Massa plans Formula E move – but not next season

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Felipe Massa says he is considering a move into Formula E but not in time for the new season which begins next month.

The Williams driver announced ahead of his home race this weekend he is stepping down from Formula One.

“I’m happy now, I’m happy with my decision and I’m happy with how things are going,” Massa told the BBC.

“I will definitely keep racing. That’s what I love to do. I will have more time for my family. And I will find some jobs to do around because I think staying at home, watching television, is not for me.”

“Maybe Formula E but I think not this season because the season is almost ready to start. So I’m really planning to race for a championship if I am in a team that will give me a chance to win, give me a chance to fight for the championship. That’s the way I am. I’m sure I can find this direction.”

Formula E’s 2017-18 championship begins in Hong Kong on December 2nd, one week after the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi. The 20-strong entry list includes two of Massa’s fellow Brazilian ex-Formula One drivers, Lucas di Grassi and Nelson Piquet Jnr, both of which are already Formula E champions.

There are five other former Formula One drivers in the field: Jerome D’Ambrosio, Sebastien Buemi, Andre Lotterer, Nick Heidfeld and Jean-Eric Vergne.

Massa did not indicate which of Formula E’s 10 teams he would prefer to join. Mercedes and Porsche are slated to enter the 2019-2020 championship season.

“I always said a I want to race a team that wants to have me 100 percent in the team,” said Massa. “So that’s what I feel.”

Willimas is yet to announce who will take Massa’s place alongside Lance Stroll next year.

2017 F1 season

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4 comments on “Massa plans Formula E move – but not next season”

  1. They all seem to be enjoying it. why not.

  2. I’ve started to follow Formula E in the latest weeks since a GP in Rome is planned for this year and a couple of Italian drivers are entering the championship. I’ve never watched a race before, I’m doing it now on YouTube with full races and highlights.

    I had to change my mind, I was expecting some kind of joke racing but this guys are constantly pushing to the limit and the race itself is quite enjoyable. I think it’s a series that will grow a lot, since it has the right cards to play: it’s modern (from electric vehicles to the approach with fans), has lot of “names” with many F1 ex-drivers and famous constructors, races are in fascinating cities and places.

    Ok, sound is horrible (and I’m not one of those complaining about turbo V6 in F1), FanBoost is hardly understandable and swapping cars it’s not the best thing in the world.. but I believe fanboost can die once the sport is famous enough and cars swap will disappear too with natural progress.

    Having Massa in the series would definitely be a plus. For those not yet involved, give it a try.

    1. Williams had a removable battery design ready. It was liquid cooled and both connections shut-off instantly. This was still considered too high risk though for a Formula in its infancy.

      Fanboost was implemented to hopefully attract/engage a new type of fan. Look how many people life in their smartphones. They had no intentions of attracting traditional Formula 1 fans. They can try pretty much anything they want. To young peopel the cars are more attractive and they can play on that too.

  3. Felipe should buy a formula vee and go racing.

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