McLaren support 2017 engine changes

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In the round-up: McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team would support changes to the engine regulations in 2017, which could potentially lead to an increase in power.


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Boullier keen on 2017 changes (F1i)

"Any changes we support, because we are ready and especially in two years we would be more than ready to fight."

Lotus has 'turned corner' financially (Autosport)

"We did some pretty hardcore cost cutting, laying off a number of people, making a lot of redundancies, and then it was about cutting costs everywhere we could, and it worked."

Good morning, professor Sainz! (Toro Rosso)

"I tried (rallying), but I didn't like it that much. I've chosen a different world."

Nico Hulkenberg on the WEC: 'Everything has been a première this weekend...' (Adam Cooper's F1 Blog)

"I’ll do this race and I’ll do Le Mans and then after that I’ll assess how much I like it."


Comment of the day

Memories of the Riverside circuit which was the subject of Sunday’s book review:

Being a life-long Riverside resident (with the exception of a few years spent living out of state) this is definitely a book I’ll be getting. Never had the chance to see F1 there, as I wasn’t born yet, but certainly remember attending numerous NASCAR and drag races at the venue. It’s also one of my favourites tracks to drive in rFactor, although I might be a bit biased I currently live approximately five miles from the old raceway site.

It’s a shame it was demolished for a shopping mall, and a crappy one at that. The mall is more of a ghost town than a shopping mall, and it in turn should be demolished. That said, there are a number of other very nice stores and businesses that have been built over the years on the old raceway grounds, including some residential areas. But oh how we long for the old days sometimes, when land was less developed and more sparsely populated.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Elio de Angelis scored his second and final grand prix victory for Lotus in controversial circumstances 30 years ago today at Imola. Alain Prost took the chequered flag first but was disqualified when his McLaren was found to be underweight. Thierry Boutsen and Patrick Tambay completed the official podium.

Earlier in the race Prost had this battle with future arch-rival Ayrton Senna:

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47 comments on “McLaren support 2017 engine changes”

  1. Am I the only one who has a sense that the ‘new’ McLaren livery will carry a bit more than a passing resemblance to their iconic red & white (now probably red & grey-ish) colours?

    1. Well, unless they’re bringing Ayrton Senna back for the Spanish Grand Prix, I think you might be right. I don’t see how else “a legend returns” could be interpreted.

      1. Maybe they decided the MP4-4 was a better car to race than the current one…

        1. @f1freek I know you meant it tongue in cheek, but just to show how much faster F1 has gotten compared to 30 years ago: the MP4/4 (not MP4-4 ;) ) would probably have a hard time against a GP2 car, let alone a current F1 car.

          1. @mattds Just to back up what you’re saying, in 1988 Ayrton Senna put the MP4/4 on pole in Japan with a 1:41.8 lap. In 2014, Max Chilton’s Marussia was last on the grid with a 1:37.8. Senna’s lap wouldn’t even have put him within the 107% window, so he wouldn’t have qualified at all. And 2014’s pole time was significantly slower than the year before, where Webber broke the beam with a 1:30.9.

      2. In Spain is Alonso not a legend… returning to drive a McLaren?

      3. I’m not kidding you it’s a hologram Senna for an event

    2. They teased us in similar fashion before presenting their current livery. I refuse to get my hopes up.

      1. me neither, I was also wondering if they are even allowed? When a driver isnt allowed to change his helmet are the teams able to change their livery when they want?? Would be rather daft…

      1. They could have these 3..
        But are likely to be 50 shades of grey..

        1. @fastiesty Any one of those three would be an improvement. Even just bringing the white in makes such a difference and would work for Honda too. The third one might finally quiet the annual bring-back-orange brigade and at the same time be more in line with McLaren’s own brand as a vehicle manufacturer. Sadly, I’m also braced for more grey too.

          1. The Blade Runner (@)
            5th May 2015, 9:15

            McLaren Tweeted a photo of a signed Alonso baseball cap last Thursday which apparently goes on sale from today.

            It’s bright blue with a yellow and red “14” on the back of it.

            IMAGE HERE


            I’m not sure whether it’s a hint of what the new colour scheme will be or whether it’s just based on Alonso’s helmet design.

          2. @thebladerunner Those are the asturian colors (which coincidentally did fit perfectly with the Renault colors from back when Alonso was driving for them).


          3. The Blade Runner (@)
            5th May 2015, 11:56


            Ah, that makes sense! Thanks.

          4. @jerseyf1 Yeah, I agree, even if they ruled out orange, there’s still the flamboyant choice of Red & White, which matches Honda/Japan and 1988 etc.

            Even then, the simple white instead of chrome is a pragmatic solution. But grey.. at least it ties in with more involvement from TAGHeuer, for whom this is also a sensible sponsorship.

    3. Unlikely, as it could be interpreted as free advertising for Marlboro (who still have involvement with Ferrari).

      Despite that, I have no idea for any other suggestions, sorry.

      1. isn’t Lotus livery free ad for John Player Special in that case? or this McLaren a West free ad too, since it looks so similar to 98 car from Mika, right? even the williams livery from 2012 was almost like the rothmans one, from 94 to 97?

        1. @matiascasali No, the Lotus livery is different enough from the old JPS liveries to stop there be any association. That’s why the Lotus looks more like an old Wolf than a JPS. Hence the lack of gold pinstripes.

          Ferrari have been in trouble before for their logo looking too much like a packet of tabs.

          1. it’s arguable, but in any case, what about the rothman-ish livery from williams?

          2. @maiascasali I think the same applies. Yeah, it’s sort of similar, but the blue is different, no gold stripe etc etc. It seems evocative of the Rothmans design, but when you actually compare them, they’re really not that similar at all other than being blue and white.

      2. @scottie the McLaren logo has evolved from the Marlboro chevron and in the chassis designation MP4/XX the M originally stood for Marlboro so there is already much of McLaren’s own history tied in with Marlboro.

        1. @jerseyf1 Ummmm the MP4 stands for McLarenProject4!! Since the merger of the original Bruce McLaren team and Ron Dennis’ Project4 team.

          1. @asanator I don’t personally remember that far back, but discussions on here and similar blogs suggest the “M” was Marlboro.

            This is also consistent with the version reported on Wikipedia with the following source:

          2. @asanator Possibly it’s a retroactive edit – i.e. once Marlboro switched their sponsorship to Ferrari.

          3. Correct it is MclarenProject4

        2. @jerseyf1 I wouldn’t set much store by that article seeing as how they list Norbert Haug as McLaren’s “Chief Engineer.”

          1. @baron I noticed that! To be clear this is not why I think this is true, I already believed that the M was Marlboro, this was just trying to link to something else to show I’m not the only one who thinks this is the case. As fastiesty states it’s probably a retroactive edit so contemporary sources can’t confirm it one way or the other.

  2. Desperate times @ McLaren, by 2017 they will be ready to fight but would prefer to start all over again ?!

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. They probably realised that their whole PU design risk was a step in the wrong direction, and they don’t have a chance of catching up unless their is another engine regulation shakedown.

      Looks like their big step forward is just fighting for points regularly till 2017

  3. Neil (@neilosjames)
    5th May 2015, 0:56

    Be funny if the McLaren thing was just an advert for Tag Heuer sunglasses.

    1. BJ (@beejis60)
      5th May 2015, 14:31

      It’s supposedly going to be an advertisement using SEN as a hologram and previously recorded audio @neilosjames

  4. More Tag Heuer branding on the bare McLaren perhaps? Placing an existing sponsor on the sidepods and rear wing so the lack of title/major sponsor isn’t as obvious to the casual viewer? This is sounding familiar…

  5. On finances… an article that will show why Lotus had to do cost-cuts: Losing 2nd in the 2013 WCC, and the $17.5m extra that would have come with it, really hurt the team.

    1. great article. But there are a few things he did not take in to account. All the assumptions he makes is basted on the fact that one team will have an increase on there budget and the rest will stay the same, but still a great read and will ask every one to read it

  6. I like McLaren, it’s my favorite team and I still support them. But man, it is starting to feel like McLaren is just a marketing company that happens to race and produce cars as side businesses. The gimmicky hashtags, endless self-aggrandizing and the seeming obliviousness to their current struggle, on the social media channels at least, it’s all so repetitive. (It could be that I follow too many McLaren official channels)

    I realize this is how the game is played in 2015, and that you have to put on a good face. But if McLaren finds themselves winning at the end of the season, which I sincerely hope happens, I fear that the tone of their marketing won’t change in the slightest. It’s been all sunshine on McLaren Twitter this whole time. It’s the disconnect between slick marketing people and the guys building, designing and racing the cars that puts me off.

    1. I’ve actually been quite upset by Mclarens “we’re the best team in the business” attitude for quite some time… i mean, its not like they only recently lost form. 3 WDC and 1 (ONE) WCC in the last 20 Years… to put that into perspective, ex-tyrell has been rebuilt three to four times since than, twice to championship winning form. Red Bull won four WDCs and four WCC. Ferrari? 6 WDC + 8 (?) WCC. even williams comes pretty close with 2 WDCs and 2 WCCs (they did win it both 96 and 97 didn’t they?). and renault for that matter. on WCCs over the last 20 years they are matched by Benetton. freaking benetton! No, you’re not the best ron. and if you pull out that damn MP4/4 for ONE more publicity event i’ll eat my hat. Yes it was great, get over it and put your act together. (Sorry if i got any numbers wrong, too lazy to look up)

  7. Daniel (@dstaplet13)
    5th May 2015, 5:46

    Well, a loss of 64 million pounds in 2013 is a serious chunk of cash. So it was right that they tried to correct it, and started to do so by the looks of it.

  8. Wow, COTD. Never expected that. Thanks Keith!

  9. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    5th May 2015, 8:19

    If McLaren (sorry, if Ron…) REALLY loves grey THAT much, then why not make the majority of the car grey, with a “McLaren orange” bright nose; just to liven it up a bit! I still think if orange is their first colour, then they could stick with it because the grey isn’t exactly awe inspiring and reeking of history!

  10. Someone on reddit pointed to this:

    It would make sense, reading several tweets about TAG Heuer becoming more involved, a red & black livery, “more grey” in the current livery …

    1. It looks plausible but i wonder how much Tag Heuer would want to be involved with F1 given that the sport’s main sponsor is Rolex.

      1. I imagine it isn’t really much of an issue, given that Mercedes are sponsored by IWC – who also produce luxury watches and are in direct competition with Rolex.

  11. Hulkenberg deserves a better car in the F1, otherwise it looks like he will leave this series…

    1. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of the hulk. I always rated him as the best driver outside of the top 3, but his performances last year against Perez were slightly underwhelming. Sure, he was more consistent and outscored him over a season, but then again he didn’t manage a podium for yet another season, while Perez got 2 for FI.

      Hulk has had a couple of good chances of a podium and a win as well, but has blown it. I think that if he was such a phenomenal talent, we would have seen Mclaren or even Red Bull trying to poach him. I think 2015 is a make or break season for the Hulk. If he delivers with a couple of podiums and strong drives, he might be on the top team radar, if not, he’s going to languish a mid field driver in f1

  12. Boullier should really think when speaking… That is not a good image that he is sending out with comments like those.
    I still have hope that Honda will get their act together and take it to MERC.

    1. Yeah, it’s probably a statement that was not run by the PR folks.

      PR says – “Work hard and we will win again. It’s in Honda’s, Alonso’s and Mclaren’s DNA to win. We win and lose as a team… we will raise our game at the next race weekend.. We will surprise people..blah blah”

      Boullier says – “We are @#$%&! . Why were there such high expectations regarding our team’s performance?!? We look forward to just forgetting the next couple of seasons and starting all over in 2017 again”

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