Rate the race: 2015 Austrian Grand Prix

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Austrian Grand Prix.

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176 comments on “Rate the race: 2015 Austrian Grand Prix”

  1. 6/10. OK race.

    1. +1 OK race, and nothing more there is to say about it. At least we had some battles in the end.

    2. Same, 6/10.

      Some conclusions tho. Watch out for Force India and Lotus beating Red Bull in the constructors, and Ferrari losing out to Williams.

      Force India and Lotus are running very fast, and with Red Bull problems, and more penalties to come, and considering how far we are to the end of the season, those two Merc powered teams could easily overtake Red Bull in the standings.

      And in Ferrari’s case, Kimi seems way off. Lost of focus, somehow. His interviews were even duller than ever. And with Williams getting both their cars up there, they could start closing the gap slowly but steadily.

      1. @fer-no65 Not to mention FI have a ‘B’ spec car coming soon apparently. If they gain another half a second that could get very interesting.

        1. Hopefully, they could gain at least a 0.5 sec, because I think they need ro find at least 1 second.
          Anyway, I am happy with Hulk’s result.

      2. Even sauber would be in contention and it would be great for these teams, they’d really benefit with that extra cash.

    3. Too many people don’t understanding how rating works. 5/10 is average, so with a 6 you’re saying this race was above average. (And that’s above average compared to F1’s lengthy history, not just when compared to the yawnfest of the last two years.)

      1. Nathan (@il-ferrarista)
        22nd June 2015, 0:11

        + 1000, you’re absolutely right. A 4 from me anyways, dull race.

      2. @gweilo8888 – if that’s how you vote, though I seriously doubt you or anyone else has seen all the F1 races you tout and can remember them well enough to vote accordingly, so be it.

        I vote based on recent races, past races at the same track, and whatever else comes to mind. I understand the desire for some amount of statistical relability but at the end of the day, it’s one site’s survey. It will never be policeable.

      3. On a scale of 1 to 10, 5.5 is average. Round that, and you end up voting 6 if you truly believe this race was exactly average.

        I only voted 4 as I thought it was a bit below average.


    4. Yep ok…. relative to other races this year very good with some good action… but objectively not much going on and little on track action or visibly close racing.

    5. I was going for a 6, but thanks to Pastor and to a lesser extent, Vettel, gave an extra point. Certainly better than Canada.

    6. I have tried to get into F1 since 2010 and have just watched the latest Grand Prix. When are these drivers going to forget all the money from those that control their every move and everything they say and speak their mind? Ridiculous to keep watching Jenson grit his teeth and act like some politician. Alonso and others also!! For gods sake grow some balls and stop appearing on TV with smiling ridiculous faces talking absolute rubbish. F1 is boring – full stop. Change it or die like FIFA. Bernie – words escape me for your actions and devious money making ducking and diving. Make it a race or don’t bother.

  2. Well done Rosberg! Not the most interesting of races today but the racing was good. The lack of a DRS zone on the long straight led to some old school racing and should be adopted by other circuits (if the layout permits)


  3. That Pastor’s moment! My heart almost stopped!

    1. Pastor’s moment could of ended in one hell of and accident if he had lost it, he has a few moments most every race but that save was brilliant…

    2. I wonder how relieved Lotus are that he finished the race

    3. That’s why we need drivers as Pastor and Verstapen. Fearless of taking risks with 2015 Spec’s cars to the limit even though their balance are far away from front runners. Guts vs Budget. Well done guys !!! Beside that …. I should prefer tuning tennis.

  4. Pretty dull again unfortunately.

    There was a hint of a true lead battle at the start when ROS beat HAM into Turn 1 but the Safety Car killed that off and ensured he had a comfortable gap to the end. The later penalty for HAM selaed the deal.

    It seemed that everything settled down very quickly after the Safety Car ended, would a double-file Safety Car start make it easier for people to battle? Who knows…

    1. The safety car ensured the fact that HAM couldn’t match ROS’s pace? Come’n… Lewis was simply out-paced… Nothing wrong with that, it happens.

      1. what do people want from F1, we had lots of passing in the midfield some great battles between Max Botta Ricciardo Hulkanberg Sainz Maldaondo Massa Vettel were was your eye’s PJ ???
        oh right your only interested in first place.
        go watch something else because this is how F1 is, has been, always will be..

        1. Correct!

          Only reason we didn’t have more excitement was the abnormal number of retirements. Almost every car that made it to the end contributed to the show quite well

  5. Rate the race !!!
    which race ???

    1. @malik 2015 Austrian GP.

      1. @mashiat: Jaha :D
        Now I can rate the race: 10/10, very exciting. There was no chance to predict that a Mercedes would win, Ferrari or Williams would be on the podium and McLaren DNFs and Maldonado doing his show and Toro Rosso beating RedBull :D
        Very exciting :D

        1. Yeah, because in the Schumi era you clearly had NO idea who was gonna win. And about Maldonado doing his show… What’s wrong with him producing exciting battles on track???

          1. @nickf12013: I said it was very exciting :D

          2. Is anyone else sick of people bringing up the Schumacher era of 2001-2004? What the hell has that got to do with anything?

          3. @racect I know! You would at least hope they would also mention 1988!

        2. At least we’ve got someone who is not whining! Glad you rate 10/10. Enjoy your Formula 1 like Gerhard Berger does! :D

          1. @neelv27: where is your sense of humor? :D :D :D

          2. Right in the sentence above, if you caught it! :)

          3. I thought about how to best respond, but you set the bar so high I just give up :-). Very well done!

  6. Gave it a 7. Some nice wheel to wheel action+spectacular crash in the beginning. Pity that there was no fight for P1 but otherwise decent.

    1. let me tell it as it is,
      if the cars are so equal then no one is ever going to pass unless they make a mistake,
      it is more than likely to happen in the pits not on the track,
      so you can complain as much as you like about the front cars the odds on them passing these days is near nil,

      1. Watch GP2. Cars are equal yet there was quite a lot of action, 3 way wheel to wheel battles. DRS cheapens that show also but it’s a bit more neutered at this track.

    2. @nmsi I agree, 7/10.

      I really enjoyed that for most of it. A lot :) Easily the best race for quite a while. It felt very refreshing to see battles all down the field, drivers really pushing hard, and while DRS did play its part, it didn’t ruin it completely like in other races.

  7. 7/10.

    Some nice battles, Some nice overtakes & a bit of close action.

    Had Kimi not crashed on L1 watching him come through the field would have added a bit of extra fun so a shame he retired.

    1. Agreed but I can’t help but think he should have been further up the field.

    2. Yeah, agree with that. And Berger did a solid job with the podium interview too.

      1. I gave it an extra point for Berger’s interview, he had is arms all around Lewis like some kind of sweaty octopus, he reminded me of John Leslie.

    3. The real shame is that he took Alonso with him.

      1. @spoutnik You wanted to hear them tell Alonso: “Fernando, unfortunately, we have to retire the car”?

  8. Well. It seemed marginally better than the last few.

    Still far from a classic though.

    1. That makes it sound as if I think it was a lot worse than it was.

      There were some really nice battles on track today, DRS was not too powerful, and even on a one-stop we saw some nice changes in strategy which played out across the race. I would have given it a 6.5/10 if I could, but rounded down to a 6 in the end. However the fact that this was one of the better races this season says a lot about how this season is shaping up. At least we have a possible title fight on our hands now.

      1. My feelings exactly, except for the rounding (I did it to 7, but just because I think it has been *a lot* better than the last 3).

  9. Some battles down the field but nothing particularly thrilling. I had great expectations for this one because Ferrari was suppose to be closer but it never happened. Lewis losing the start was suppose to add a bit of spice to the race but Nico was fairly faster today so it was a collection of anti-climax moments…

  10. Just another 2015 Pirelli-DRS race. The least entertaining race in Spielberg this weekend. 5/10

    1. Yep, 5. Meh

  11. Not terrible, but still a bit to processional at the sharp end. Some good wheel to wheel at times in the middle of the pack and, of course, Maldonado and Verstappen on the pit straight almost going terribly wrong.
    Somewhere in between 6-7/10 for me.

  12. 6. Not as boring as Canada but nothing interesting to see as well. Maldonado giving some entertainment along with usual joker Verstappen.

    Massa/Vettel battle was good to watch but nothing really materialized there other than closing of the gap.

    Two horrific race weekends for Ferrari with the upgraded PU.

  13. 6/10 for me. It was an okay race, with some good battles in the mid-pack. Shame that Hamilton was way off the pace to mount a challenge on Rosberg.

  14. 5/10 average race… Nothing great, nothing really bad.

  15. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    21st June 2015, 14:35

    Fantastic race, at least 4/10.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      22nd June 2015, 15:25

      so true these days

  16. It had a few good moments, the end was good. 6
    Watching Maldonado was preety funny, this guy doesn’t have any skills!

    1. Alexandretti
      21st June 2015, 15:01

      Indeed, Maldonado reminded me a bit of a granny who suddenly realized she almost hid the curb….that was hilarious !

    2. So…who who should replace pastor?

    3. Kimi lost it on a little bit of wheel spin out of the slowest corner of the track, Pastor saved the same kind of tank slapper at 300 kph. Indeed, no skill at all.

    4. @cocaine-mackeine There’ve been many moments these 5 years where he’s shown a lack of skill, but those 2 saves (including with the DRS open with Verstappen blocking) weren’t among them. He had a funny, but good race.

  17. 15/10 . I almost fell off the chair with excitement every lap…

    Which race are we talking about !!!!!

    What a bore !!!!!

    1. What the heck do you want??? Wheel to wheel racing in every corner?

      1. WWE style F1, fake but exciting.

  18. I think people need to go play F1 on their playstation if they want to see cars dicing throughout the whole race. This was a standard F1 race. It was not great or bad. It simply delivered what it is. A race in which the fastest car, and best driver on the day won.

    1. Agree with you, although I would love to see some more graining of tyres.

    2. exactly, which leads to a 6/10

  19. ColdFly F1 (@)
    21st June 2015, 14:36

    OK – too bad RAI could not show us a great overtaking race.

    1. @coldfly
      At least he ruined Alonso’s race, so you can’t say he didn’t leave an impact. :)

      1. He spared Alonso another frustrating afternoon of being overtaken and retirement.

        1. Very much so. Now Alonso could go home with the good feeling of having made up a lot of spots right at the start! @xtwl, @coldfly @biggsy

  20. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    21st June 2015, 14:37

    Liked that race, lots of wheel to wheel racing which we have been missing this year…

    1. robert smith
      21st June 2015, 14:52

      “lots of wheel to wheel racing” are you kidding? after 33 laps there had been a grand total of 2 passes in the top 10, and only bottas was within a second of the car infront of him. How exactly are they wheel to wheel when they are over a second apart?

      1. top 10? who cares about the top ten!

        1. robert smith
          21st June 2015, 14:57

          everyone thats why its those cars on tv 95% of the time, or do you look out for who gets to be the 14th best driver, woo hoo

      2. after 33 laps there had been a grand total of 2 passes in the top 10

        That’s quite an overexaggeration.

        1. robert smith
          21st June 2015, 14:59

          care to watch it again only passes on track after first corner were bottas passin two cars

          1. And Grosjean passing Sainz, Sainz passing Grosjean, Grosjean slipping wide, Perez passing Grosjean, just after the safety car.

  21. Most memorable moment of the race? Err… a Toro Rosso overtaking a Red Bull, Hamilton crossing the white line at pit exit.

    Not a good or an exciting race, but in terms of overall championship, this might be important.

    1. I had a good time watching Maldonado in fights not crashing despite some hairy moments. And Massa defending from Vettel in a slightly faster Ferrari for several laps to the flag was another highlight. Saw nice racing from Hulk, Perez, Verstappen, Kvyat, Bottas etc too. All in all a solid F1 race @kaiie

  22. Would give 5/10 if HAM won. But because it’s a different driver, let’s make it 6/10. That crash at the beginning definitely added a point. So 7/10 finally.

  23. 7/10… again not awesome, but better than 3 or 4 races this year! And really nice to see some fight from Rosberg! Williams showing a better development through the year than Ferrari, as always.

    Extra: As a Ferrari fan, I would give a 3 to the team! Losing a podium when you don’t have the pace is one thing. Losing for silly errors is another! And it’s already the 2nd time… seriously -.-

  24. Ok race, gave it a 7 for Massa holding Vettel. Ferrari can’t overtake Willams on track it seems.
    Rosberg drove brilliantly. Verstappen, what a drive again.
    I remember back in the 2000’s the complaints about this track was that is you could not overtake there, the problem is still there.

    1. @edmarques It’s not like all other cars were passing each other every lap. There simply was nothing in it if the speed difference wasn’t at least of the level Williams/Torro Rosso…

      1. @xtwl +1. I think Vettel got closer than any of the previous attempts to pass the Williams. Was able to hold the line through corners as well.

    2. I remember back in the 2000’s the complaints about this track was that is you could not overtake there, the problem is still there.

      Valtteri Bottas and Pastor Maldonado would probably say otherwise @edmarques

      1. Hakkinen in 1999 came from last to third. What i meant that is a difficult track to overtake, but not impossible.

  25. Not the best race ever, but pretty good in my opinion, few good battles, and mistakes which through their unpredictability obviously add a bit of excitement like the Massa-Vettel fight at the end because of the slow stop, so I’d give about 7-8.

  26. 6 for me. not surprised there was not a battle between vettel and massa, basically what happened in bahrain between bottas and vettel

  27. This wasn’t the boring race everyone in the live chat said it was. It was average, therefore I gave it a 5. Canada was much worse, the first 80% of Monaco was the worst thing ever. Spain was worse in my view also. DRS was well calculated (apart from the first detection point) and not too powerful, most of the passes were done into T2 without DRS anyway. Not a bad race, not a good one either. 5.

  28. 5/10 Not the best nor the worst I’ve seen. Kind of reminded me of races we had before DRS. Also equally average.

    Pastor Maldonado driver of the weekend for sure, only his second time he scores points in two consecutive races. I’m starting to think the many mistakes he makes is because he is the only one pushing the car and tyres. Mind you, perhaps he is the only real talent on the grid….

    I’m happy I’ll be at the race next sunday in Silverstone because let’s be honest, when you are at the track you don’t really follow the race as much as you just enjoy the atmosphere and cars. At least then I won’t be annoyed by the next procession of 2015.

    1. Well lucky you @xtwl
      Even in Silverstone when the season is boring it delivers a very good race! (Look at 2013)

  29. Safety car deployed = ‘race’ over. 2, and that’s generous.

  30. Slightly better than Canada, but that’s not saying much is it

  31. Thought that it would be an interesting one after rosberg gets pass hamilton at the start. But turns out that hamilton pole is a fluke and is still way off rosbergs pace and ferrari once again loss a podium to williams. Gave it a 4

  32. Surprised at the comments so far. I’ve been one of the biggest critic of 2015 races so far as they’ve generally offered little action but found this pretty entertaining. Not a classic but we had a lead change into turn one, a first lap crash, unreliability, a bad pit stop to spice up the podium race and lots of overtaking which were far more genuine than some of the DRS moves we normally see.

    The only real problem for me was Hamilton’s penalty (which had to be given of course, no doubt), but the Mercs seemed to switch down after that, otherwise I think we would have had a battle for the lead too.

    1. Bottas/Hulkenberg back and forth scrap was also very entertaining. The lack of DRS on the long straight meant that battles went on longer than they normally would and i enjoyed it.

      1. @ben-n Agreed. We also had that driver that was chasing someone closely until it overtook him or defended the position. It wasn’t a bad race but a lot of fans want to see a F1 2014 online race, and that’s asking too much with the current regs.

  33. 6, great first lap and midfield overtaking during the race but lack of action at the front spoiled it for me. Vettel threat never materialized and Lewis’s strategy of saving fuel and brakes for an attack at the end of the race disappeared with his penalty. The 1 pit stop limited teams strategy options too.

    Also, i cannot think of a worse McLaren Grand Prix weekend in recent years.

    1. @emu55 the last one?

  34. Neil (@neilosjames)
    21st June 2015, 14:48

    All I can say is thank god for the midfield.

  35. Average GP, another one this year. If you want to see a good Austrian GP, watch the GP2 feature race…excellent.

  36. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
    21st June 2015, 14:53

    Not a bad race, not a great race, just a fairly standard race with a few decent battles but an anti-climax at the front. Ferrari not showing the promised pace again and Lewis just didn’t have enough today, beaten fair and square penalty or not.


  37. robert smith
    21st June 2015, 14:55

    Rating 3/10

    You just know f1 has gotten ever more dull when maldonado doesnt even crash, 2 passes in top 10 cars in first half of the race, pathetic, after 10 laps the result was decided and would have finished the way it started if it hadnt been for mistake on vettels pit stop, YAWN

  38. 6/10. The V8 Supercars this weekend was better- far more overtaking in a short sprint race.

  39. Pretty decent race, behind the top 6. I mainly enjoyed some of the individual drives today, as opposed to the ‘whole’ race, oddly enough. I would’ve gone for a 6.5, but 7 it is for this poll, then.

    Races like today feel like they can’t really be avoided in terms of ‘changing F1’, though I really do hope Ferrari start getting a little bit closer to Mercedes again and Lotus stops having random reliability issues. I feel the Red Bull/Sauber/Force India/Toro Rosso/Lotus battle could be pretty interesting the rest of the season, but some battles at the front wouldn’t hurt at this point.

  40. I gave it a 7, there were some good battles going on most of the time, a little bit of strategy variation coming in at the end too. Really getting frustrated with Ferrari not being quite quick enough to challenge for the lead though.

  41. Something that wasn’t spotted: Mercedes’s advantage on the supersofts disappeared when they went onto the softs, and Vettel was even quicker than them. Had his pit stop been okay and not lost 10s and fall behind Massa then he would’ve been within 5s of Hamilton and with Lewis’s penalty Vettel would have been 2nd.

    I know, ifs and would haves… But still.

    1. Vettel might have been closer to Mercs on softs but don’t think Mercs were pushing as well. Rosberg was ahead and Lewis had the 5 sec penalty as well. Given the gap to Massa, they had no need to push.

  42. Positives from the race:
    1. Most of the moves were made into turn 2, and I loved all of them because they were non-DRS assisted.
    2. The Safety Car actually played a Positive role as drivers were able to save fuel. Due to this, we didn’t hear any Lift and Coast on the radio and the drivers could push all through the race.
    3. Hats off to Pirelli. The need of a single pit stop meant that the drivers could push on the tyres as well, without worrying about degradation. Perfect combination between pit stops and on track action.
    4. The crash between Kimi and Fernando provided a lot of excitement. A crash in any race tends to increase the excitement factor.

    Hulkenberg, Nasr and Maldonado impressed me. Gave 7/10 for PURE racing.
    Now, Silverstone……………..

    1. Well said Akshat, loved to see genuine fights lasting several laps, with some great moves. I also gave it 7/10.

      1. Thank you.

    2. Well written, agree with that @akshat.

  43. Unfortunately a 3 out of 10 from me. Once again I found myself zoning out from the race. Every race this year has been average of below. I love this sport but I’m getting to the point for the first time of following F1 that I’m scared of losing interest completely. Come on Silverstone!

    1. +1 I used to get texts from friends who were also watching the race, now i get none as they’ve given up on the sport. My mind is filled with doubt if i should join them.

  44. I’m actually glad I had my girlfriend company. Most of the time my eyes were pinned on our facebook convo about everything non-F1 related from Lap 15 or so onwards.
    Rating? Not so much.

  45. robert smith
    21st June 2015, 15:03

    i wonder what the penalty would have been for lewis crossing the white line if it had been someone else instead of the golden boy who gets away with everything

    1. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
      21st June 2015, 15:06

      They would be forced to wear a tin foil hat.

      1. Trenthamfolk (@)
        21st June 2015, 15:08

        Lol… Isn’t it a standard ‘out of the box’ penalty… as Brundel says, a slam dunk like speeding in the pit lane?

    2. I suggest you check the regs…

      Or wonder how last year on tracks where the pit released right onto the racing line someone one who did nothing wrong exiting the pit lane found a car on his head yet got a penalty?
      The FIA decided this race – yes enforce the rules but anyone not seeing we were robbed at that point of at least a battle at the front needs a refresh! You can have a rule but just look at the application – I really do think they either need to review each tracks pit exit vs penalty or revise the line for certain tracks. There was nothing of issue in that line clip yet on another track staying within the line would have been a mighty crash in half the distance?
      Anyway – pretty average race for a frankly boring track. Killed by a safety car and penalty slots everywhere – macca – 50? I mean really that helps who or what?

    3. Last time someone passed that white line he got stoned if I remember correct.

    4. Rosberg would have won in Singapore back in 2008 had he not crossed the pit exit line (according to MB but I will take his word, I haven’t seen that race). IIRC he got a drive thru, so one could say Hamilton got off lightly

      1. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
        21st June 2015, 16:07

        Except the 5-second penalty is new and wasn’t around back then. That is now the standard penalty for minor infringements like this where they felt a drive through was too harsh.

    5. the golden boy who gets away with everything

      Not long ago we had some people suggesting the exact opposite:

  46. Trenthamfolk (@)
    21st June 2015, 15:07

    6/10 for me… good fun in parts… The Williams’ were on fire, Bottas made some great moves and Filipe did his usual solid defensive stuff by preventing Vettel from overtaking. Some excellent Maldanadoing also added a bit of excitement to the closing laps, just a shame we had to rely on Kimi to provide us with the drama!

  47. For me the race was very enjoyable to watch, imho it was much better than the last one. In fact I would only rate Malaysia higher. Maybe this race didn’t have the amount of passes some other races had but at least we didn’t have highway DRS passes so we actually witnessed some old school wheel to wheel racing. The Grosjean-Nasr and Verstappen-Maldonado fights were especially thrilling to watch.

    All in all I gave it 7/10 because we didn’t see the fight for the win as it was obvious that Rosberg is going to win after Hamilton earnd himself that penalty but apart from that it was a good race.

  48. 6/10

    first half was good, then it became the usual story.

  49. Dull race

  50. 7/10.
    I think Maldonado alone improved the rating by one point. There were some exceptionally good passes, a shame that most of them were for the lower part of the top 10.
    Besides there was almost no fuel saving thanks to the safety car, the tyres were very consistent, DRS wasn’t too powerful and they were racing on an old school track. That’s what many fans want, but apparently many more fans are not happy about today’s race.

    1. they were racing on an old school track

      I thought they were racing on the Red Bull Ring?

      To me the Osterreichring is an old school track. I don’t dislike the Red Bull Ring, but it’s not up there with Spa, Suzuka, Silverstone and the rest.

  51. An improvement from Canada….but not by much…..these penalties putting 4 drivers down the grid are not helping to achieve what they were designed for..and it will get worse

  52. Usually people complain that fights in midfield are nice, but it’s just not the same without a fight for P1. Well, today we had a genuine racing change in P1 [not caused by pitting or mechanical trouble], one of the few of the Mercedes era. People should cherish the moment, it might be the last such this season :-).

    1. I agree with you but that daft penalty (safety car too) killed any kind of race for an infringement that meant nothing where on another track like say Bahrain it would have been a huge mess. The line needs adjusting for relative penalty sense. The FIA should not be deciding the races on tracks where there is absolutely no safety issue.

  53. 6/10, but don’t forget to lower that by at least 50 penalty points.
    Why do they keep stabbing them selves in the foot and killing the race before it starts.

  54. 6/10. Some good battles, Vettel closing in on Massa was good to watch.
    Good drives from Rosberg, Vettel, Hulkenberg and Massa.
    Mercedes are just too far ahead.

  55. The DRS here is not bad!

  56. 10/4. It was very very very boring… :(

  57. I really can´t understand some fans..
    If there are a lot of overtakes “DRS ************ should be removed, FIA *******”
    If the race develops with few overtakes, despite “confrontations” (like the “old days”, as everyone says now), people still criticize it..
    Is everyone that really “insecure” of their own opinion, to be changing it every single race.. It seems like there is the need to criticize this era of F1, no matter what..
    This year isn’t different from many others, where one team is dominant over the rest of the field, but does that lead people not to be able to appreciate mid field action?

  58. Nice to see Felipe on podium

  59. Have been watching F1, Australian Supercars, GP2, GP3 and F3 this weekend. F1 has become the boring of them all. I hope the trouble four some will solve their issues soon. Mclarens problem is not only the Honda powerunit, Jensons problem today is all Mclaren. The same as Red Bull, Toro Rosso has a good car they only have a powerunit problem, Red Bull also has a design issue.

  60. Yes Bernie, if I after today’s restart I can spend half an hour getting coffee from the local Starbucks, return and have missed NOTHING at the sharp end, F1 is a ‘crap product’, unfortunately this is becoming the norm, next race I won’t be getting up at 4.30am, I’ll watch the replay later…

  61. That crash at the start robbed us of great interest. No real fight for victory, which is pretty much impossible with 2 cars of the same team. DRS on the 3rd straight was detrimental to the racing going on from the 2nd straight. Awful fighting between cars from different PU manufacturers in this power circuit. The fact this is a power circuit also meant that Ferrari PU’s also didn’t have any chance.

  62. Average race so I gave it 5/10.

    Shame we lost Kimi so early (spinning the rear tires again?) as I think he could have added a bit of excitement as he moved up the field.

    Gutted for Seb’s missed podium.

    RBR’s looked bad out there today.

  63. 8/10

    wasn’t sure if 7 or 8, but after seeing the sad but predictable wave of negativity from the so-called “fans” both here and on autosport forums for example I chose the 8.

    Seriously this race would have been considered a great race in the 90’s and 00’s. Lots of action throughout the field. Overtaking was not too easy, so the art of defensive driving could be showcased as well as the art of true overtaking without DRS making it too easy. Yes, the Mercs were dominant upfront but how is it different from most years of F1 since the 70’s? If you want multiple lead changes and a thousand overtakes F1 is not a sport for you. Oval racing and/or spec series is

    I’m highly critical of many aspects of F1, but people who bash the 2015 Austrian Grand Prix should ask themselves why can’t they let go of the sport that’s clearly not for them anymore(if it ever was), stop wasting their time and go watch something suited for them better instead

    1. Just out of interest, if this was an eight, what was Canada 2011?

      1. I gave it a 10/10 obviously. But that really was an off the scale, once in a decade race. Very rare combination of circumstances created a timeless classic. Nobody should expect such a perfect thing to happen with any reasonable frequency. And I’m fine with that. Some people however, armed with rose tinted glasses expect the unreasonable and judge every race by standards F1 never really adhered to. As of now 42% percent of voters gave the Austria race a mark of 5 or less. In other words: fail. This race was a fail in your opinion? Then my opinion is F1 is not for you and you should watch something else. Just my 2 cents I hope I’m entitled to

  64. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    21st June 2015, 17:52

    7. The start was so dramatic, but after the ALO/RAI crash no much drama happened until the MAS/VET battle for P3 and some other great battles and overtakes.

  65. Kimi heading for an early shower did it in for a ‘heroic drive from the back of the field’ display of talent and grit that ‘the show’ so badly craves. After qualifying, I was banking on Kimi being the entertainment for the afternoon, so I was disappointed to see him retire.

    After that, there was some good moves, but I can’t help but think the DRS added very little today. Not even in the GP2 race. In fact, the best race I’ve seen this weekend was this morning’s GP3 race.

    Then Seb’s delayed pit stop put the lid on the podium places.

    Below average for me, then. But it wasn’t really F1’s fault today. The cookie just crumbled in a slightly annoying direction – or broke off in your cup of tea after the promise of a dunk.

  66. 6/10
    Ok race a few nice overtakes but not all that much happened really

  67. 7/10

    You had to look down the field to find the action, but enough happened to make it watchable.

  68. Feels like a race of ‘what ifs’. If Hamilton was ahead with that time penalty it would’ve been a Suzuka 1994-esque time-chasing thriller. Still, had some fun moments, and it’s good to see that Rosberg seems to have his mojo back. 6/10

  69. I must add, the TV director was absolutely abysmal as per usual.

  70. Lewis was lucky to finish second. If a safetycar came late in the race, he would ‘ve finished down the order because of the 5 secs penalty. Anyway 6/10

  71. The only memorable moment from this race was the first lap when the camera showed us a McLaren mounting a Ferrari.

  72. 9 . Wheel to wheel racing, lots of overtakes all through, some nice saves by maldonado and a crash. Really enjoyed it and despite not being a fan of the track originally because of the short distance and lack of variety in the corners I’ve been converted to enjoying it as a good track after the last 2 years .

  73. Not bad. Good to see less DRS paint drying passes. Shame the rain didnt stay around for the race.

  74. I gave it a 5. It was the second best gp this year but that’s not saying much. It was a step forward. However the fact that not a single Mercedes engined car got overtaken by a non Mercedes car other than the start is a joke. The atmosphere was a bit dull. It’s been like that for every race this season though. Without the loud noises of the engines I was hoping you would hear the noise of the crowd or something but Silverstone will hopefully have a good atmosphere. Overall an average gp, in which FP3 was better than the race itself

  75. 6/10 – solid race.

    Better than the last few, not a classic by any means because any kind of race at the front was over by lap one. However, there was a decent amount of tension in the battle for 3rd towards the end, and the midfield provided some good entertainment (and racing outside of the DRS zones too). Honorable mention to Maldonado, he looked like he was pushing harder than most of them out of there! Also great to see Felipe Baby on the podium, hopefully the last few races are the early signs of a return to better form.

    1. *Better form for Williams

  76. A race threatened to break out near the end with Vettel and Massa. Otherwise not very engaging, nice scenery, bit like watching cycling. Hard to give it much attention for long.

  77. A very decent race, I wonder though how one can praise the crash between Raikkonen and Alonso. It was just plain frightening and reminded me of Spa 2012.

  78. 6. Funny how most of the action still tends to come from the midfield every other race, from exactly those teams that Formula 1 is slowly pushing away.

    I barely cared what the order was at the front up until Vettel’s tricky pit-stop, to be honest.

  79. Melchior (@)
    22nd June 2015, 8:26

    The race got a 6 from me.
    It was okay but with not much going on at the pointy end as per usual.
    It was nice to have been able to watch a race as channel 10 (Australia) in their infinite wisdom are only showing select race through the season :(

  80. Meh. 3. I’m another one getting bored to tears by these races. Apart from the Alonso/Raikkonen crash, this was bad, even watching the “highlights”. At this rate, I’ll be giving up on F1 completely (and that’s without the farce of grid penalties).

    It’s making the prediction thing pretty boring too – do I put Nico first or Lewis? Seb third and then 2 from Valteri, Felipe & Kimi.

    It would be nice to have a race for the lead that lasted past the first 3 corners.

  81. I voted 6… again.

    I think the midfield action was better than average. It would have been a 7 had the fight for the race win been closer.

    The Lewis penalty ruined this aspect but those are the rules and it was a silly mistake to make.

  82. I was very invested in the Massa v Vettel battle which increased my level of enjoyment. But even apart from this I thought it was quite a good race as there were some good battle throughout the field and a good amount of non-DRS passing.

    Moment of the race has to be Maldonado’s lose on the main straight, crazy!

  83. All excitement build up during practice sessions and qualifying just disappeared after few laps. To make mater worse there was never any chance of anyone making different strategic move to jump either of Mercedes ahead. There was nothing happening except few scraps in midfield, and I believe those were due to drivers ahead having to lift and coast which gave drivers behind chance to catch up and eventually pass them.
    Typical 2015, one stop, too durable tyres f1 bore fest. Gave it 5

  84. 7/10
    As always I was saying how boring it was but then I thought that this feeling was given to me by the previous races, while this one wasn’t special but certainly was decent. Fights and surprises across the field, nice to see. I think Felipe being at risk made Vettel’s charge much more interesting, in the end he wasn’t nearly as close as I feared he could be.

  85. I thought it was a decent race, I probably would have rated it a 6 but when I factor in the fact I only saw the race highlights, which always reduces my enjoyment of a race, I increased it to a 6.5-7, the same as I rated the previous GP in Canada.

    I have seen a few reports which suggested that this was a major victory and watershed moment for Rosberg but I just don’t see how it is any different to some of his previous performances.

    Since he and Hamilton have been teammates, although most would agree that Hamilton is the better driver overall, Rosberg has shown that on some weekends for whatever reason he is quicker than Hamilton, and for me this was one of those weekends.

    The BBC race report was headlined as “Nico Rosberg overtakes Lewis Hamilton to win” indicating that Rosberg had overcome one of the criticisms of him from last year that he couldn’t pass Hamilton in a race

    But for me the headline is misleading as Rosberg simply made a better start than Hamilton and then managed to resist any attempts by Hamilton to get past before the safety car neutralized the race on the first lap and then built a gap after the restart. Again that is really nothing he has not done before.

    It would have been interesting if Hamilton had made a decent start and had maintained the lead after the first lap, to see if Rosberg was sufficiently quicker during the race to get past Hamilton, personally I think although he was quicker he did not have the required speed advantage to get past his teammate on this circuit.

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