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Button hit with 15-place power unit grid penalty

2017 Monaco Grand Prix

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Jenson Button’s Monaco Grand Prix cameo has suffered a blow after McLaren were hit with 15-places worth of power unit component grid penalties.

The stewards confirmed that Button would receive a ten place penalty for the car using a fifth turbo charger in the season, with a second five place penalty for a fifth MGU-H.

The penalties will be especially frustrating for McLaren, who showed reasonable pace in final practice with Stoffel Vandoorne recording the tenth fastest time, just over a tenth ahead of Button in P12.

Vandoorne is also guaranteed a grid penalty of his own, following his race-ending collision with Felipe Massa’s Williams in Spain.

2017 Monaco Grand Prix

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  • 12 comments on “Button hit with 15-place power unit grid penalty”

    1. It’s at the point now where its more newsworthy to report the days when Honda don’t suffer any problems.

    2. And somewhere in the paddock Mark Webber is telling everyone “Don’t make me say I told you so but…”

      1. I’d have loved to see Alonso’s face when he heard of the 15 place penalty!

        Sorry, did I hear someone ask why I didn’t want to race at Monaco?

    3. So starting on SS and pitting for US is the way to go then.

    4. I’m surprised McLaren just didn’t take a new everything, give JB the penalties and Alonso can go free for another couple of weekends.

      1. Definitely. Maybe they are waiting after qualifying to “find” new problems

      2. New everything for another couple of weekends??? That’s very optimistic because that would meant less than 10 Honda engines for 2017, I wouldn’t bet on it. Unless you count the normal weekends without race as well.

    5. On a positive note, Button now has a range of innovative yet risky tyre strategies to choose from.

    6. Can he just come in after the parade lap and change tyres then run until the end.

    7. Predictable penalty, Honda were on this path and after saving it for Spain there wasn’t any more for Monaco. I t’s sad that McLaren couldn’t even keep enough PU elements to have a normal Monaco.

    8. Welcome back to McLaren Jenson. Been missing it? No?? Why ever not!?

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