Romain Grosjean, Haas, Albert Park, 2016

Haas success could inspire new F1 teams – Grosjean

2016 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean think his result for Haas in the team’s debut race could encourage other teams to enter F1 in the future.

F1’s first new team since 2010 scored a strong sixth place in its first race last weekend.

Guenther Steiner, Haas, Circuit de Catalunya, 2016
Haas success “resonated” in America, says Steiner
“We had a very good debut,” Grosjean told NBC in Bahrain. “It was amazing for Haas, for myself, for Formula One in general.”

“We proved that a brand new team can join Formula One and score points. I think it may give an idea to other people to join which would be very good.”

However Grosjean warned it would be difficult for the team to replicate the result this weekend.

“Then of course we have to go down to earth,” he said. “Here in Bahrain we start from zero, we’re still a brand new team, there’s still a lot of things we need to learn. We don’t have any set-up from last year that we can put in here.”

“So there’s a lot of work ahead and we all know it’s going to be tricky, there’s going to be ups and downs. But every time there’s going to be an opportunity we should take it and that’s what we did last week.”

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner believes the team’s success has already begun to make waves in America.

“I think it resonated in a very positive way in all of racing in America,” he said. “Even those who don’t follow Formula One considered it a big achievement for a new team to finish in sixth place and to be from America, which hasn’t had a presence in Formula One in 30 years.”

2016 Bahrain Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Haas success could inspire new F1 teams – Grosjean”

    1. “Even those who don’t follow Formula One considered it a big achievement for a new team to finish in sixth place …”

      And in other news, people who have no interest in baseball and don’t follow baseball are very impressed with this year’s pitching bull-pen at the New York Yankees.

    2. Haas will come back down to earth with a bang in Bahrain, Melbourne always throws up strange results, I really hope Haas do well but i think they’ll be consistent Q1 dropouts with an odd point or two for the rest of the season

      1. P9 in Bahrain actually, ahead of both Mclarens, both Torro Rossos, and even ahead of a Redbull. Eat your hat..

    3. @swh1386, an occasional point throughout the season is about the best I’d hoped for Haas in their rookie season. If they manage that I’d say they’ve met or exceeded expectations.

    4. Haas have scored more points than Manor/Marussia/Virgin, Caterham/Lotus, & HRT/Hispania have ever scored, in their first ever race. No matter how the rest of the season goes, they’ve exceeded expectations!

    5. Now is a bad time to join F1. F1 is at the second lowest point in its history- the lowest IMO was from late ’07 to 2009 (because of all the scandals then) Anyone who wants to enter F1 as a constructor should wait until a year after CVC sells its controlling interest and see if the general expenditure goes down and spectator popularity goes up.

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