Manor ‘proud’ after double finish in China

2015 Chinese Grand Prix

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Manor Marussia Team Principal John Booth says his team can feel ‘really proud’ after they achieved their target of getting both their cars to the finish at the Chinese Grand Prix.

Both Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi reached the chequered flag without incident in Shanghai, finishing last of those still running at the finish in 15th and 16th place respectively.

“The whole team can feel really proud of what we’ve achieved in China this weekend,” said Team Principal John Booth.

“Our target was to get both cars to the chequered flag and it’s a great feeling to have achieved that and to see the progress we’ve made in every session. The pace is also starting to come now – we were much better off in the race today – so there is a lot to be satisfied with and a lot to look forward to.”

There had been questions over Manor’s ability to run two cars in a race with Will Stevens having failed to make the start of either of the opening two rounds of the season. But the British rookie was pleased with his first race of the season.

“It was a great race for me and the team and one which shows how far we’ve come in a very short space of time,” said Stevens.

“Obviously it feels really good for me to be racing again and to finish the race with both cars is so important for us at this stage of our development. We always knew that when we sorted out the challenges we’d have a reliable car.”

2015 Chinese Grand Prix

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    20 comments on “Manor ‘proud’ after double finish in China”

    1. It was really nice to see them on track and better than in Malaysia already. They were faster in quali with both drivers inside the 107%rule…. and in the race they were just lapped 2 times (last race was 4 times, right? or 3? nevertheless, they improved lol)

    2. Hope Bob Fernley is satisfied :) They should soon get the 2015 PU and the 2015 car on track. Just the PU is worth the upgrade.

      1. It would be a decent boost for them indeed, looks at Sauber.

        Yup, I reckon that would catapult them up into being able to challenge for points along with the rest of the midfield. It would certainly add to the racing!

        Wouldn’t that be nice though, having no back-marker teams eh?

        1. Wouldn’t that be nice though, having no back-marker teams eh?

          Mclaren is still around

          1. They were fighting with Force India and Pastor’s Lotus. No way that is back marker form.

            They have the resources as well to show tremendous improvement unlike Manor.

          2. I would literally die in laughter if they end up fighting McLaren with the new spec car.

        2. You mean like Force India?

    3. Really hoping that they are indeed making progress, but it is dependent on how much money they have for development. I think though that sponsors are still weary of putting in money in a team that people still aren’t sure about lasting the whole season.

    4. How could both cars possibly finish the rice of they are only willing to run one car at a time and are only there to do the barely minimum and pick up the prize money at the end of the season?

      1. This doesn’t look like a team doing “the bare minimum”. Anyway, why shouldn’t they pick up the prize money? They earned it fair and square competing and scoring last year.

      2. ColdFly F1 (@)
        13th April 2015, 14:37

        @sam3110, even if they don’t finish the rice, they can still have last year’s dough.
        And who said you cannot have your cake and eat it? At least they are not wine-ing like those beer guys from India!

        1. Tom (@11mcgratht)
          13th April 2015, 18:31

          ^I think it was a joke you guys :)

    5. It’s amazing that they are there. I do hope they can survive. At least I didn’t hear anything negative from Bernie this time.

    6. Good going Manor. It was great to see them both finish, considering the challenges they have faced! And finishing 2 laps down is not half bad, considering they are using last year’s car and power unit.

      I think though that sponsors are still weary of putting in money in a team that people still aren’t sure about lasting the whole season.

      There lies the catch 22. They will not last the entire season if they get no investment.

      I think they will last. Someone will invest, they will make it to the end of the season, and may even be lucky enough to score a few decent results in random races. Maybe it’s just hope, though. They will certainly continue to have a tough time of it, I’m sure of that.

    7. Manor is feeling “Proud”. I’m sorry I read “poor” for the first time.

    8. …Fernley “annoyed.”

    9. The “ultimate” world motorsport racing venue with a competitor that is “really proud” to finish a race. Something isn’t right in the F-1 world.

    10. omarr-pepper
      14th April 2015, 1:17

      With the 2015 engine / car and with a bit of luck / crazy weather, they can get some points.

    11. The lack of manor coverage on Sky F1 was sad. Even in early laps when they read off the drivers as they go by, they stopped short at Manor and gave them no video coverage.

      1. Agreed, only time we saw them was being lapped.. I am looking forward to seeing what they can do with a new spec car with the 2015 Ferrari PU. I expect they will get a lot more airtime then!

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