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Weekend Racing Wrap: IndyCar Detroit, F3 and DTM Hungaroring and more

Weekend Racing Wrap

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Catch up on video highlights of last weekend’s racing action in Weekend Racing Wrap including IndyCar’s double-header at Detroit, F3 and DTM action from the Hungaroring and NASCAR at Pocono.

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Paul di Resta took his first pole position in two years for the opening race, but could he convert it to his first win of the season? Meanwhile Auer took pole position, but it was the heavy rain and resulting chaos that created the story of the race.

European Formula Three

Dan Ticktum returned to F3 following his sojourn to Japan and took a pair of pole positions for Motopark, the third going to Hitech’s Enaam Ahmed.


Marco Andretti ended a five-year pole drought in race one while team mate Alexander Rossi mastered wet conditions to lead Sunday’s grid. F2 racer Santino Ferrucci made his debut for Coyne in place of the injured Pietro Fittipaldi.


Ryan Blaney took his second pole position of the year as NASCAR visited the unusual Pocono superspeedway.

Over to you

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Next weekend’s racing

The following series are in action next weekend:

  • British Touring Car Championship races 10-12: Oulton Park
  • Euroformula Open races 5-6: Spa-Francorchamps
  • NASCAR Cup race 15: Michigan
  • World Rally Championship race 7: Italy
  • World Rallycross Championship race 5: Norway

Thanks to Bradley Downton for contributing to this article.

Weekend Racing Wrap

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3 comments on “Weekend Racing Wrap: IndyCar Detroit, F3 and DTM Hungaroring and more”

  1. FlyingLobster27
    4th June 2018, 14:36

    SRO GT Endurance Cup, 6 Hours at Le Castellet.

    The start was odd, the race director kept the red lights on as he wasn’t satisfied with something (perhaps the cars’ speeds?), but on the next lap, the lights did go green and the Aston Martin on pole bogged down badly. The Garage 59 McLaren took the lead and controlled most of the race, which saw several FCY-followed by SC periods. I won’t spoil the final hour, it’s worth a look.

    Le Castellet saw the first implementation of the “joker pit stop”. To avoid lots of money going into refuelling rigs, SRO has a “delta time” system on its pit stops, meaning a normal pit stop has to be either shorter than x seconds (unfeasible for a full service) or longer than y seconds. I cannot remember the values of x and y, but point is, there is now one fuel stop that is free of this constraint in the 6-hour race, and when teams used this “joker” played an important part in their race progress. At the Spa 24 Hours in July, one joker will be available for each 6-hour period.

    1. I think the lights went green way to early on the second time, and the Aston didn’t anticipate that at all.

      I really loved the joker pitstops, very good addition to the strategy game.

      I’m still lost as to why this race has to run in the dark for some part, I always tune off then cause I can’t see anything on the stream anyway. Never bothered me with the 24 hours as I’m on the track, and Le Mans I usually am not bothered by that too because there’s a lot more going on.

  2. IndyCar has the best racing on the planet. Love it! The second race in Detroit was really fun.

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