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Daniel Ricciardo has confirmed he will remain at Red Bull until at least the end of next year.

Ricciardo confirmed in today’s FIA press conference he will continue with the team he was promoted to in 2014.

“We want to win,” he said. “This year is going to be tough for a world title but obviously where we are this year is where we are, you can’t do anything about that now.”

“But looking ahead to next year and obviously spending time with the team and seeing what’s ahead, I think it’s the best place to be to try and challenge Mercedes. That’s where it stems from.”

Ricciardo believes Red Bull’s recent results don’t reflect what the car is capable of.

“We had Canada, I think we could have done better than seventh,” he said. “The second set of tyres flat-spotted and would have tried to maybe do a one-stop race if that wasn’t the case and that could have been a different story.”

“Baku, I think it is a power circuit but also we knew we had gone a bit wrong after three laps in the race. We struggled a lot with tyres.”

“We probably just haven’t executed the perfect weekend I’d say since probably not for a while. But I think performance-wise there’s still more in there.”

“We’re better than seventh, that’s probably what I’m getting at. This circuit will test us this weekend. Historically, the last couple of years it hasn’t been a strong one for us, but we’ll see. We’ll try to do what we can, hopefully better than seventh.”

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13 comments on “Ricciardo staying at Red Bull until 2018”

  1. Never would have caught me saying this 5 years ago, but i hope Red Bull build him a belter of a car next year!

  2. Hmm so I guess if Kimi proves he is unworthy for his 2017 seat , Ferrari’s only got Bottas as a potential option ?

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      30th June 2016, 16:32

      Grosjean is available; Gene Haas himself said “saying it’d be ‘crazy’ to stop Romain Grosjean’s career progressing to a team like Ferrari.”

    2. Don’t think Williams wants to let Bottas and Massa go.
      I don’t think Ferrari considers Perez, Grosjean and Sainz good enough to replace Kimi.

    3. What about Button?

      There is absolutely ZERO doubt that he would do better that Kimi!

  3. Vettel wanted to get away from Ricciardo. With Kimi he has peace now and doesn’t want that to be disturbed.
    Ricciardo seems to want to get away from RBR, but only available option for him (Ferrari) doesn’t want him (maybe because of Vettel).
    Why does Ricciardo want to leave?
    Does he believe RBR is not going to be able to beat Mercedes?
    Or does he think Max is going to be better and steal his dreams?

    To me it seems that RBR is making more progress then Ferrari.

    1. Pretty much everything you said is not true.

      1. Comment of the day @Chris B :)

    2. The only reason Vettel would want to get away from Ricciardo is because Daniel was making him look average.

      1. I noticed the new young teammate from Ricciardo having a higher race pace and managing his tires better then him lately.
        Maybe that made him doubt if he should stay at RBR.

  4. Isn’t Riccardo conformed to the end of 2018?

    Your introductory paragraph makes it sound as if he’s committed to the end of 2017 but it’s been reported elsewhere as the next two seasons i.e. 2017 & 2018


    1. Ben (@scuderia29)
      30th June 2016, 21:47

      I thought the same thing

  5. If he is there until 2018 Saint the same at Torro Rosso may even Ferrari signed him for 2018 Saint will go to Red Bull? 2 + 2 = 22.

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