to go out,” says Verstappen.

“You just have to focus on yourself and be happy that you’re here.”

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4 comments on “No nerves for F1’s youngest ever driver pairing”

  1. oh give us a break guys… your helmets are almost identical. What is it with drivers these days? Is it lack of imagination? colour blindness or what??? I know redbull/torro rosso drivers have to incorperate a large red bull logo but those helmets are a joke. Give the spectators a chance, even the numbers are so small on the cars to help… really grinds my gears.

    1. Very unfortunate indeed, but we must not forget that Red Bull’s purpose in F1 is to sell these pink sugardrinks. So, very little room for personal branding. And Carlos and Max are not in the position to change helmets every race like Vettel 😉

    2. There are quite some differences on top and front. Yes, their main colour is silver and they both have a RB logo on it, but there’s a clear Spanish striping on Carlos’ helmet, and Max seems to have some similarities with his fathers helmet design.

      Nevertheless I like it the way it was in the 70’s up to the early 90’s, simple and effective (for low res tv broadcasting) but unfortunately it changed to small details and ‘fast shapes’.

    3. Carlos’ looks like it might be more recognisable from the side with those Spanish flag colours

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