2017 Australian Grand Prix race result

2017 Australian Grand Prix

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15Sebastian VettelFerrari571hr 24m 11.672s
244Lewis HamiltonMercedes579.9759.975
377Valtteri BottasMercedes5711.2501.275
47Kimi RaikkonenFerrari5722.39311.143
533Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer5728.8276.434
619Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes5783.38654.559
711Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes561 lap1 lap
855Carlos Sainz JnrToro Rosso-Renault561 lap1.294
926Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault561 lap13.613
1031Esteban OconForce India-Mercedes561 lap37.629
1127Nico HulkenbergRenault561 lap1.010
1236Antonio GiovinazziSauber-Ferrari552 laps1 lap
132Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren-Honda552 laps14.542
Not classified
14Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Honda507 laps5 lapsFloor
20Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari4611 laps4 lapsSuspension
18Lance StrollWilliams-Mercedes4017 laps6 lapsBrakes
3Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer2532 laps15 lapsPower unit
9Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari2136 laps4 lapsHydraulics
30Jolyon PalmerRenault1542 laps6 lapsBrakes
8Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari1344 laps2 lapsWater leak

2017 Australian Grand Prix

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    22 comments on “2017 Australian Grand Prix race result”

    1. I wonder if we start hearing talks about politics in Mercedes and how they mess up with the strategy…

      1. god forbid someone mentions the elephant in the room…

      2. I doubt it. That would be nonsense. While I think it was the wrong thing to do as a Lewis fan, that would be grade-A trolling to suggest that merc politics influenced the decision. Did you see how angry Toto was?

        1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
          26th March 2017, 7:56

          To quote DC “That’s an angry Wolff right there.”

        2. There’s something called sarcasm, it was a joke…if you paint the silver car in red, that’s exactly what you would ‘ve heard, especially from anglo-saxons. The reality is that when you have a car that’s one second faster (or more) than your nearest opponent (like Mercedes since the new PU came in), you can put a monkey at the pit doing the strategy and whatever it chooses would be right. Today for the first time in the past three years, we saw a car that, perhaps was still not as quick as Mercedes, but was close and could challenge them and the silver team chocked big time and completely messed up. So if you guys stop talking about the same old cliché of too much politics when Ferrari will go wrong with their strategy (oh yes it will probably happen again in the future), I would be more than glad. As simple as that…

          1. Who is “you guys”? You are the only person I have come across on the articles posting anything about politics (you “joked” on two articles). And I think it’s more intricate than that, I can remember Mercedes making a few strategic errors in the last three years yet those guys managed to engineer the most dominate f1 car in recent memory.

            1. Anglo Saxons in general, Mr. Ted Kravitz in particular.

        3. Seeing Toto lose it was well worth the price of admission.

    2. So McLaren finished last behind a rookie in a Sauber.

      1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
        26th March 2017, 7:58

        In all fairness, we should be considering Vandoorne a rookie too. One race in Bahrain does not instantly grant him seniority. Also, there was radio chatter about fuel flow problems throughout the race IIRC.

        1. Vandoorne had to pit to reset the engine.

    3. The strategy was blatantly horrible for Mercedes. You would think the team would have learned after Monaco 2015, not to give up track position on a street circuit.

      1. they put Lewis behind a few cars and pitted him too early. Also his car seemed to be broke because he was complaining about grip on the warmup lap. It was a Ferrari hand out, just like 2015. It’s all for ratings peeps, thats all this show is about, getting people to watch Mercedes write the rules and the plot. Money Talks, and Lewis is bending over nicely for the Benz boys.

        Watching Lewis behave ignorantly this year is probably the only really interesting intellectual pursuit for F1 this year, how hard he has to justify his team boning him so that people can pretend there is real racing going on. So sad, F1 won’t change until the people who watch it do.

    4. Not sure if McLaren Honda or Spyker. I don’t see much difference in paintjob, or performance for that matter.

    5. OK, so being an Aussie boy born and raised, seeing Ricciardo fail to make the start on time and see his car fail the second time right in front of my own eyes broke my heart as it’s my first time seeing a Grand Prix in person but aside from that, VETTEL YOU ABSOLUTE BEAUTY! Flawless drive from and seeing him come out right in front of Verstappen and Hamilton was probably the best thing I could’ve asked for as a way of making up for the loss of Ricciardo during the race.

      Also have to give credit where it’s due for a couple of drivers here. First of all: Valtteri Bottas. First Grand Prix with Mercedes and while he slipped quite a fair way back to Hamilton in the first stint, Bottas proved he can genuinely fight for wins as he slowly caught Hamilton and say what you like about it, I thought it was a glimpse of what we’re in store for this season.

      Second of all: Esteban Ocon. While he didn’t quite match Perez in terms of pace and track position, he proved he’s a mature driver and a safe pair of hands as he got out of the way when he was shown blue flags with no hassles and he stayed on the tail of Alonso for most of the race and eventually muscled past him in a very nice move into turn 1.

      Thirdly: Felipe Massa. For someone who was supposed to be retired, he really showed he can still drive brilliantly and he also proved that Stroll is rather overhyped and just isn’t ready yet.

      And last of all: Antonio Giovinazzi. 12th! Bloody 12th place! What a result that is! He drove the car home and did it which such promise in terms of what he’s capable of and it really does show that there are some young reserve drivers that are more than ready for a full time seat.

      1. Agreed on Ocon. Great racing from him there.

    6. Andrew Purkis
      26th March 2017, 9:23

      Looks like we MAY have a championship race, finally! Good race by Vettel he did everything right.Ham lost track postion and didnt have the pace to beat Vettel
      Ferrari have produced a good car which seems to be a match maybe better for Merc (minus trick suspension) in race mode but a bit behind in Qualy mode
      But Ill reserve judgement till a few races are over. remember Ferrari screwed this race last year and should have won.
      Bottas raced well and I would say if had qualified better we may have had a different result

      the signs are positive we may finally go into races NOT knowing who will win which is what we all want to see

      1. So last year it wasn’t championship race(even if inside same team) and last year we didn’t know who out of two(Merc) people would win?

    7. good to see Vetel wining again, for sure a driver able to push machine beyond normal limits ….

      27th March 2017, 10:49


      Super strong 6th at Australian F1 Felipe! I am overjoyed at my correct reading of Williams F1’s request for your 2017 return from retirement: namely that on Bottas’s move to Mercedes at the end of 2016, proved the belief that had it not been for the F1 policy of ‘money talks’, Massa rather than Bottas would have been head-hunted by Mercedes for 2017 on the retirement of Rosberg. The Williams results last year illustrated without preferential treatment and setting aside faulty equipment, Massa scored better than Bottas. Now, it waits to be seen whether Massa, without an adversary at Williams, will now show his true worth to F1 and Williams and prove the point in 2017. Bonne chance et bon courage en 2017, Felipe!

    9. If I can’t bloody work out how to check my predictions results, how old is this revealing I am? Seriously can anybody tell me? Not done them for a few years I probably stopped subscription of notifications. Aaaah

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