Nikita Mazepin, Force India, 2018

GP3 driver Mazepin’s billionaire father in talks over Force India buy-in

2018 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Dmitry Mazepin, the Belarus-born Russian billionaire and father of GP3 driver Nikita Mazepin, is considering buying into the Force India Formula 1 team, RaceFans has learned from sources.

Fifty-year-old Mazepin Snr is the chairman of the of the board at Uralchem and a non-executive director at Uralkali, two major producers of fertilisers. His wealth is estimated at several billion dollars.

Uralkali’s logos have appeared on Force India’s cars (below) since his son joined their development driver programme in 2016, a deal which was accompanied by finance from Mazepin.

Force India did not comment on whether Mazepin is looking to buy into the team. He is understood to prefer making an investment in the team instead of buying it outright, and has previously considered investing in one of their rivals.

An insider with knowledge of the situation told RaceFans that Mazepin has “recently been in intensive discussions” with the team about acquiring a shareholding, with another source stating “he likes [team principal and shareholder] Vijay [Mallya], and would like to help him.”

Yesterday Force India driver Sergio Perez revealed the team’s financial situation has become “critical”. It emerged this week the team is facing a winding-up petition from one of its creditors in the High Court.

Nikita Mazepin’s fledgling motorsport career has been heavily backed by his father. He invested in Formula Three team Hitech, which is situated near Force India at Silverstone, when the younger Mazepin Jnr drove for the team.

The 19-year-old now drives for the ART team in GP3 and lies fourth in the championship. He is due to make his next appearance testing Force India’s F1 car at the Hungaroring next week.

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18 comments on “GP3 driver Mazepin’s billionaire father in talks over Force India buy-in”

  1. I’m allergic to Mazepin……

    …Sorry, I could not help it…..

  2. Well, if Stroll and Mazepin both fight for it, who’s the third dog that is going to run away with it

    1. Not Maldonado again!
      But at least he’s an F1 race winner.

    2. There are two seats available. Instead of fighting for it, chances are, they join forces and create the epitome of paid-driver team.

    3. Great news! I hope FI get the best deal! With Red Bull-Honda and good finance in 2019, FI-Mercedes might have a chance to fight for 3rd place.

  3. pastaman (@)
    27th July 2018, 18:13

    Woo! Billionaire’s playground!

  4. While I’d like a team like Force India to stay on the grid, it’s incredibly sad to see billionaires looking at securing their no-talent sons a seat in the sport that prides itself in having the best drivers in the world. It’s painful enough to see Stroll and Sirotkin in a Williams, now we’ll probably see Force India sport a driver who shouldn’t be anywhere near an F1 car.

    1. there was a time when wealthy fathers, upon learning their son`s plans to become a racing-driver, would wish them good luck and let them find their own way. as the pendulum swings soon we may have balance in f1.

    2. It’s like someone buying a big football team like Manchester United and ensuring their skills deprived son starts in the first team, football fans would riot if that happened, it’s a shame it seems acceptable in formula 1.

      1. It’s all the more reason for Liberty to fix the commercial agreements with teams for 2021. Soon, we could be left with only car manufacturer teams that have top drivers in top machinery, and midfield teams with a bunch of amateur drivers and billionaire fathers as team owners.

  5. Nice. Team up with Stroll and destroy yet another team.

  6. jesus not again

  7. I would love to see Latifi and Stroll buy out VJ – All Canadian Owned – Keep the team as it is, and make their children EARN a seat later. I am Canadian so my bias is there but I am more interested the racing on track, not the politics behind closed doors.

    1. I can’t see either of them earning a drive, ever.

    2. Earn a seat? Does Lance Stroll’s attitude look like he’s looking at earning anything for himself?

  8. Does the kid have enough points for a super license?

    1. He has 3, he needs 40. So it would be a season in F2 I imagine (but would need a top three finish). I’m beginning to see the point of the Super Licence system to a degree.

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