Pictures: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez ready for Mexican Grand Prix

2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is ready to host the weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix, the first race at the track for 23 years.

Extensive renovation has taken place at the circuit since its 2015 race deal was announced in July last year.

Take a look at the changes to the track ahead of the race below.

2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “Pictures: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez ready for Mexican Grand Prix”

    1. Tilketastic!

      1. Meaning? Don’t hate on a track just because Tilke’s name is on it.

        1. @ciaran Why not? Tilke’s name is synonymous with awful tracks. This one is no exception. I hate this ruination of a classic track. The mickey mouse back section, the emasculated esses, the awful stadium section, the lot. And to call the simple flat-out acceleration zone(similar to what Barcelona’s last turn has become with the addition of a disgusting chicane before it) of turn 17 by the name of one of the most exciting and fearless drivers in F1 history is like pouring salt on a wound

          As an F1 fan I openly declare that I hate Hermann Tilke’s work and wish he would not design another racetrack ever again

          1. @montreal95 Istanbul Park, Buddh International circuit, Circuit of the Americas, … there are even people who find both Bahrein layouts quite fun.

            1. @xtwl Istanbul, Austin and Sepang are the only ones I really like. Bahrain(regular) isn’t too bad but the long one is horrible. Buddh is worse than Yeongam IMO.

              Anyway, I take your point. Saying “As an F1 fan” maybe it looked like I speak on behalf of all F1 fans. I wasn’t. Everyone has different opinions. Having said that, by any measure, Tilke isn’t popular with the majority of F1 fans that would like to see him go and “Tilkedrome” hasn’t become a derogatory term in F1 fan circles for nothing.

          2. @montreal95 Edgy, I like it. As @xtwl‘s already said, Tilke makes perfectly decent tracks (personally I like Sepang as well) when he’s given a good location to work with. Nobody can do any better considering the restrictive FIA guidelines he has to work with.

            1. @ciaran I agree on Malaysia. I like it too. To be fair, in the given circumstances I like Sochi too.

            2. @ciaran That’s where you are wrong. Tilke does a bad job even when he’s given a nice terrain to work with. On autosport forums there’s a sketch that Tilke has proposed for Austin. It looks bland and boring and it’s not using the elevation changes at all. Luckily, the design for that circuit in the end is not tilke’s but Tavo Hellmund’s. Tilke were just building it, not designing. And that’s the crux of the matter :
              Tilke GMBH execution is impeccable, but imagination is lacking. The Tilke apologists mantra is always that it’s not his fault : It’s the terrain, it’s the FIA restrictions etc. While that’s easy to say, it’s impossible to prove, as long as Tilke has monopoly. Give someone else a chance, then we’ll talk

    2. I understand why they had to remove the Peraltada corner but I can’t figure out why they had to change turns 1, 2, 3 and turn 4, 5 ? They weren’t any safety issues and they could just change the curbs and the tarmac and in doing so the track would have a nicer flow and keep the history little more there.
      The rest of the circuit changes are quite good and understandable.

      1. Exactly what I thought all along. They’re obsessed with these tight-apexed corners which slow everything down, and nobody really likes them because they’re boring. You aren’t watching a car race through a corner on edge, getting all the grip it can.

        You get some overtaking done into them, but they aren’t essential for it – e.g. Suzuka. The best maneuvers often come from flowing turns which require skill.

        They never learn.

    3. I know that we’ve lost the legendary final corner but I like the last section as no other track gives this sort of a stadium like feel. Come Sunday and with a pack house, it’ll look stunning. May not be as enjoyable while driving though. It’s like taking away the final two corners of Circuit de Catalunya.

      1. Hockenheim 3rd sector?

    4. Yessssss, having to pinch myself to see that F1 is coming back to Mexico City. I never thought I’d get to see a race there. Its been Tilke’d yes, but it hasn’t sprung up from scrubland (like Istanbul, Yeongam, Shanghai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Austin), it’s on a historic and sacred site rich in F1 hostory that has seen the likes of Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna amongst many more of F1’s legends race there. And that’s something that Tilke can never design. Welcome back Mexico City!

      1. whats wrong with Austin? I think that seems to be a pretty good track for being a new track. Also it was a tilke track but he really didnt do most of the design work on it.

      2. Istanbul is one of the best tracks, and Austin was not designed by Tilke.

    5. What’s that green stuff? Kinda seems familiar.

      1. It starts with a G doesn’t it? Grass?

    6. Wouldn’t it be nice if clicking on the first picture actually took you to the start of the gallery?

    7. Hmmm well there goes another great legendary track ruined by Tilke!! I’m a little disappointed with it, there has been motorsport activity at the track on a regular basis and it was fine then, all they needed to do was maybe resurface it and tidy it up a bit and it would be fine (and saved them money also) but oh well, we’ll see how it goes come race day.

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