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No hard or super-hard tyres nominated for Spa or Suzuka

2018 F1 season

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Pirelli will not bring the hard or super-hard Formula 1 tyres for the Belgian or Japanese Grands Prix, which are held at two of the most demanding tracks on the calendar.

The news means the new-for-2018 super-hard tyre is unlikely to appear at any of this year’s races and the hard is slated only for use at Silverstone.

The medium, soft and super-soft tyres have been nominated for F1’s visits to Spa-Francorchamps in August and Suzuka in October.

2018 F1 tyre nominations so far

2018 tyres2017 tyres
Paul RicardSoftSuper-softUltra-softn/an/an/a
Red Bull RingSoftSuper-softUltra-softSoftSuper-softUltra-soft
Circuit of the AmericasTBATBATBASoftSuper-softUltra-soft
Autodromo Hermanos RodriguezTBATBATBASoftSuper-softUltra-soft
Yas MarinaTBATBATBASoftSuper-softUltra-soft

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2018 F1 season

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7 comments on “No hard or super-hard tyres nominated for Spa or Suzuka”

  1. Vettel fan 17 (@)
    21st June 2018, 10:14

    I don’t think Pirelli planed on using the superhard, it was just a back up tyre

    1. Yup, pretty sure they stated that more or less from the onset @vettelfan17

  2. What a farce

  3. Why no US/SS/S combination in Spa this year as well? Although, the tyres this season are softer than last season’s equivalent, so, therefore, the SS/S/M combination from this season is approximately the same as last season’s US/SS/S combination.

  4. So what was the point ??

  5. Imagine how cool it would be if we just had one tyre compound for the whole season.

    I say keep the hypersoft and get rid of all the others. We would still have a few one stop races but most will be 2-3 stops. Pirelli would save a ton of money on rainbow colours, and we wouldn’t have to listen constant tyre talk throughout the weekend. We can get rid of all the tyre rules for qualifying and race.

  6. Dry Slicks – Intermediate – Wet

    Oh how beautifully simple!

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