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Alonso not considering Formula E or WRC for 2019

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Fernando Alonso says he hasn’t considered switching to Formula E or rallying after he leaves F1, remarking he ‘doesn’t have the talent’ for the latter.

Asked by RaceFans in Singapore about his intended 2019 schedule, which already includes a trio of World Endurance Championship events, Alonso said he is “working on a plan, on a calendar with more than three races.”

Alonso has spoken of wanting to achieve something no racing driver has ever done before. He said he would not necessarily be put off by the specialist skills required by some championships.

“There are races in the motorsport calendar that are big enough, prestigious enough that if you can dominate all of them it’s definitely an impossible target if you think properly. Because in each of the series you have people that are racing there for their whole life. They are developing their skills for that specific car, that specific circuit.

“If you try to beat them coming from a completely different philosophy and different driving style it’s because maybe you have a different talent and a different approach to motor racing. I think that’s the challenge that has been probably in my mind the last couple of years and it’s probably the time to try some of those races.”

Alonso has hinted at moves to IndyCar, where he is seeking victory in the Indianapolis 500, and NASCAR. Asked by RaceFans if he would consider entering the Bathurst 1000 he said “maybe that one”.

“Pikes’ Peak, Dakar Rally, Monte-Carlo Rally… As I said I will not do that [rally] because I need to know where my limits are and I don’t have the talent to do that.

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Alonso said he doesn’t have the talent for rallying
“I know what are my limitations but at the same time I know that Formula 1 is also a very, very small world. We all think that here is the maximum of motorsport and then you go to another series and they don’t know the face of the either driver here on the grid. This is the way it is and the way that I will try to discover next couple of years.”

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag said he spoke to Alonso at Monza about moving to the series for its 2019-20 season. However Alonso said the series was not on his list of options.

“”I didn’t consider yet probably because it has been quite a new series,” he said. “We don’t have the tradition of big races or big places or big things happening in Formula E so far because it’s a very young formula. But who knows in the future.

“I will move by challenges and things that could make me a better driver, a better person, and put my name somehow in motor sport history, not only to race and to have fun. Once you conquer Formula 1 and once you master Formula 1 for a couple of years here there are other series that become very interesting.

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11 comments on “Alonso not considering Formula E or WRC for 2019”

  1. How about powerboat racing Alonso?

  2. Red Bull Box Cart Racing?

    Maybe that was the offer Horner gave him?…

  3. Love to see him tackle Mt Panorama here in Aus with the V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000.

  4. Logical move to avoid WEC and everything rally related. That’s a different skill altogether.

    I think he’s looking for something in which he fits in. Formula E is too small right now, and it’s full of F1 rejects if we’re honest (skilled guys nonetheless!). I guess his move to Indycar is complicated or even impossible at this stage otherwise he’d not be considering other things.

    I’d loooove to see him in the Supercars down under. I think it’s the best series out there, wish it was more accessible where I live!

    1. *avoid WRC, sorry

      1. @fer-no65 I agree, it shows Alonso is smart enough to know his limitations and honest enough here to express them. Avoiding rally sounds like a good idea given the track record of even the best F1 drivers.

  5. Thx god.. Just want to get rid of him asap.. Tired of his person… Excellent driver though…

    1. Zak? Is that you?….

    2. @Anon
      That’s the problem – he’s not politically correct – says what’s on his mind and doesn’t care what others think – isn’t a gentleman like the rest of them.
      Versteppen is the same way – even more brash perhaps. Do you want him to leave ASAP too? Hope not – he’s going to be around awhile.
      If only F1 could clone Button, F1 would be so much more interesting..

      1. Johan Tolemans
        3rd October 2018, 17:25

        The gripe is not that he is not politically correct (?) but more that he considers himself the best driver in the universe yet nobody wants him.
        Verstappen is heading the same direction btw, risks being the perpetual promise.

  6. Maybe he should try politics?

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