Revised wet compounds planned for China

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In the round-up: Pirelli plan to introduce new wet tyre compounds for the Chinese Grand Prix.

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Should Formula One look to adjust its race weekend format? @shadow13 offers this view…

I don’t overly want a new race format but if we are going to get one I love the idea of having a non-championship test race for it. In the interests of making it not about testing and to alleviate cost concerns it would be good to do it in the off season using last seasons cars. Also it could be used to bring new drivers in, as having Hamilton, Alonso…etc is not exactly necessary to see whether a new format works. Maybe even do it at a non-F1 circuit – gauge interest for a potential F1 championship race there in the future. I quite like the idea of a kind of spectacle race in the off season even if it’s not about bringing in a new format. Kind of like in football or other sports where they have friendly games – often in foreign countries that would otherwise be unable to see those teams. Done right it could serve a multitude of purposes.

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The new season got started in spectacular fashion 15 years ago today in Melbourne. Ralf Schumacher launched over the back of Rubens Barrichello’s Ferrari at the start, triggered a multi-car crash. Brother Michael Schumacher won the race ahead of a depleted field, while Mark Webber scored two points on his debut with Minardi.

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23 comments on “Revised wet compounds planned for China”

  1. Still can’t believe F1 hasn’t had a marketing department, ridiculous.

    1. @skrabble Philosophy up until now has been that F1 didn’t need one as it could sell itself as that is what had got the sport popular up until this point.
      It was also felt that the marketing done by teams, drivers, broadcasters, circuits, sponsors etc.. was enough to get the F1 brand extra exposure that may draw in new people.

      There were always people within FOM that saw what was needed in terms of better marketing & digital/social but a certain somebody was always less willing to listen because of how badly he got burned by the Digital+ venture he was once sold by some of the same people as been the big future thing (Which it actually was, We were well ahead of the times with that, Probably the last time F1 was ahead of anything).

    2. Bernie’s genius made a dept. totally superfluous! :-)

    3. They did, however it only consisted of one person

  2. What you don’t see in the Pablo Elizalde tweet is the McHonda jostling for position behind the middle truck.

    1. @ninjenius jostling for position behind the truck or being towed by it?

      1. Unicron (@unicron2002)
        3rd March 2017, 9:49

        @johnmilk mwahaha!

  3. They’d need to pay the teams for non-championship races – otherwise, why would they take part?

    1. @schmorbraten, yes but they would have an event to sell to the media .

      1. And track time.

    2. @schmorbraten either that or require that they’re low-barrier-to-entry events meaning more people = more eyes on the cars.

      That or essentially run them as competitive test sessions with fewer technical rules to allow teams and their bank rollers to try new/typically banned technology. I’d love it if, for example, Red Bull rocked up to one with a competition version of the RB X in full fan-car configuration.

  4. Dany Kvyat thinks : ” Got to keep the team happy, remember to tweet something good about the car “.

  5. Isn’t it fair to put screens up every now and then? Surely there’s ideas the teams are working on that they’re not ready to reveal to the other teams, parts of the car they might be looking at without wanting to give that intelligence away.

    They could just wheel it into the garage and close the door after all, this just saves a bit of that time. I don’t quite get the complaints from the photojourno’s on this one, there’s still plenty of opportunity to take stunning photos as we see all the time.

    1. He’ll be complaining that he cannot photograph in their design offices next. There has to be a line somewhere mate!

      He should go grab a coffee and chill out. The car will be back on track sooner or later.

      1. ExcitedAbout17
        3rd March 2017, 10:05

        Those screens aren’t necesary, specially how Ferrari and RBR created an impromptu car port when welcoming their car back.
        There are many opportunities to take detailed pictures: from above, from the other pit boxes when the cars ‘crawl’ past, and during the many practice starts at the end of the pit lane (a handfull of photographers there within 5m of the car). Funnily enough, Ferrari was one of the teams doing most pit drive throughs yesterday giving ample opportunity for others to fill a full photo album.

        McLaren, Renault, Haas did not even bother with screens and even leisurely performed a tyre change in full view.
        Screens only make sense when working on the car in the garage.

    2. All the teams have parts they believe will give them an edge during racing and aero components aren’t always seen. You can guarantee that at least the top teams will have spotter all around the circuit during testing to get as many pictures as possible to try and capture something about a rival.

  6. Good news for those who like a colourful field: AutoBild are reporting Force India will get a new sponsor, BWT, which will lead to a light pink livery.

    1. @hahostolze this ??

      It is a Photoshop attempt, but with a few touches it could look pretty cool.

    2. Pink!! oh my! Your kidding i hope…

    3. Raveendhana
      3rd March 2017, 9:03

      And more sponsors for force India means, more money. Force India looked reasonable this concludes test.

    4. Pink! Why not that would look pretty cool!

  7. Well, good news everywhere, Pirelli sorting wet tires, FOM getting a marketing department and Bottas being a racing driver and finding excuses beforehand…

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