No penalty for Magnussen after Ericsson crash

2017 Australian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen has been cleared over his collision with Marcus Ericsson on the first lap of the Australian Grand Prix.

The stewards examined the incident but decided to take no action against the Haas driver over the turn three incident.

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“The stewards chose to investigate the incident between car nine [Ericsson] and car 20 [Magnussen] which occurred on the third turn of the first lap.”

“The stewards noted that Magnussen moved to the inside to avoid Ericsson and Magnussen followed a very similar line to the car in front of him.”

“Ericsson did leave enough room, and Magnussen who was fully on the inside took a reasonable line, but unfortunately the action of the kerb forced him wide and caused the collision.”

“The stewards determined that this was a racing incident, and neither driver drove in violation of Art 27.4. No further action was warranted.”

Both drivers retired later in the race. Ericsson said his hydraulic failure was caused by the contact with Magnussen.

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13 comments on “No penalty for Magnussen after Ericsson crash”

  1. Hmmm, there were no “under investigation” graphics for this during the race, right? I wonder if that is a deliberate tactic to direct attention away from the over-regulation complaints of last year.

    1. They had been having problems with the graphics all weekend, so probably not deliberate. The commentators were aware, but they see a different official messaging system direct from race control. Noticed a few of the graphics that were shown were incorrect.

    2. There was an under investigation message.

      1. @rethla I didn’t notice any ‘under investigation message’ message appearing on world feed. I’m sure I would’ve noticed if there was something like that.

        1. @jerejj

          Look closely at the end of lap 4 and maybe you will notice it.

      2. Correct – I watched the world feed at that time and it was shown!
        “Cars NoX and NoY under investigation for accident at turnZ on lapW…”

  2. Bad weekend for K-Mag

    1. Very true. He may be new to the team unlike Grosjean, but he can’t afford to be out performed by his team mate as badly as that many more times before people begin to pass judgement.

      1. Worse than guttierez on that performace

    1. Fikri Harish (@)
      27th March 2017, 8:45

      I’m at a loss for words either.
      From the onboard, it seems Magnussen pretty much understeered into Ericsson. I was watching NBC’s coverage of the race and Buxton pretty much put the blame squarely on Magnussen.

  3. From the race video replay and as also confirmed by the stewards:
    Magnussen deliberately moved to the inside to avoid Ericsson. And Magnussen then followed a very similar line to the car in front of him.
    Magnussen who was fully on the inside took a reasonable line.
    “Its also clear that Ericsson did leave enough room.”…

    So from the above observations, as confirmed by the Stewards, none of the two drivers did anything stupid, silly or intentionally to cause any accident. => Racing accident.

    But as we all witnessed, the counter-action of the kerb meant that Magnussen lost a bit of grip and his car understeered out of the turn. After the race Magnussen explained that the two formation laps meant that all heat was gone from the tires for the start. Several drivers actually complained about that and apparently the Pirelli this year cannot be kept warm enough by vigorously turning from side to side in formation lap, so this will be a reoccurring challenge, especially also with safety care periods. Magnussen was btw on the harder tire compound than Ericsson at the start, all leading to him understeer/going wide into Ericsson through turn3.

    All in all, neither driver drove in violation of Art 27.4. => No further action was warranted.

    I appreciate if the Stewards would let us have more free racing this year and not that kindergarten policing all the time. And I don’t care if its Hamilton, Vettel, Ricciardo being bumped due to similar unfortunately slide going wide by Stroll, Palmer or whoever. We want racing – not scalextric!

  4. K-Mag is overrated, he is gonna have a hard time against Grosjean.

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