Prost, Lauda, Piquet and more join F1 Legends Parade

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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A trio of drivers with ten world championships between them were among those who featured in the Legends Parade as part of the build-up to the Austrian Grand Prix.

Four-times champion Alain Prost and three-times champions Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet were among those to be reacquainted with some of their title-winning machines.

Gerhard Berger drove his Ferrari from the 1988 season and his former team mate Jean Alesi was at the wheel of a Sauber.

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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    16 comments on “Prost, Lauda, Piquet and more join F1 Legends Parade”

    1. Great to see these classic cars and drivers together on track again :)

    2. Good to see these F1 greats ..and Pierluigi Martini, drive these classic cars on a neat little circuit. I hope we get to see this demonstration on TV!

      1. Anyone who can lead a GP in a Minardi qualifies as a great IMO!

    3. Graham (@guitargraham)
      21st June 2015, 11:11

      the 83 brabham bt52 in that reverse colour scheme is still a drop dead stunning car

    4. Look at that proper old-school car with no huge silly wings and no silly downforce! (sarcasm)

    5. Wot, no Mansell? :(

    6. Christ that Sauber is ugly (at least in that company).

    7. Why is Alesi in a car he never raced?

      1. It’s probably the closest car that they had from Sauber to the C17, so at least it makes a little bit of sense given that it is at least from the same manufacturer. You could, after all, complain about Patrese being given the Renault RE50 when you bear in mind that he never drove for Renault (he was driving for Alfa Romeo at the time).

        1. At least he drove a Williams-Renault

    8. i would like to read some comments of someone who were there to tell me about the noise! is the Tag Mclaren or the F1-88 as quiet? i mean, everyone complains about the lack of noise, but everyone says that those cars and that era were the best… so the noise is such a factor after all?

      1. Even if they were there, you have to bear in mind that none of the drivers would be driving flat out given that this would be a demonstration run, so it would not really be that representative.

        With regards to the noise issue, I certainly recall seeing the trackside footage from Berger’s qualifying lap in the 1986 Australian GP, and it’s quite easy to pick out the sound of the circuit announcer giving the current order in qualifying whilst he is going past.

        I think that, because a number of those in the media and in the wider fan base who are now active probably grew up in the post turbo era, when high revving normally aspirated engines were in use, their benchmark is that particular era and therefore want to replicate that particular era of F1, hence why noise seems to be more of an issue this time around.

    9. on other note: look at the sauber: it looks like a formula renault 3.5, like a feeder series car, and it’s a full fledged f1! and then, look at the F1-88, it’s a thing of beauty and it looks like an f1 should look. don’t know why, maybe because the big fat tyres, i can’t describe it, but i think that this is how an agressive F1 car should look like…

    10. I see the Minardi’s motorei moderni engine hasn’t changed a bit over the years – that was a standard occurrence in the turbo days.

    11. Awesome way to circumvent the Tobacco advertising laws.

      Marlboro plastered literally everywhere. And I Love it!

    12. Mark McDonald
      23rd June 2015, 19:57

      Wonderful photos! I watched these ’80s cars and drivers race yesterday! Great to see ‘Marlboro’ again.

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