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Hartley relieved with sixth after ‘six months of crap’

2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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Brendon Hartley said he felt emotional after taking a best-yet qualifying position of sixth for the Japanese Grand Prix following a difficult spell.

The Toro Rosso driver’s place in the team is in doubt but he feels he hasn’t been able to demonstrate the improvements he’s made partly due to some of the strategy calls the team has made.

“There’s been a build-up of frustration over the last month,” said Hartley in response to a question from RaceFans. “Because I knew I’ve got better and better and I have been strong and there’s things that have happened behind the scenes that I couldn’t always talk about, reasons that things haven’t gone my way. Today it came together and I’m very happy.”

His qualifying lap “felt awesome”, said Hartley. “I was quite emotional on the in-lap which is something that doesn’t normally happen to me.

“But I think all the build-up of crap over the last six months and knowing that I’ve got better and better but haven’t always had the chance to show it or things haven’t gone my way.

“The strategy in races haven’t been in my favour if I’ve been the tailing car, or missing out to Pierre [Gasly] in qualifying by half a tenth or one tenth.

“Today felt good. It was high pressure, the track was tricky, my first time at Suzuka on what I would say is a real drivers’ track. Rally proud of the qualifying session and also for Honda.”

Hartley said Honda’s new spec three power unit allowed them to compete for a place in Q3.

“Definitely we have a big thank you to say to Honda. There’s no question mark that that brought performance today and it will do in the race tomorrow.

“The exact number I don’t know. A lot of media outlets have been quoting half a second, I don’t know if that’s true or not.

“In any case I don’t think we would be fighting for Q3 without the update. We’ve just been hanging off Q3 for a while now.”

A double points finish for Toro Rosso should be possible tomorrow, he believes.

“The start’s going to be important,” said Hartley. “I’ve had a few shocking ones this year, not always in my control. Better nail that, it’s a tricky track to pass on.

“If we get the strategy right I see no reason why we can’t finish both cars in the top 10. And hopefully they’re nice to me and give me a slightly favourable strategy on the other car unlike some of the other races.”

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  • 9 comments on “Hartley relieved with sixth after ‘six months of crap’”

    1. José Lopes da Silva
      6th October 2018, 10:02

      Can’t wait to see Hartley against Kvyat next year.

      1. Might be Kvyat vs. Wehrlein though.

        1. Hartley was recently told he had to beat Gasly… Well, he’s done it today… I’ve not been impressed with him before, but now I rather hope he can pull it off.

    2. so all has not been sweetness behind the scenes at TR !! ….. Brendon not getting a fair chance?? Must make this all the more sweet as ex Super Formula drivers can do very well at Suzuka

      1. I would love to know just how much meddling goes on behind the scenes at both Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing by a certain advisor to Red Bull. Compared to other teams (aside from maybe Ferrari), if you’re not considered the favourite you’ll get massively screwed around.

        I think next year at Red Bull is gonna be a massive dog eat dog situation.

    3. I must have missed his run in qually. The English language track commentator kept mentioning a Dylan Hartley.

      1. @thecollaroyboys I thought the track commentary there is done in Japanese (the local language) only as I’ve never really heard English trackside commentary in the background via TV over the years (which has also been the case with China, Mexico, and Brazil), but apparently, English is used for that purpose there as well, after all, but just haven’t managed to notice it. Nevertheless, a funny name error, LOL.

    4. The trackside PA is in Japanese but the track commentary on 87.5 FM is in English. The guy doing the commentary is extraordinary flat in his delivery, imagine Crofty on a couple of dozen mogodons and you’d be close.

      1. Thomas Bennett (@felipemassadobrasil)
        6th October 2018, 15:02

        Imagine Crofty on a couple of dozen mogodons

        That’s actually probably preferable to current Crofty.

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